Man, I love You! Book

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Man, I love You!


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Youichi Haruhiko fell in love with a boy named Takayashi Daiki at his school, who was in a different class from him. It had been quite a while since they were in their first year. At first, he could only see the one he loved from a distance and could only love him in silence. He did not have the balls to talk to him or even confess his feelings. He thought it was impossible to do! Until a situation that was contrary to his thinking happened and allowed them to know more about each other! However, it was hard for Haru. The person he loved was someone who could not express his true feelings easily, making Haru feel like he was in an uncertain relationship. He wanted to back away, but he had gone too far. He wanted to move forward, but an uncertain relationship was not something that made him happy even though he still kept loving him. Haru, "If you like me, show me! If you don't, then don't give me any hope!" Daiki, "It's a risk because you already like someone like me, so you should be able to understand me no matter the situation! I won't let you go too!" Haru, "...."


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