Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

“Ms. Li Xue, you are pregnant!” said the doctor as she handed the pregnancy report that has clearly come positive.   Li Xue didn’t know how to react to the news. She had come all prepared to take the virginity test and prove to the world that all their accusations were false. She was all sure that of her virginity being intact, then how was her pregnancy even possible?   This is the story of a woman, Li Xue, who has worked hard to build her modelling career. She wasn’t from a rich family where everything came served in a golden plate, but from a middle-class working family, where one has to work really hard to attain their dreams. Her dream was to become the top leading fashion model but it got shattered when she found herself trapped in a scandal.   No one believed her. Neither her friends nor her boyfriend. She was left all alone with the child that was growing inside her. So, she left the city, with the growing life in her womb. With a growing devilic-angel that was giving her strength to survive in this meaningless world, to become something she was still not sure of. ____ P.S. This is an original work, not a translation. And the cover belongs to me. (Commissioned from: GiselArts). Join the author on the discord server: https://discord.gg/88C4VZD Or connect on Instagram: author_scarlet_shine

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It was for Li Xue.

"Good morning Daddy Angel!" The little girl chimed, sitting at the dining table, taking small bites of her favourite pancakes.

Feng Shufen too nodded to her greeting and responded back. "Morning, WeiWei!" His tongue was still not that attuned to respond to that greeting. Though nothing weird felt in his tone, people would still know that the man was simply not accustomed to it.

His eyes trailed to look at the woman inside the kitchen, flipping the pancakes all efficiently in the pan. A slight smile got over his lips when saw the same wild strand of hair looming over her face. Last night it has been perfectly swivelled around his long fingers. The remembrance itself flooded the contentment in his heart.

Li Xue smiled, knowing whose pair of eyes were staring at her. "Morning President Feng! Give me two minutes and your breakfast will be right on the table. This maiden will request your patience!"