1 Transmigration - “please grant me a name” (not an Apocalypse novel)

A man 30 years old with gray hair, medium textured hair and a low bald fade or what seemed to be a sorry looking version of it, what looked to be a freshly cut beard, he appeared to be 6'1 and had purple eyes walked with his head hung low and eyes that seemed lifeless. Still, there was a hunger, a hunger to survive. His eyes dashed from side to side like a bird looking for worms in the grass.

Just as the man was picking up his head to turn a corner, his eyes shined as a glimmer was seen in the corner of his vision he turned his head towards the glimmer and let his eyes rest on a pile of paper, plastic, and dead bodies.

the man's eyes lit up and a grin appeared on his face, He dashed towards the pile; he pulled out what seemed to be a dirty watch, and his face immediately turned dark, and a grim frown appeared on his face.

"Fuck!" whispered the man as he continued to mumble.

"Food food food."

A man in a full-body suit of bulletproof armor and a loaded Ak walked behind the man and pointed the gun to his back, he slowly ran the tip of the gun up the 40-year-old man's spine and said.

"What did you find."

His voice was feminine and high pitched, which did not match his well-built body, which features could be seen through his armor.

the 30-year-old man was stunned for a few seconds, but, he soon started to shiver but he promptly bit his lip to stop himself as he forced himself to speak.

"Just this watch," he said in a soft tone. As he moved his hand slowly revealing the watch to the armored man

The man in the bulletproof armor glanced at the dirty watch and scoffed.

"Liar!" He shouted as he proceeded to beat the 30-year-old man with his gun, "you must have hidden something! " the man in the bulletproof suit stopped his endless barrage of attacks and crouched down as his shadow hovered over the 30 years old man's curled up body, he snickered, and proceeded to search his body as he ripped his clothes, he soon pulled out an opened, half-eaten can of tuna.

The man in bulletproof armor spit on the half-naked 30-year-old man who was lying on the ground looking lifeless and said," just wait." As he walked away

The 30-year-old man found himself grabbing the watch so hard his nails dug into the leather.

Five hours went by; within that time, the 30-year-old man was kicked and punched back to work.

One hour passed, and he found himself with the watch on his wrist, and he was unable to hold back from tinkering with it, as he searched for canned food.

A loud horn resounded in the area. The man and about 69 other people lined up and walked towards a big gate; people pushed and shoved as growls and gunshots resounded in The space behind them

In their sights was what seemed to be an abandoned mall; they walked through the halls in sooner ride at some poorly made cells and soon a guard came to lock them in, The guard that came to lock them in was just so happened to be the one who beat the 30-year-old man. The buff man in the bulletproof armor soon arrived in front of the 30-year-olds cell and looked at him with disgust as he spits on him. Unlike the old man's expectations, the buff man opened the cell

"Come on bicth," the buff man in the bulletproof armor said

The 30y older man tried to get up slowly cause of his injuries gained that day and previous ones, but, was dragged out and put over the shoulder of the buff man

"Aug," the 30y old man groaned when his injuries slammed against the buff man's shoulder

The buff man walked up the stairs to the 6th floor. As this happens, the 30-year-old man's heart beats faster and faster the more floors the buff man walks up. They walked into a run-down barbershop that looked better than the other shops around, and the 30y older man was slammed onto the ground as the buff man kneeled on the floor all in one move.

The pain was so overwhelming he couldn't hold himself back and lets out a scream "ahhhhhhhhh-" he was abruptly cut off by a foot to his chest By A man that was bigger than the buff man in bulletproof armor. he was 6'5, light skin, smooth bald head, curly mustache,50y old, blue sweatpants and tank top behind him was a young man sitting on a metal bucket and an old guy standing right next to him

The one sitting looked young 6'0, long black hair, flat face, long nose, upward eyebrows, blue eyes, white pale, clean fade, jeans, slightly oversized sweater,20y old

The older man is 6'3, yellow eyes, gray hair, slick back, downwards curved eyebrows, gray beard, gray mustache,60y old a gray suit and a brown and gold cane

The young man looked indifferent to the situation in front of him even though he continued to stare at the 30y older man with careless eyes

"This is him?" the young man said in a lifeless tone

"Yes, sir, this is outh Puc "(-ouuth )the buff man in the bulletproof armor said

"Take him away," the young man said as he moved his sight away from the man

"Didn't you want to see him? "the buff man in the armor said as he showed an expression of concern.

"I've seen enough," the young man as he shut his eyes.

"What do I do with him? "the buff man in the bulletproof armor said.

"Do whatever you want with him, Shelby," said the young man.

"Yes, sir!" said Shelby.

Shelby picked up Outh and walked out of the run-down barbershop.

"Boy, Didn't you see his spiritual energy? It's stronger than yours from before you trained it, and it is odorless; how didn't we sense it before, "said the old man.

"It seemed to have awakened today; I just don't get why today, seeing that he gets beat like this almost every day," said the young man as he opened his eyes and ruffled his hair

"Why didn't you take him in 'train him and use him in the future?" The old man asked

"He's too weak, and with his severe injuries, he wouldn't last a second in training, and besides even if we try to heal him, that would only disturb the spiritual energy that has been keeping him alive all this time," said the young man

"Haha," the young man did a short laugh and continued," Your still trying to test me even though I have surpassed you, Foha"-Fo,wa.

.Just as the young man was about to turn his head to look at the old man, he was stopped by a slap to the back of his head.

"Have some respect Eather. You may have surpassed me but remember I am still your master," Foha said as he showed a stern expression.

Foha's face soon softened, and he sighed and said, "Huuu," such a waste."


they soon got down to the cell floor.

Outh looked towards his cell hall and saw the people in the cells eating; he expected Shelby to turn, and take him to his cell but he continued walking.

They soon got to a huge black metal door Outh knew where this was .it the place where the most dangerous people are also known as the torture chamber.

Outh instantly flayed around but his head was knocked against the metal door causing him to lose consciousness.

His son found himself naked, strapped to a table, and a dark figure sitting at the other side of the room; he pulled his arms and legs, trying to free himself.

The sound made by the chains caught the figure's attention. The person got up and strode towards Outh. The room was quiet, so footsteps resounded through the area.

"Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap,...."

Soon a face was discernible.

It was Shelby with no armor and was wearing a white tank top; he kept walking until he was one inch away from Outh's body.

Shelby ran his finger up Outh's hairy chest and licked his lips. Causing Outh to shiver and yell, "why are you doing this to me!. "

Shelby gave Outh a stern look and said," cause I want to, besides with your injuries, you'll die in a day or so within that time", Shelby leaned forward and continued in Outh's ears," you're all mine."

Outh's pupils shrunk to a pin he was unable to control himself and blurted out, "I'll give u anything, I'll do whatever you want, just not that!".

Shelby scoffed and said, "what can a dead body give me? And I'm about to do whatever I want anyway ".

Outh's mind was in turmoil causing him to reply with, "the watch on my wrist!."

He was given a slap that bruised his face.

Shelby looked at Outh with disgust and said, "you dare present such a thing to me knowing that such things have no value anymore."

Outh then put up a futile resistance.

But all of a sudden, the chains tightened up, and the table flipped over, and a hole was opened where Outh's ass would be.

Shelby then said, "let's get started," and walked away and retrieved a box full of sex toys.

Outh then closed his eyes and began to imagine to past. the good and the bad

"The life he had from when he was young, and his parents were killed in front of him, To him getting adopted but him being pushed aside when his foster parents were able to have a biological child of there own, forcing him to look towards school and his few friends for comfort, and then all his friends got into relationships and moved on with there life's, leaving him alone and once again forcing him to look towards school, so he secluded himself with his studies and earned a professional degree in nuclear science and beautiful wife and mansion, ".he thought as he shook his head from the pain and continued. to immerse himself in his memories trying to distract himself

"but then it happened the "Disaster" some other branch of nuclear science had failed? In an experiment where an airborne disease was made, people turned crazy eating each other some got bit or got the disease but stayed normalish. Still, they had spiritual flow which had the effects of magic but used blood and spells, and everyone involved in anything nuclear was made into slaves that searched for food, got beat and abused in any shape or form, women were made into sex slaves formed only to please there "masters." There are different branches; spiritual energy users rule all branches; they call spiritual energy red night because the first blood magic-user turned the world red with blood.

He soon lost his train of thought from the pain and discomforted the only thing in his head was

"Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why.....". a couple of hours later, he realized he could no longer feel and soon after he realized he was dead.

He was surprised not that he was dead but that there was no sadness or anything of the sort, but there was anger, untamable anger he was angry at himself for being so weak, but there was also relief that he was gone from that horrible world full of pain, suffering, and futility

He was there in the darkness for what seemed to be a million years talking to himself, letting go of his anger but keeping his desire to be strong. The relief faded, and he has always been alone, so he had no problem with it, but he would sometimes wish a person was there; he felt himself getting stronger even without a body in that darkness

"Is this my hell? Am I destined to be alone? it's not bad, or maybe I was already in hell, this is my escape "huuu" he sighed if only I were strong if only I were something more. to bad I have left my hope in this lonely dark void long ago, but if I was given another chance I would, run, jump, hide, kill, sacrifice, anything to escape death no matter the consequences or obstacles"-

He was abruptly cut off by the light and a pulling force which left him dazed; the pulling force was getting stronger and stronger as his consciousness went dark

"Uggg coougg coougghe," he coughed and thought, "where is the darkness where am-"

His thoughts were cut short by a female robotic voice "please grant me a name

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