"Finally dead. Gone, away from that wretched world and the scum that live on it I only wish I had power, if only, I would destroy that planet, no announcement, no display of power, Just... death" These are the word of a dead man who has always suffered. His one good feature turned him into a slave. Little does he know he is going to be transported to another world. Or 3. Who knows? In his new world, a world ruled by Fragrance, the thing that brings peace, by creating chaos, contained in a world of time,that the inhabitants get lost in as they face death and solitude. They enslave it but are enslaved by it. Will Enopy succumb to hard times, and let himself be thrown at death once again, or will he reach his goal of immortality, taking down all obstacles and creating a world of blood, with no care weather he is hated or worshiped This is not a novel about the enemy of man. Our is it? Maybe it's enemy of monsters? , or god? , we’ll just have to find out, Just watch the mc turn into a man, a monster, or a god.Or maybe he'll be killed by them. Hello Everyone I am a new author and there is currently 100+ unlocked chapters out now it would be great if y’all could support me thanks and enjoy https://cash.app/$MuhammedFt3

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"What is that sound" mumbled Outh as he placed his hand near his ear subconsciously

"What-"?!He suddenly realized that his voice was not his and that he could speak and feel. He looked around and saw a bustling City Street. The buildings were proper and intact. The streets were clean, men and women were walking around happily.

He was stunned by that sight and

Was soon jolted awake as he realized he was moving; he looked around and saw a bunch of kids causing him to think "Why am I on a carriage with kids, and where are we going" he tried to stand up, but the caravan hit a road bump, causing him to be knocked off his feet.

He flinched, but when he hit the ground, he felt no pain. The kids on the carriage looked at him. some with pride, some with pity, and some with disgust

He instantly thought, "Is that how you treat ur elders" he then went on to say to a kid that looked at him in disgust

"Hey"- but he cut himself off when he heard his voice again.

"Who's voice it that, is that mine?…. no! wait, I'm alive? How is this possible? and who's body is this?" he mumbled as he looked at his hands in confusion

Again, he heard a lifeless robotic female voice. "Would u like to see memories of Enopy Rizen -(E, no, p) "

"Please grant me a name before confirmation," said the robotic female voice

He turned his head from side to side as he looked around in urgency "what the hell!" Outh was forced to whisper as the social pressure weighed on him while his pupils shrunk and he continued to think before a vivid memory appeared within his mind "isn't this like manga I read on earth once in a while. no, I'm imagining stuff such a thing could never happen to me."

"But I'm alive, so maybe it could-"

The female robotic voice cut him off "please grant me a name"

Outh was annoyed and fed up, so he shouted in his head, "fine! your name is the system."

"Would you like to see the memories of Enopy Risen ? "said the system

His guard lowered as he started to come with terms to his second chance at life in his new gift but the adversities of his previous life reminded him that nothing would be handed to him so a huge amount of distrust was instantly shoved into him "System, Is that the name of the owner of this body "Outh said

"Yes," the system replied

"Yes, I would like to see the Memories of Enopy Rizen" Enopy confirmed as his eyes uncontrollably closed against his will he wasn't traumatized by the darkness but he had just seen the light and he was unwilling to let go so fast as the same feeling of descending into the abyss weighed on him, but he was still forced to close his eyes

Foreign memories played in front of his eyes as if he were truly experiencing them for himself

It turns out that at the request of Enopy, Enopy's father sent him to a training facility to train his body to eventually become a magic Knight. magic knights can go up to rank three and rank three monsters. Enopy requested this because he wanted to become strong enough so that no one close to him would ever be killed by a magical beast again and because Enopy felt that he had learned as much as he could from his father and the small island ruled by his father (baron)

He was now far away from there and just passed through Pattern City and was now going into Bandit Mountain which was ruled by hordes of bandits, then wind wolf plain after that is windy despair which is in between wind wolf plain the magic plant, bloodsuckers red ash Mountain and bandit Mountain

"but they were told there was a secret safe passage," Outh thought as he saw the techniques that Enopy was taught

"It seems that this body is already at the peak of the regular human limit and is about to break through to rank one magical Knight"

He also saw why Enopy died, a girl in the carriage killed him named Hina.

Since Enopy is just 16 years old and had always lived on that tiny island, he had not seen sexy, voluptuous girls like Hina. So Hina manipulated Enopy to do her bidding. Still, Enopy was not stupid, so when she went over his boundaries, he refused to do what she wanted, so she poisoned him and sent some boys to beat him up, and they beat him in the carriage while everyone else was eating and doing their business.

"huuu, Even in this world, people are still like this cruel and evil, but I didn't expect any different. " Outh thought as he sighed

"Well, enopy your death helped me come back to life, so I'll take this name and body, and to repay you, I'll get revenge on her in your place and I'll use this life to accomplish all my goals I will not die until I accomplish them all. "Said outh (Enopy is 5,10, black hair, black gray eyes, black battling kimono.)

Just as he finished saying that in his head, he heard the system , "would you like to process and learn the techniques" He had seen a technique in Enopy's memories

"Yes," said Enopy (Outh), and he proceeded to say "where are u located on my body system ?".and how did you get there.

A wave of the information entered his head, a simulation of the techniques played over and over again by sunrise; he had mastered all the techniques "I just need experience with them, "Enopy thought.

, the system answer," in your mind cannot compute the exact location."

Suddenly, his consciousness went dark as he saw the dirty watch in his consciousness that floated in the darkness slowly evaporating and fusing with his mind. He then abruptly woke up

He smirked and said, "Oh! it was the watch interesting its kinda weird how everything is going my way, well..except the millions of years in darkness."

That night he was unable to sleep and stayed up all night practicing against a tree he wanted to get experience with his techniques. Since he was numb to the pain for now caused by the small scratches and cuts, it helped when he made mistakes.