1 Prologue

A girl is at the bar, waiting for someone. After a while, a guy came in. At last he came, the girl thought. The guy went to the girl's direction.

"Wassup, are you alone or waiting for me?" The boy said and look at the girl flirtatiously. The guy is gross, the girl don't like this guy but she needs to do this.

"You got confidence huh?" The girl replied.

"I think so haha. Wanna talk a little more?"

"Talk about what?"

The girl is smiling, everything is going well this is gonna be easy.

"Anything baby. I have a place upstairs, wanna check it out?" The boy whispered to the girl. He's also smelling the scent of the lady and it is driving him crazy.

She wants to punch the guy, but she needs to control it, for the sake of business. "Sure." She replied.

While the two is walking upstairs, the boy asked the girl, "What's your name, baby girl?"


" Ooh... hot name for a hot babe." He said while checking her from head to toe.

When they went inside, the boy suddenly grab her and pinned her to the wall. The girl knew this will happen. "Easy boy, we'll get there but in one condition."

"Okay hottie." He replied, giving her a wink. Wink huh? This guy is truly a manwhore.

"So first, open your phone and take off your shirt and pants, leave your brief in place." She explained.

"Hmm, you're different ha! I like you." He said while staring at Devily. The boy is drown to her, he would do anything just to get her body.

"Then, lay in bed and wear this blindfold." The girl commanded.

After a while, the guy thought why the girl is doing this. "What are these for?" He impatiently asked.

"I'm doing this for excitement you know? So just do it okay?" She replied in an irritating tone.

"Okay Devily, where are--- wait! Why is there a handcuffs? Haha! I know, for excitement right? Haha please me baby! Whoo!" The guy said. Fuck! Devily is out of patience, the guy is so talkative. She thought of knocking him off.

She needs to finish this, "Are you ready Mr. Ramirez?" She said seducingly.

"Of course, baby! I'm freaking ready!"

"Well if you say so... HAHAHA!" She started writing the message of her client in his abdomen.

"Okay done. Say cheese!" She clicked her camera and throw the key to the trash can.

"Baby? What are you doing?!" The guy asked in a panic tone.

"What am I doing? Hmm... ask the GIRLS you put in this room before moron! I'm just doing the RIGHT thing. Hope you learn something, saionara." Devily said and walked away from the room, leaving the boy in shocked and disappointment.

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