"Finally dead. Gone, away from that wretched world and the scum that live on it I only wish I had power, if only, I would destroy that planet, no announcement, no display of power, Just... death" These are the word of a dead man who has always suffered. His one good feature turned him into a slave. Little does he know he is going to be transported to another world. Or 3. Who knows? In his new world, a world ruled by Fragrance, the thing that brings peace, by creating chaos, contained in a world of time,that the inhabitants get lost in as they face death and solitude. They enslave it but are enslaved by it. Will Enopy succumb to hard times, and let himself be thrown at death once again, or will he reach his goal of immortality, taking down all obstacles and creating a world of blood, with no care weather he is hated or worshiped This is not a novel about the enemy of man. Our is it? Maybe it's enemy of monsters? , or god? , we’ll just have to find out, Just watch the mc turn into a man, a monster, or a god.Or maybe he'll be killed by them. Hello Everyone I am a new author and there is currently 100+ unlocked chapters out now it would be great if y’all could support me thanks and enjoy https://cash.app/$MuhammedFt3

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Enopy was surrounded by aura and his raging fragrance. This lasted for a short time as the energy was sucked into his body, revealing a fully healed Enopy.




He seemed to be the same, but a faint sense of danger came from him.




"Was that not his full power? Doesn't this mean... Dontavius has no way to win this fight?"




Voices carrying distress and confusion rang out as their origins were forced to accept reality.




Meanwhile, Dontavius ran and kicked at Enopy; he didn't want to give his opponent any time to adapt.




"Bam!" His foot hit Enopy, but the result made his pupils shrink.




Enopy let the kick hit his forearm, but he was inept with his new power causing him to lower his defense slightly and took minor damage.




He slid away from Dontavius, leaving marks on the white metal ground.




He didn't allow himself to go far and stopped himself; he flexed his leg muscles and charged at Dontavius again.




Enopy disappeared from Dontavius' sight and Dontavius was confused. He looked around frantically, but without warning, he was flung into the air as an overwhelming pain took over his thoughts that did hot last long, as he forced himself to take back control.




"What-?" He blurted out as he looked down, trying to spot Enopy with no luck.




"BoOm!" He was given no time to react as he was kicked to the ground.




"Ugh," he crawled out of the metal hole, revealing his armorless body; he had put all his energy into the armor; he was now a sitting duck.




"Wait, let me live!" Dontavius shouted; he was unable to see enopy, but the membrane was still up, so he knew Enopy was there. He wanted to give begging a try.




"Why should I let you live?" Enopy asled with a pensive expression.




"I can give you all my points," Dontavius said with a pleading tone.




"Good offer, but not enough." Enopy landed In front of Dontavius. He didn't ask for the amount; he knew Dontavius had been fighting for a while, so he had to have amassed a huge number of points, but he was still unsatisfied.




"Uhh, you can have a mountain of techniques," Dontavius said after thinking for a few seconds.




"Not good enough," Enopy said as he raised his fist and took a step closer to Dontavius.




"Cultivation resources," Dontavius shouted out.






"I'll help you out; give me your space ring and all the items you listed and a list of items that can be of help to me, that can be purchased in this city." Enopy shut Dontavius up and listed his wants.




"O... ok" Dontavius got an orb from his ring and lit it on his forehead; soon after, he extended his hand, signaling for enopy to grab the orb.




"Roll it over," Enopy said as he went on full alert.




"Fine, but if it breaks, don't blame me," Dontavius said with a careless tone.




"If it breaks, I break you," Enopy said in a serious tone.




Dontavius rolled the orb over to Enopy, and soon it reached him.




Enopy picked up the orb after sensing no danger from it  and asked, "What do I do with this?"




"Put it on your forehead and let your consciousness flow into it. It's called a combination orb," Dontavius said as he shook his head.




Enopy followed the given directions. He placed the orb on his forehead and let his consciousness flow into it.




Suddenly, a list of items appeared in his sight.




"Good!" enopy said as he smiled. "Next, the techniques."




"Grandma! , get all of the techniques in the house and bring them here."




"Why-" she wanted to refute but was cut off by Dontavius.




"Just do it!"




Dontavius's grandmother stayed quiet and walked away slowly.




"If she doesn't come back, you're dead and she is next," Enopy warned Dontavius, making his face turn pale.




"Give me your space ring."




Dontavius complied and handed his space ring to Enopy.




Enopy sent his consciousness into it but was blocked off and restricted from going in.




"What's this?" He said to Dontavius as his face turned dark.




"It's mine; I own it so no one else can get into it. I just extended the blowup time, or else it would automatically blow up," Dontavius said in a tone as if he were stating the obvious.




"Take out everything, leave nothing inside," Enopy ordered as he tossed the ring back to Dontavius.




"Where is your grandma?" Enopy asked after waiting for an hour.  




"She's old, and our house is far. She will take her time," Dontavius refuted.




"Take out your point card and transfer your points to me," Enopy said as he put the matter to the back of his head.




"But they're my life earnings. How bout half?" Dontavius tried to bargain even in his tough situation.




Enopy gave him a cold glare.




Dontavius said no more; he knew it was futile; he transferred all his points to Enopy.




Enopy smiled at the great increase in points shown in his consciousness through his point card, but it was below his expectations. "That's it?" His face changed; he showed a solemn expression.




"Yes, I had to buy medicine for my grandmother; it's a massive sum for one pill, " Dontavius said as he continued to take out a variety of items out of his space ring.




"I'll wait 5 hours for your grandmother to come, or ill kill you together with her. You better hope she comes within that time, and you better hurry up unloading those items," Enopy said as he stared at the piles of items and techniques.




"Does your grandmother have a space ring?" Enopy asked with a pensive expression.








"And don't think about lying," Enopy interrupted.




"Yes, she had a space ring, or it would be very hard for her to bring over those techniques and carry the mass amount of pills," Dontavius confessed.




Hours went by. Enopy started getting impatient. Dontavius had cleared out his space ring, revealing a stack of techniques, cultivation resources, weapons, kimonos, and some other items enopy had turned his space ring into a black hole which sucked the items in quickly.




After that came a while of waiting. Enopy was getting irritated but was soon calmed by Dontavius' grandmother appearing in his sight.




She walked up to the membrane.




"Drop all your item out of your space ring, "Enopy ordered.




She looked over to Dontavius, and he said, "if we die, that's it, but if we're alive, these items can always be replaced, so just give them up, "Dontavius said with a soft voice and a helpless expression.




His grandma paused and looked at Dontavius for a couple of seconds before unloading various items.




She dumped out plenty of things, but she was not done and continued to empty her space ring.




This lasted for several hours as the crowd lost more and more people gradually; by the time she finished, the world had already gone through one cycle of day and night.




"Ok, then the deal has been finished when those items get into my space ring, but It seems that it won't fit in my current one," Enopy said as he took out another space ring from his current space ring that he got from Dontavius.




He moved the items from his current space ring to the new one.




He soon finished moving the items into his new black space ring and threw his old one inside it.




He walked over to Dontavius and asked, "how do we leave without a death?" Enopy knew that the only way to leave the membrane was for one of the participants to die, but from all that Dontavius had done, he could tell there was another way.




"You have to allow me to surrender; the city founders wanted this place to be like a battlefield where you can't surrender unless your enemy lets you; this hasn't been used for hundreds of years, just say I allow you to surrender."




"Ok," enopy went closer to Dontavius and said, "I allow Dontavius to-" Enopy materialized his sword and sliced Dontavius' head off in one swift move.




Dontavius had no time to move; he was left unable to say his last words.




The membrane was lifted, and Enopy turned to the stack of techniques but was disappointed when he saw specific techniques disappearing in flames.




He jumped towards them and placed them into his space ring.




"huh" Enopy felt overwhelming danger, but he was given no time to look around before he was flung away by an attack.