"Finally dead. Gone, away from that wretched world and the scum that live on it I only wish I had power, if only, I would destroy that planet, no announcement, no display of power, Just... death" These are the word of a dead man who has always suffered. His one good feature turned him into a slave. Little does he know he is going to be transported to another world. Or 3. Who knows? In his new world, a world ruled by Fragrance, the thing that brings peace, by creating chaos, contained in a world of time,that the inhabitants get lost in as they face death and solitude. They enslave it but are enslaved by it. Will Enopy succumb to hard times, and let himself be thrown at death once again, or will he reach his goal of immortality, taking down all obstacles and creating a world of blood, with no care weather he is hated or worshiped This is not a novel about the enemy of man. Our is it? Maybe it's enemy of monsters? , or god? , we’ll just have to find out, Just watch the mc turn into a man, a monster, or a god.Or maybe he'll be killed by them. Hello Everyone I am a new author and there is currently 100+ unlocked chapters out now it would be great if y’all could support me thanks and enjoy https://cash.app/$MuhammedFt3

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The following day a tree tumbled over, revealing a sweat-soaked enopy which features were revealed through his tank top showing his defined muscles.

"Huh, what's that sound?" The guy in charge of the caravan yelled .

Groans and moans resounded in the area; as kids walked out of their tents to check out what was going on, they circled the area that enopy and the fallen tree were.

The man in charge of the caravan screamed.

"Attention!" this ear-piercing scream forced the kids to split up and bow creating a row that lead straight to Enopy; he had a sleeping kimono on like the kids; he took a glance around, and the bowing kids said.

"Sir Kaito!" they said in unison as they felt his piercing gaze(Kaito: 6,5, white, long black hair full beard.)

"What were you doing " Kaito asked as he strolled towards the sweating enopy, who had also bowed

"I was training, I just thought that I can't let myself slack and take a break just because we're going to go to the training facility and are going to train harder than ever, when we get there I want to be at my peak, I also wanted to be ready for any accidents that happen or could happen on our journey but I was also trying to impress you, by knocking over this thick tree, senior," Enopy said as he picked up his head slightly and glanced at Hina.

He was telling the truth, "but it was not him I was trying to impress it was hina I want to hook her by going a grand gesture according to my memories she likes to use strong men to protect and serve her", so he showed off his power enopy thought .and was waiting for her to take the bait.

Kaito was surprised by enopys slick tongue and said agreeably, "your right; you should be at your peak when we get there; the training is intense, and it is not for those who slack off, but there will not be any accidents, on this trip" as his face turned dark. As he completely ignored the impressed part when he saw enopy glance in another direction, he then turned, glanced at Hina, and walked away.

The kids behind him looked frantic and embarrassed; they wanted to see enopy get in trouble but were humiliated instead.

Because of being woken up abruptly, they left early that day when they stopped 6 hours later for lunch and their business.

Hina entered the same carriage As enopy he glanced at her and offered her some berries, which she took.

"Why are you here?" Enopy said as he stuffed a handful of berries into his mouth

"No reason, "said Hina. "I heard you were trying to impress me."

"Just a little," said enopy as he offered her some more berries

But I won't again, don't worry, you can leave now said enopy as he pointed at the exit of the caravan

Hina looked with hesitation as if she had something to say, but she still walked out as a smile appeared on enopys face. but it quickly disappeared

Later it was said she was sick, and almost a day after, she died.

Some boys approached Enopy, and there was a boy in front of the group that seemed to be the leader.

Enopy knew who he was "his name is tivly-(tiv, ly) one of the boys that beat him up before and killed the owner of this body, ".enopy thought. (tivly is 5,10, blue battling kimono. shiny long golden hair.)

"You Poisoned her. I know it was you, " shouted tivly with a stern expression.

"How do you know that?" Enopy said in a calm tone

"I saw her walk out of the caravan with

berries the other day," tivly said as he lowered his voice

"And? What's your point. I did give her berries, and we talked a bit; but, why would you think that I would want her dead?" enopy said with an indifferent look

They were left stunned.

"Because hina orde-"

A boy behind Tivly started to answer enopy's question but was cut off by a slap to the face from Tivly.

Tivlys face turned red like a tomato, and he stormed off. The rest quickly followed.

"Although I did poison her, it's a shame I could have and would have used her more, but that would have taken too much time I would have killed her another more chivalrous way but it's better if I take care of problems quickly ,huuuu, ".enopy thought as he signed and walked in the opposite direction

Later that night, enopy went down a hill and trained with the sword his father gave him.

He swung his sword a hundred times and kept going; he tried to use a move he was unfamiliar with and sliced open rock , and inside the rock, there was nothing. It was hollow. Soon The rock disappeared, and what took its place was a metallic ball and a technique. after throwing his sword at the ball and seeing that nothing happened, he went to pick it up, as soon as his fingertips touched the ball, it turned into dust.

He then turned his attention to the book he picked at it with his sword; when he knew it was safe, he picked it up and was relieved when it didn't immediately disintegrate . he flipped through it and heard "Would you like to process and learn this technique?" said the system

With a grin on his face, enopy said "yes" as he sat down on a rock to process the move he had just tried to do. and his new discovery