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Hello dear readers I will not be saying anything about the novel everything will unfold eventually all I will give you is that No stupid characters And no Chinese type writing with face slapping and such That's all I will give you that rest can be seen in the novel

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I am SCREAMING where has this book been please?! I love the MC because he is so far from a 2D character design; The writing holds actual presence, an actual person in these words with a rawness of a really great character build and almost ensured potential. I can’t wait!!


So... Where should I begin? The story looks interesting and I notice that the author did try describing the characters and the setting so we, readers, could imagine it. The problem with this was that the author over-described (if that's a word) both things. It made the story confusing instead of making it clear. The second thing is punctuation and grammar. There are too many run-off sentences while describing the characters. Use periods and commas. They are your friends. Also, use a grammar corrector program like Grammarly or just write your draft in MS Word so it corrects the mistakes before you post the story. Remember, good grammar can captivate the audience in this sea of stories. I do think that with a bit of polishing and editing, your story could go far.


I will now be posting on Monday Wednesday and Friday I am not being lazy I am writing everyday but I don’ want to stress to much on chapters and provide the best I can thanks for all the support in the form of cries even tho I doubt ya are real but if you are [click here to make sure ur not a robot: power stones]:


Okay so I believe that the story has potential. However, the first thing I noticed which I feel is incorrect is your title. Why not try changing the title to this instead: Man, Monster, or God? . I suggest this because your title has a punctuation error as the comma's and question marks clash. Also, try using Grammarly to check for grammatical and punctuation errors, that way your sentences will flow smoothly. Overall, keep up the good work.


I enjoy the story, and I enjoy the plot. It would be better if you could use the grammar checkers like Grammarly or type in Microsoft Word or Google Docs because they automatically point out the grammatical mistakes. Overall, the story is amazing.


I believe the story is quite good but the world lore should be explained a bit more as that would lay quite a good foundation for the later chapters. Overall, I find the story quite good.


Mc is pretty stupid but the story is okay, stupid as in his system literally has no data, he ask a question and system says it needs more data, mc says its useless , he sleeps with one girl and is surprised to find out she wasn't doing it because she fell for him but because she's training a technique 🤦🏾‍♂️. he's not just the brightest but still okay ig


Man.. I like it. The title already made me wondering what's the novel about, and when I dive it the story, it's a worth one. Although there are some minor mistakes, the story itself has a great potential. Keep it up! Good luck.


The story is so good and promising-looking for more to come and the plot is really interesting and I can't wait for the new chapter thank you


Overall it's an extremely enjoyable story, with a good concept, interesting characters, and great story development. Now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next upload. Keep up the good work!


the setting of the story is simply flawless and I like the way you write the tone of your story . but there are some flaws like repeatation some grammar mistakes also you should give the clear idea what is actually happening in the first chapter. web novel readers aren't patient enough to read for too much you should start simple and end with complex text


I loved the way of writing and the actions in this novel and I am looking forward to the rest of the chapters to upload to read it, it is really interesting and it deserves 5 stars


Good story, Dark and interesting to read. The character's design is amazing. MC is by far the best but still has a lot of potential. The writing was great. World background is also great. Overall this is worth the read.


Ok, this book is honestly quite cool and I found the plot to be quite interesting. But I do think that some grammar could be improved so that it could be understood easier. But nonetheless it was a great read. Keep up the good work Author! [img=recommend][img=fp]


I like the story, the narration is very detailed, but I was very distracted while reading, because, at the end of the sentence there are no punctuation marks. And sometimes there's a double "." and ",". and if there are words that are still one sentence, it is better to put them together. If you want to separate, it's better to put a punctuation mark "." at the end of the sentence. for the content of the story I really like it. very good narration and explains the background story is also very cool. always keep spirit.


Okayyy! The story is too much interesting, as it make me feel curious about the MC. The story is really well described and author put a lot of affection to the story and synopsis. Great job author! Keep it up! I envy you!


The story is alright, there are some grammar mistakes here and there but not to many, not a bad read but isn't an amazing one either. I think with a little more work, and editing it can be a pretty decent read. Keep it up the more you work on this the better you'll Improve. That's all I got to say but this is a pretty ok story, keep up the good work.


Story has a lot of potential and full of action scenes. Storyline is thrilling and unpredictable. Keep up the good work! 🤭🤭🤭 Hope to read more.


💯💯💯 A good book. Very lengthy chapters. and alot of content. overall a good concept. The reader is unable to catch a glance of the book by just reading the synopsis. lol.