Male Lead's Canon Fodder Wife

A 24-year-old woman traveled to the novel world due to a plane crash. She takes over the body of a cannon fodder who bears the same name as her. She traveled to a time when everything was scarce. The moment she opened her eyes, she was told that in two months, she would marry a lame man. Flustered girl : "Why didn't anyone tell me that my fiancé is so good-looking?" Proud fiancé : "Baby, I'm glad you like my face and body. Shall I warm your bed now?" Confused girl : "Didn't they say you are a cripple? How can you move so vigorously?" Vigorous husband : "Where did you hear such rumors? It seems that I need to prove myself to you." Shy girl : "So shameless..."

Fleeting_Dawn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
810 Chs

Xiao Yiqing's Letter

Coming to this conclusion, Chen Jianmin looked at his third uncle and found that he also agreed with his father's decision. With the two branches asked to separate the family, the main branch would have no choice but to agree. As for how much they can get, it would depend on his performance later.

Chen Jianmin never expected that being beaten today not only gave him a reason to get to know Dong Li, but also allowed him to help his father get more shares when they separated the family in the future. This is really an unexpected gain!

He closed his eyes and said, "Father, I'm sorry for making you and my Mother worried."

Wu Yahui wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, "Son, thanks to Dong Li, your injury was treated in time this time. The ointment he gave you is very good. Now your injury is not as serious as before. When you meet him at school, you have to thank him properly. Mother will make some snacks as a thank you gift."