Mangaka in the StrawHats

Logan travels to the world of pirates, but his cheat seems to be of no use. Fortunately, he met Luffy at the beginning, and I planned to join the StrawHats I Translate and Edit this Fanfic Original Title 大航海:草帽团的漫画家 Original Author: Auspicious Clouds More in my P@treon/goldengaruda

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Chapter 1

East Blue, in the Goa Sea...

Underneath a cloudless, sunny sky, the sea stretched out in endless shades of blue. A flock of seagulls gracefully glided above the sparkling waves and landed on a medium-sized ship.

"Ah~ Another day without a nothing in sight," sighed Logan, leaning against the ship's railing at the front of the deck, stretching his limbs in response to the sea breeze.

It had been a year since Logan arrived in this world as a time traveler. Like other traversers, he possessed a system—the god-level manga system. Drawing manga granted him strength and abilities, a power that had made him feel invincible.

Yet, as time passed, he began to notice a flaw. While his speed and defense endlessly increased with each Manga drawn, there were no other benefit. His anticipation to becoming OP was met with the harsh reality that he remained limited to only two attributes.

To complicate matters, Logan found himself on an unfamiliar ship without any navigation skills. Fortunately, the ship carried enough food to prevent him from becoming the first traverser in history to starve despite possessing a cheat.

"When will I encounter someone? I'll thank god as long as I can set foot on land," Logan mused, using his hand to shield his eyes as he scanned the horizon.

Yet, the vast sea revealed no signs of human presence.

Gululu! A bubbling sound interrupted Logan's thought, drawing his attention.


A sizable wooden barrel bobbed in the sea.

"Huh? A gift from the sea? Could it be..."

"Is it a Devil Fruit?"

Upon seeing the unexpectedly large wooden barrel, Logan's heart quickened.

Could this be a stroke of luck from the universe?

Disillusioned with the flawed system, the prospect of a Devil Fruit presented itself as a potential turning point in Logan's fate.

He skillfully manipulated the salvage rope, securing the barrel to the deck, preparing for a potential "prize draw."

Boom! — Before he could approach, the lid of the barrel erupted.

"I slept so well!"

A boy in a straw hat, appearing as if he had just awakened, stretched and, in the process, blew apart the barrel.

Luckily, Logan had managed to bring the barrel onto the deck. Had it still been in the sea, the boy would have lazily drowned inside!

"It seems I was saved! I thought I'm going to die in the sea, hahahaha!"

The straw-hatted boy dusted off the sawdust and emerged from the barrel.

Logan observed the scene and fell into contemplation.

Am I here to encounter the protagonist???

Suddenly, the previously unclear timeline became apparent.

Luffy, with his trademark straw hat, a massive barrel emerging from the sea...


This is the moment when Luffy embarks on his journey from Windmill Village!

"Ha! Paintbrush man, you saved me, right?"

Luffy spotted Logan holding a paintbrush and approached him with a friendly greeting.

"Ah~ ! It's really is Luffy, living up to his nickname," Logan thought, bemused by the peculiar moniker.

"My name is Logan," he said with a light cough, "I'm a Mangaka."

"Mangaka? Sounds like a pretty powerful job," Luffy, hailing from a small mountain village, showed genuine interest. His exposure to professions mainly revolved around those related to pirates, thanks to the Red Hair Pirates.

"Navigators, fighters, chefs, musician, etc.~~," Luffy listed the occupations he knew.

Logan nodded, "Yes, it can be quite powerful. Especially with my system, it adds a unique touch."

"Wow! That's great! Since you're so good..." Luffy grinned and pointed his thumb at himself, "Do you want to join my crew? I'm Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy! The man who's going to find One Piece!"

Logan pondered the proposition. he chuckled to himself. "Join the Straw Hats? Sounds like a good idea!"

With a flawed system at his disposal, soloing in the one piece world might be out of the question, but life continues!

In a world filled with meteor volcanoes, earthquakes, Birdcage, Buster Calls, the existence of ordinary lives seems trivial. In such a chaotic world, securing a significant pirate group is a smart move. The straw hat kid before him clearly fits the bill—a major player, or rather, a group of major players!

On the surface, he's just a straw-hat kid, but in reality, he's a Straw Hat kid backed by Marine hero Garp, Revolutionary Army leader Dragon, and Four Emperors Shanks. What's more, he himself is wielding some serious cheats!

In essence, joining the gang of the Straw Hat Boy guarantees a smooth journey to the finale.

"OK!" Logan agreed without hesitation, "Being Pirate King's crew is indeed a great choice!"

"Wow! I have a crew!" Luffy exclaimed, delighted by the swift agreement. He jumped around like an excited monkey, clapping his hands in joy.

After a brief celebration, Luffy surveyed the empty deck curiously. "Logan, why don't I see anyone else?"

"Because I'm the only one on this boat."

"Huh~? So, you're the captain of this ship?"

"No, correction—now you are, the future Captain, Luffy!"

"Hey...?" Luffy blinked in surprise.