11 The New Moon City

With most of the preparations done, it was time to leave the Ten thousand beast mountain range, while it was a defeat in my book, I couldn't beat that Storm Wolf, like I wanted.

The Storm Wolf is a powerful opponent, forcing me to even leave the Forest to hunt for resources, something I respect enough not to poison my way through it...

After double-checking everything I was ready to leave, with few hand sign I locked my house under powerful formations, stasis is only one out of double digits one in place.

After this, I walked to the Phoenix Clan village to leave them with few gifts I decided to leave them with.

'You were not lying! Those are really people with Phoenix bloodline !" Ying'er said with shock

'And why I should lie to you?!' I said back with 'hurt' voice.

"No, no... I meant clan and their Legacy are considerate in top 3 of Fire Legacies! , such a thing is even rare in the Realm of Gods! And the Blood of Phoenix in them is strong, they would be considerate top Talents even in Realm Of Gods...' Ying'er said with considerate shock after sensing the People I walk among.

I did release her senses, it's very good to have radar in terms of Beautiful Blond 'Goddess'.

"Senior Jian, how may I help you?" Phoenix Clan Leader Feng Baichuan asked me, after I arrived at his home.

"I have to leave towards New Moon City, to buy some resources, In the meantime I am planning to leave several Formations which will help your Village to grown stronger..." the man eyes widened he obviously saw my Formations in action, some of them already are in use, such as the Farms, and the one behind my home which fix's up the training grounds after being used.

"Senior Jian there is no need for such thing you already helped us enough!" I shook my head, at the expected response.

"Very well then, as a citizen of this village, it's my duty to help it flourish..." I said with a smirk, the man groaned hearing that.

"Not that I can stop you then Senior Jian..." he said in defeat.

" I know... I only told you what I am going to do, Senior Feng " I was about to leave then black missile jumped on my back.

"Big Brother Feng are you leaving Xian'er !?" I chuckled as I quickly changed girls position from piggyback to princess carry.

"Don't worry I am not going for long..." I said to her as I let her go on the ground.

"I mean time grow strong Xian'er, so that next time you can beat up bad men on your own..." She nodded seriously as possible for Girl her size and age.

"I will Big Brother!" With that I left the house and Walked towards the Centre of Village.

'That little girl is very fascinated with you master..." I could hear a little bit of jealousy in my golden hug pillow.

"I know, tends to happen when you rescue her from a certain fate worse than death, then lift a curse on the whole village and then start living among them for months," I said back to her.

"You are one of those chivalric Cultivators?" she asked again.

"When needs to be Ying'er, I can be demon capable of wiping Sects, or I can be Hero who saves the day... I don't discriminate..." I said with shrug.

Arriving at the centre I started laying down several layer formation, one of its kind in whole Sky Profound continent, something I created on my own free time.

Half an hour later, a Profound energy shockwave washed through the village, as a bubble of Profound energy encased, the village.

"Beautiful, master even in Realm of Gods it would take several days to laydown such formation..." Ying'er said with respect.

'It has nothing to do with Profound Strength Ying'er, formations solely depend on one's understanding on the subject, while the Profound energy is needed to power them up, that can be overcome with different type of formations support...' I said back to her, as I got up from one leg kneeling position.

The Villagers started profusely thanking me, I waved them off and slowly walked out from the village, at this speed it will take at least a month to reach the city, but if my math is right I celebrate my 15 birthday in a city...

'I should probably make some cake, haven't done one in a long time...'

~~~~~~Month later~~~~~~

Seeing the city of New Moon, it's more like metropolis, And yet its considerate Average by standards of this Empire, not the Continent, and I don't even want to know how 'big' its considerate in Ying'er standards.

"That's one small city, I sense strongest being a mid Stage of Earth Profound mortal..." Ying'er said with disdain, well now I know how big she thinks it is.

'Maybe so, I only care if it has things I need...' I said to her, she hummed back to me, as I entered into the city, deciding not to hide my Cultivation, this way all the flies won't get the wrong idea...

The city guards stiffed sensing me, as I passed them, many eyes were on me, as I walked down the street.

'Now you know how I feel, at least a small portion, imagine this only a thousand times more...' Ying'er said to me as she noticed the gazes people give to me.

'then think of this as if you walking through plain of grass, It's a mental thing, As a high-level cultivator, you should able to think that way...' I chuckled thinking of such thing which actually helps, I already have my inner Tiger technique for battle.

'Hmm maybe I will have time to think of such thing... you have a similar technique then?' I nodded to her as I arrived at the branch of Black Moon Merchant Guild.

Once inside I was greeted with an assortment of products on display on shelves or on the display cases themselves.

"How may I help the esteem customer?" The man at the counter said, gaining my attention.

"I came to sell some Profound Beast cores, and buy some ingredients," I said to him as I walked over to the counter.

"Of course..." He motioned with his hand to summon the Profound Beast Cores, with a waive of my own Hand 20 Spirit Profound Cores appeared on the counter.

The man looked impressed for the moment, but he quickly hid it.

"20 Spirit Profound cores, most impressive esteemed customer, do you wish to be paid in profound Coins? Or items?" Hearing that I fished out the paper with a list of herbs, and put it on the table.

"I wish to get all these herbs and the rest I want in profound coins..." I pointed at the list, the merchant quickly read through it.

"Easy enough, they are not difficult to get..." the man took the list and Profound Beast Cores and walked into the storage area behind the counter.

In the meantime I looked around checking the stuff in more details, not that I need anything, if need It I will make it myself, only collecting these herbs would be more time consuming, so instead I decided to simply buy them...

"Esteemed Customer I have everything I need in this storage ring, please check yourself " he handed over a simple-looking storage ring, I quickly checked the content, seeing that it was to the satisfaction I pocketed it.

"And here is Profound currency card with 15000 Purple Coins..." He handed over a purple fancy-looking card.

"Thanks..." I said while storing the card into my personal storage ring.

"It's my pleasure doing business with you esteemed guest, its rare to see an Earth Profound at such a young age..." the man said with a genuine smile.

"Hard work pays off as they say... good day ..." with that I left, looking at the sky for moment deducting time of day...

'Time to fish for information, I would like to see if there is any tournament happening any time soon...'

'With your strength, you will attract a lot of attention in this place' Ying'er said after thinking for a moment.

'Unlike some people think attention is a double-edged sword, Only people who know how to protect from that edge can flourish in its attention...' I said thinking for a moment how to gather info.

'True... what are you planning to do?' 'Golden hug pillow' asked me.

'A cheap dining place or a restaurant...' Ying'er almost drooped out from her bed hearing that inside Pearl realm.

'Didn't you yearned enough money to live like royalty in this mortal realm?' She asked with a raised eyebrow, she doesn't want me to stick around lowlifes of this world

'Oh, my dear little goddess how little you understand of this mortal realm...' I said with a teasing tone, Ying'er 'humph' at me.

'You see dear, people talks lots in these places, the only thing I need is to spend few coins and get something to eat while listening to chatterboxes of this city' I chuckled as I pulled out a cheap-looking cloak and used truth concealing shroud to lower my cultivation.

Then I walked to the first cheap-looking dinner, and ordered some simple food.

After a few hours later, after listening in on few cultivators I got what I wanted, and paid for food and left the dinner.

'So you going to participate in this 'Blue Wind' ranking tournament?' The blond Goddess asked from Pearl, she was quiet the whole time I was in dinner.

'I do...' I said to her while walking in the street already ditched my clock, and stopped channelling the concealment technique.

'But you will have to be part of a sect to participate... and we both know how it ended last time you were part of sect...' Ying'er said, knowing that little story.

'Indeed that why I will be joining the Profound palace' I said while walking towards a palace-like looking building.

'I see... you wish to represent the Empires Royal family... don't they been the laughing stock in past tournament?' Ying'er said with obvious distaste in her voice, she really doesn't want me to represent a weak team...

'It doesn't matter who or what is going with me to this tournament Ying'er, all I want is to Fight, and to see what the best of this nation can do' She only sighed hearing that and continued doing her own thing inside the pearl realm.

While I continued approaching the main gate there two guards stationed there.

"Halt! Only disciples of New Moon Profound Palace are allowed to enter!" The guard said with false bravado, since I could see the sweat rolling down from his forehead.

I walked in front of him, since my cultivation is not hidden he received the full brunt of it, I could see his legs started to shake.

"I know... that why I am here. I wish to join this Profound Palace..." The Guards eyes widened.

"W-what? B-but! Esteem Senior you are Earth Profound Expert! Why you wish to join Us?!" I rolled my eyes how slow and sometimes short sighed these morons are.

"Because I wish to participate in the tournament you dimwit, Now go and fetch me an Elder! " He quickly nodded and dashed inside.

The other Guard straightened his back, trying to impress with his professionalism, I rolled my eyes at him, and in meantime I fished out my Notebook, writing down all the herbs, and double-checking if I didn't miss anything.

"Esteemed Senior, you wished to speak with me?" I lifted my eyes from my notebook, and looked at dark robes dressed man in forties, he had long beard and hair.

'Ying'er what is with people and long beards and hair? While I love long hair on you I don't understand the fascination with men and long hairs and beards on them?' the golden-haired woman laughed inside the pearl, as my question was apparently amusing for her.

"Yes, I wish to join this Profound Palace, more precisely I wish to join Royal Family in upcoming Blue Wind tournament..." The man eyes widened for a moment he got a hold of himself, since my presence is 'awe-inspiring' for him...


"Of course! May I know your name esteemed Senior?" the elder asked respectfully

"Its Jian Feng, a travelling cultivator " I identified myself to him.

"Its an honour, I am Sikong Han, Grand Elder of New Moon Profound Palace. Coming in Senior Jian, I would like to introduce you to Palace Chief Qin, he will help you with your request." The man motioned me to follow him to into the Palace.

As we are walking countless eyes were on me, I was among my own age group... yet I felt how weak they all are.

'So... weak... I was at their level when I was 12, and I was living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, even if I had my power, I didn't had their resources!' I said with disappointment.

'that's the difference between their resolve and yours, master...' Ying'er smooth voice was enough to forget this disappointment.

As I was following Elder Sikong, we meet a Girl and a Boy, in middle of the corridor, the girl was pretty enough, she had a certain aura around her, and she was in later teens, but the boy was Cliché young 'always hard' master...he was lanky and had a fan of all things... is he acting like a field general of something?.

'That girl is not simple she is hiding her cultivation with that necklace for some reason' I internally nodded to her.

"Grand Elder Sikong good day to you" the Girl elegantly greeted the Elder, followed by the lanky young master...

"Junior Lan good day to you too " The elder greeted her back.

"And... who this maybe?... " the girl asked with a very interested look on her face, she for some reason was very interested in me.

"This is Jian Feng travelling Cultivator of Earth Profound realm who wishes to represent the Royal Family in the next Blue Wind Ranking tournament..." the Elder said in rather Proud, and teacher like voice, as if he is the one who found me.

What was interesting was the girl's was in utter shock hearing that, why would she care about such thing?

'Well, well this is interesting...' I said to my companion in the pearl, quickly continuing with the next idea.

'Wanna bet she is really important individual?' Ying'er snorted, hearing me.

'I am not betting in such one-sided deal!' I shrugged internally, here goes my plan to put cat ears on her...

"T-truly? Then the next tournament the Blue Wind Royal Family has an actual chance of winning it..." the Lan named girl said with faked expression, she was still trying to hide her shock.

"Indeed Junior Lan... we still have to speak with Chief Qin if you excuse us" the Girl nodded and allowed us to pass them.

The girls and my eyes meet for a second as well I pass her, there was certain resolve in them, and her cheeks were a little bit pink as well.

'My, oh my it seems I will be seeing her soon...'

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