"Finally dead. Gone, away from that wretched world and the scum that live on it I only wish I had power, if only, I would destroy that planet, no announcement, no display of power, Just... death" These are the word of a dead man who has always suffered. His one good feature turned him into a slave. Little does he know he is going to be transported to another world. Or 3. Who knows? In his new world, a world ruled by Fragrance, the thing that brings peace, by creating chaos, contained in a world of time,that the inhabitants get lost in as they face death and solitude. They enslave it but are enslaved by it. Will Enopy succumb to hard times, and let himself be thrown at death once again, or will he reach his goal of immortality, taking down all obstacles and creating a world of blood, with no care weather he is hated or worshiped This is not a novel about the enemy of man. Our is it? Maybe it's enemy of monsters? , or god? , we’ll just have to find out, Just watch the mc turn into a man, a monster, or a god.Or maybe he'll be killed by them. Hello Everyone I am a new author and there is currently 100+ unlocked chapters out now it would be great if y’all could support me thanks and enjoy https://cash.app/$MuhammedFt3

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The safe path

Enopy took no time and said...

"Let's start training," he said as he focused on his senses, he wanted to train his body and his senses, so no matter what situation he was in, he would still be able to use his senses.

He stood still and waited for Layen to deploy his aura.

Once he was fully covered in Layen's aura, he beamed towards where he saw Layen. Last "as expected," he thought when he saw that he was only able to move a couple of feet before an immense pressure landed on him.

He was knocked out of his running position as his feet dug into the dry soil; he pulled his back foot out of the ground and placed it in front of him; he repeated this process ten times before the pressure doubled.

"ugg" his feet were driven knee-deep into the ground; he reacted by bulging his muscles to the limit, trying to use his muscles to close the gap in the hole and push himself out, but instead, the soil moved over, and the bulging of his muscles soon died down.

"how do I get out of this" Enopy thought as he stared at the oversized holes that look like oversized pants and continued to brainstorm. "oh, let me try" an idea popped into his head that he wanted to try.

He tried to deploy his aura, but it was forced back into his body.

Boom, suddenly there was a blast, and Enopy was 2 feet into the air "it worked!," he exclaimed in his mind and continued, "I would have gone five feet if I was above ground, let me try again."

He tried to do it again, but, held low expectations, given that he used the quiet and swift technique, which he used to mask what he was doing and to make fast decisions and speedy moves, but he doubted that he could do it again without any interference from Layen.

He did the same motion's but this time Layen moved his aura and gave Enopy's aura space to flow out, but a thin layer of Layen's aura stayed around Enopy and cut his aura away from him.

It was no surprise to Enopy, and he kept the quiet and swift technique activated, he directed a piece of his kimono, and it turned into a Maa Grosse sword.

"Good sword" Layen's voice resounded in the area; he used a voice that made him seem knowledgeable.

Enopy shook his head in annoyance when he heard this; he grabbed the sword with one hand.

"This?", he was slightly mesmerized and continued, "it's way different than previous swords; it feels like it's my arm; I've only heard about this from manga; this usually happens to people who have trained with the sword for years, this is great, I like this."

He raised his hand over his head as he filled the sword with his aura.

"slash!" he brought his hand down with great force and created a black curved slash.

"pah," the slash cut through Layen's aura by 3 centimeters.

"hmm!?" Enopy was dissatisfied by the effects of his slash; he was unsure if that was good, given he had nothing to compare it to.

He used the tremendous pressure and Layen wall-like aura to train his aura, body, sword skills, and senses, So he was not completely disappointed in his display of power.

He threw a barrage of slashes at Layen's aura; he left a clutter of orange-black slashes he wanted to cut down Layen's aura by a foot by the morning.

And he wasn't willing to take breaks and waste this time, they were right about to step into the windy despair, and he was paranoid cause he was unsure about where the intrusive senses of danger came from.

He thought, but on the surface, he never stopped slashing even when the pressure rose, and his feet dug into the ground.

Morning soon arrived, and Enopy was still slashing; he had put himself into a daze; the only thing that woke him up was how easy he was cutting; there was no resistance.

His eyesight cleared, and he saw Layen eating a cooked wolf. "oh," he said when he came to, he put his hand on his forehead to block his now sensitive eyes from the light.

He noticed his sweaty body and turned to go to the nearby slow lake.

"we're going to leave today," Kaito's voice resounded in the area.

Enopy turned to look at where the voice came from; he moved his aura through his body and focused on his vocal cords, and said, "ok, let me clean myself up first" he spoke normally, but his voice spread throughout the area.

He didn't wait for an answer and ran towards the slow lake.

Minutes later, he had already stripped, he jumped high into the air and cannon-balled into the water, but, there was no splash "just as I expected," Enopy said as he waited for what would happen.

"boom" the water shot up around Enopy like a geyser and cleared the area of water around Enopy; he was left standing on the water bed.

"slosh" the water hit the water bed and filled that space; it instantly went back to normal.

"it's cool how this water acts like an afterimage you move and a reaction happens 2 seconds after; if there are magicians in this world, then there are probably countless techniques based on this water," Enopy thought as he let his mind wander.

He soon finished and put on his armor and his orb kimono; he leaped from tree to tree back to the campsite; he saw Layen, Kaito, and the rest in a circle, and he leaped into an open spot of their circle.

"When do we leave?" he said.

"now," Kaito replied.

"why, what's the rush?" Enopy asked.

"We have delayed our journey long enough, we are behind other groups, we have to get back on track," Kaito replied without looking at Enopy.

"What were ya talking about before-" Enopy said but was cut off.

"End of discussion," Kaito said.

Enopy did not like being cut off, but he knew where he stood, so he stayed quiet.

He went into his caravan and followed the instructions given by Kaito, and he pressed a button on the roof of the caravan, and the dashboard flipped over, and a control system was revealed. Enopy did what he was told and started it.

Kaito drove his caravan to the front of them, and the rest followed.

Kaito said, "I'll connect them all now."

"Snap, snap, snap, snap" all the caravans were connected by invisible energy partials in a straight line behind Kaito's.

They traveled nonstop for a week, which gave Enopy no time to train, and Layen couldn't let his aura spread to Enopy's caravan to help him train cause that would interfere with the connection between the caravan.

So they were left in their seclusion.

"Fuck!" Enopy screamed in his mind when he felt his sense of danger grow stronger; he had no time to react before Kaito's voice entered his ears and said, "we are now in the windy despair."

"Suddenly, all the caravans stopped, and Kaito continued, "the safe way to cross the windy despair is to break up and see who can make it; if all is good, we all can survive; we have already killed the bandits and the all-seeing wolves use energy sense to see. Their smell is inferior so if we use no energy and make no noise we'll be fine from them, but, wind wolves can float and they have a great sense of smell, sight, and hearing stealth can protect us from those features, but, don't get too arrogant that would be the same as killing yourself," Kaito said and continued.