Man Against Gods (ATG)

A modern man reborn into World of Cultivation, reaching the top in his own unique way... (Alternative World, replacing original MC, Original powers, Grey MC, self-made Mc)

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110 Chs

Chained 'Goddess'

~~~~~~With ??? ~~~~~~

The golden-haired goddess slowly opened her eyes, she noticed that she was in some sort of realm, as there was no roof, but instead some sort of green sky, the next thing she noticed was that she was in bed, the bed was not cheap, yet neither it was luxurious like her own, not that she remembers last time she slept in one

But from here things turned very grim for her, as she couldn't sense any of her powers, her divine sense was gone, she felt like she was back being a mortal, her mortal!?! Impossible

She quickly got out her bed, and noticed that she is dressed in a simple yellow dress, she wanted to sneer, but then she looked around, she saw a simple table with chair, a wardrobe, and a bookshelf

"Where am I? The last thing..." memories slammed into her like some blunt weapon, a perfect plan ruined because of the little girl got in the way! Even if the girl is a Star God, she was still just little girl!

"Then I found it... the Sky Poison Pearl in hands of mortal... " she looked at her perfect hand, and tried to call her Profound energy, but there was nothing! , then she noticed, runes on her wrists like some handcuffs, she checked her other hand it had the same runic pattern

By now she started to internally panic, death is better than being some slave to a mortal, but where is absolute God Slaying Poison which was thrust upon her by that Little girl?!?

Al these mysteries starting to Drive her mad!

"Ah you finally awake..." she quickly jumped to the side when she saw teenager boy appear, he was like nothing she has ever seen, short wild black hair, with some shade of red, there was some echo of Profound beast coming from him, his movement was like that of Feline who was stalking its prey...

But what attracted the golden goddess the most were those muscles, the tight shirt he is wearing doesn't help either, she never saw anyone look that good, even her father who she considers epitome of a man, even he falls short to this teenager simply because he doesn't have that 'unique charm'

'What's wrong with me !' she shuck her head, this man turned her into a prisoner, and she is thinking about stroking his muscles with her fingers

"What did you do to this Goddess mortal!?" The golden-haired woman said furiously

"Ho? That means my guess was right..." he shook his head with amusement, and walked to towards the table and took a sit on a chair, then he crossed his arms

"What are you talking about !?" her eyes narrowed at him, for some reason she feels naked in front of his gaze, whose black with a shade of crimson eyes as if can see everything about her

'Impossible no mortal man can have such perception!'

"The moment I noticed you laying down in my garden..." he looked angrily at her for a second "you going to pay for those herbs that poison destroyed by the way..." golden-haired goddess blinded in disbelieve


"The moment I noticed you, I knew you were not of this world, from a higher world if my guess is right, the next obvious clue was your clothing, you maybe love dressing like supreme royalty but it gives away who you are, and last but not least your beauty..." she snorted at him, what does her beauty has to do anything ?! It a weapon she used successfully for centuries

"While beauty is a great asset, it breaks the balance of individual, in your case, it affects your personality, I only needed to hear it for once, the moment you called yourself 'Goddess' I knew that you were a rose with very deadly Thorns... " the blond woman for a moment felt butterflies in her stomach, no one before could see through her that easily, it was a horrifying and exciting moment for her

"So... " she gulped down " what did you do ... to me?" He raised his hand and letters manifested from pure profound energy, never before she saw such control over Profound energy, and she comes from Divine Royal Realm !!!

"I have sealed your powers off, you being a spirit, and you taking residence without my permission inside my pearl realm... make even you vulnerable to sealing..." her eyes widened with horror, and disbelieve

"You can't do that! I worked centuries to reach this point !" she shouted with disbelieve

"I can, and I did..." Now she was furious, started to breathe hard, no one before made her feel this powerless before

"I am Brahma Monarch Goddess! You just a mere mortal! Would never ever dream of laying eyes on this goddess! I demand you to remove these shackles !!!" she furiously shouted, but it came out as if a 20-year girl throwing temper tantrums, without her profound energy and divine senses she was nothing more then very, very beautiful woman

"Very well then Brahma Monarch Goddess, since I am not worthy I shall leave, have a nice day..." He got up from his chair and vanished from Pearl realm, while the golden-haired woman, collapsed on her knees, her perfect hands fisted green ground for a moment

"No, no, no! He is my means to regain a body! No, no! how did he get under my skin like this! Stupid of me... " she curled into a ball, started to think

'He was first ever individual outside my royal father, not to be stuck with my looks, that is refreshing and concerning, my manipulations will have to be more direct then...' for a moment she shuddered thinking how her fingers will be stroking his muscles

'Maybe... just maybe it won't going to be bad to be a prisoner to someone like that, with my guidance, he will reach a proper respectable realm of cultivation, and I will have a handsome follower, willing to satisfy my curiosity...' there was a smile on her face for a moment before she starts to plan her next encounter with him

~~~~~~ Jian Feng~~~~~~

Well my guess was the right one, but Brahma... is a Hindu god, one of the top ones if my guess is right, oh well, for now, I have more important thing to care about a spoiled blonde woman, I sighed and walked back to my workshop

I spend a day making furniture for that girl, I am not calling her woman as long as she doesn't act like a proper grown-up, but I spend a day making stuff, and now she does that to me...

"You know what... fuck it, she doesn't care so I won't care either..." I went to the living room and took a seat in my black and green leather sofa and pulled out my book on notes for Crimson Gold manuscript.

I am treading on unknown grounds here, can't rush here and each step has to be taken carefully, while I am trying to create something similar to Kao-ken from Dragon ball, I don't want to rely solely on cultivation level, as it makes someone very predictable...

Checking over notes I take out another paper full of drawings of the human body, and lines going through it, these are notes of my work on Profound entrances...

"Hmm, first things first I should create a physical body technique, like from that novel sovereign of something..." I turned my notebook pages to an empty one and started writing with a homemade ball pen.

Right... so first thing is to fully cleanse all organs, for that herb baths are going to be needed with few modifications, all impurities will be removed, next is to inscribe runic sequences along with most important body parts, then bathing in highly dense Profound energy baths, once these phases are done, my body will be ready for physical cultivation method...

Taking a note from Martial World, where MC constantly cleanses his bone marrow with Energy to point where his explosive power can fight a much stronger opponent, its sound interesting idea worth exploring.

Closing my notebook with a slam, and putting into my personal storage ring, I walked back to the kitchen to make something to eat, with glace I looked through the window and sighed, that dead vegetation is annoying, and very eye catchy...

'That girl... I will have proper revenge, she won't get away for doing this to my herb garden! Some of this stuff is cross breed! There are no other herbs like this in Profound Sky Continent! Peasants here don't even know what is Crossbreeding is in the first place!'

Turning back to my frying pan, I started to think for herbs I am going to need for my baths...

"Hmm I probably going need to leave the forest... the closest city, if my geography is right its a called New Moon city, and their strongest experts are around the middle to late Earth Profound.." thinking of information from the top of my head.

Best part they have a branch of international merchants guild, so there is a chance I can get some stuff from abroad...

Checking my Earth Profound steak, which looks juicy as hell, I fished out my mixture of spices for steaks, spreading out nicely over them, flipping several times, Then preparing another 'special' frying pan for French fries, I started cooking in earnest

The oil in this world is much better then in Earth, and because of my powers I can enjoy any food I like, and still have perfect dietary balance, even if Cultivation makes people almost non-reliant on food, having full stomach in a fight is essential...

Why? Because it improves regenerative powers of Profound energy and wounds, whoever thought it's not needed is a moron and needs to be executed for such misleading information, I made sure to tell to the village, even if they become Gods one-day food will be always needed...

Finishing with American style steaks... I looked at the table, and sighed, eating alone feels wrong, and not that she could do anything with my unique Profound Formation which seals of profound energy sensing, right now she is nothing but the spirit with a long life span.

'Damn my bleeding heart...'

I closed my eyes and entered into Pearl realm, and saw her laying down on the bed, and spacing out looking into realm sky, I walked over and took a seat in the same chair which was not moved one bit since my earlier visit.

"Its amusing isn't it?" she quickly snapped out of her spacing out and lifted herself up into sitting position, and looked at me with relief and hope.

"Once you take away one's cultivation from high powered being like yourself, they become complete husks..." I chuckled at her

"Let me guess... your ultimate goals was either complete domination of every world or reaching a realm of power never before reached..." her eyes widened there was very real fear in her eyes now.

"How... just how you can see through me like this!!! NO ONE over centuries got even close to me like you did ! Men would crawl like bugs and would do anything for a single glance from me, they will droll like monkeys, once I even show single small interest! But you! YOU ! See through me like I am nothing special! I hate that! I am Brahma Monarch Goddess! From strongest Divine Realm in Eastern Divine Realm! " She furiously said to me while I simply listened to her out.

"I see, but let me ask something..." she calmed down.

"What are you now? Once I take that power, what did you achieved without your realms? resources? I get that you are born into incredible wealth... and yet it only takes one incident to take everything away..." she got a realisation it seams I entered into unknown lands here as well...

"You seem my golden girl..." She hissed at the new nickname I gave to her " unlike you, I was born in a family of herb farmers..." she looked at disbelieving, she probably can't make the connection.

"At the age of 10, I uncovered the mystery of Profound entrances, creating a technique which unlocks the full potential of one's veins, and opens all entrances... " She was gobsmacked now, good, at least she knows there is another sky beyond this one.

"But of course there are no such things as a perfect life, as heaven works in mysterious ways, two years later sect representatives visited my village, do you know what they did?" I asked her.

"They took you as their disciple?" she gave the obvious answer, to which I snorted.

"You believe I would join a sect? An average sect? Where they believe a Throne level is basically Godhood?, I never would join a sect who shackle themselves like that... Listen Golden Girl " she growled again, I like that expression " One would never think of one's limits, once I realised that I can cultivate I never even though I will stop at some mediocre realm, because In cultivation world what is the most important thing?" I asked her again she was listening very carefully to everything that I said which is a good thing, maybe she will learn something

"Talent obviously..." She said bluntly

"No... it's not, its resolve..." I fished out a purple pill, a very harmless looking pill.

"Right, back to my story, my village, and my parents basically sold me to this Sect alongside my sister, For extra resources..." her eyes widened for a moment.

"And do you know what I did to this sect two years later?" she shook her head

"On Sect Leaders 235 birthday I poisoned them all... " I showed her the purple pill, the girl was a little bit horrified from her expression, obviously it would be a different conversation if she had her cultivation protecting her.

"See this pill, its Profound energy-free poison, meaning that no matter of one realm, that person will be poisoned, and once inside one's body it will attack one's senses, cutting off control over profound energy..." The girl turned pale, she probably never seen such poison, if people over there really make that acid crap, she would be horrified seeing my poison since complete opposite what she saw.

"And turning people into nothing more then prisoners in ones own body... " I stored the pill back into my personal ring, she was relieved it was gone from her sight

"Why you telling all this?" she was hugging her own knees when she asked

"Because it's related how I see through you, girl, you may think that cultivating power doesn't have drawbacks but it does, the higher the power the bigger price one pays, you already paying for that... when was last time you slept in bed?" she blinked once for such weird question

"Why you asking such... weird question?" she asked back.

"Just tell me..." I motioned with a hand to go on, the golden girl looked at her knees for a moment, since her hands still hugging her knees

"I...d-don't remember..." she said truthfully

"and that is the prize of cultivation, you become so detached from everything in pursuit of power, it drives people to become one dimensional to point that they become nothing more than drooling mess once they see a perfect looking girl..." the girl actually blushed a little bit... I internally shook my head...

"Right follow me now, I got dinner ready, and I am sure you are hungry, I can bet last time you ate was centuries ago as well..." this time she blushed from embarrassment how I saw through her again...

To answer some questions why Mc does what he does...

why he doesn't take the flame of Pheonix? because it's overused... every fanfic I read the person get it over and over...

it's boring...

why he doesn't know where he is?

because if he knew the story will be literally the same as the original, and even more boring because he will know where the power-ups are!

And arrogance of MC?

well obviously he has to be arrogant he makes everything himself...

People tend to be arrogant they are selfmade

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