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Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess


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I love this story so much, it certainly satisfies my craving for an adult syled fairytale, while the 18+ moments are just right, not too much and not too little either. This is a well written and unique fantasy with a modern twist. All of the characters are relatable and interesting. The world setting is beautifully detailed and modeled after England around the Victorian era but in a fantasy world. As it is a fantasy world some things that appear in this story may seem modern and others may seem archaic, but that's the beauty of a fantasy setting, you can do whatever the heck you want!! The author makes sure to keep things interesting and funny. The love story between Charlton and Serena is so sweet and romantic you just want to melt into the arms of Charlton and claim his as your own! (though Kylo's not a bad catch either 😉) Anyway as I'm rambling, I kept putting off this review cause I was just so invested in the story and needed time to digest it all. At the time of writing, I have read up to chapter 270. So rest assured I can garuntee you'll love this unique and beautiful fairytale with outstanding characters and story. 💯

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After reading more than 300 chapters: My review: For those that has read as far as I did will either carry on with the story or leave.😅 “ I am staying”. 😄 For the new ones coming, I can only say that this a story where all can happen and what is perfect doesn’t mean it actually is and we only realise once we move on, enjoy the sweet moments and prepare for the actual journey. 😉 When we are young we love with our all, we make plans as if there is no tomorrow and this is Charlton and Serena a beautiful love story but can it survive all. ??? *** Geoffrey from the beginning not gonna lie I didn’t like him, later on he was actually a nice person, but all changes when he finds out he was Betrayed by his own cousin with his fiancee.😣 How far can you go because of the pain your love ones left on you and what does that pain makes you do. I am team Gerena 😈😅( Geoffrey & Serena) she isn’t better than him and he isn’t better than her, I skip them for not who he was but for who he will be after all his revenge (sorry I love yandere😅) things are going to be messy but extremely exciting, you know what happens after the storm. ⛈ 😆 “Not my own words”. “It’s Hard Is it letting Go Or Not letting Go Charlton and Geoffrey”. Only one will win.


Hi everyone. This novel is marked completed and the sequel is now serializing. I believe that this novel is true to its title because the SML did fall for our villainess although they did not ultimately end up together. Volume 1: fun and light hearted how they fell in love. Volume 2: charlton starting to take steps on how he can have serena rightfully in the future. Volume 3: set 2 years after, Geoffrey finally figures our everything and he takes measures. Serena ends up marrying him (you can treat it as end of this novel already to make way for the new one) Volume 4: geoffrey and serena’s married life (you can treat it as side stories for this one but it has a purpose supposedly but i think there’s no more need to elaborate as we will see everything unfold in the sequel) So now, i wish to thank everyone who supported me in this novel and hope that you will continue to do so in the sequel. I think not a lot of previous readers would be able to read this but to new readers, well, enjoy the ride!


Shamelessly ratIng my story with 5 stars. hope readers will enjoy! 😘 will try to update at least 1 or 2 chapters a weeK. Not yet decided on how many chapters this story will have [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] please Vote ❤️


Since I have gone this far in writing this novel, I believe that this deserves a new review. The first part of the novel has already been completed. I just didn’t divide it because they haven’t finished the school year yet. However, the way the story will move from there, well the focus has shifted. Anyway, volume 1 is from chapter 1-161. The main focus is on Serena’s experience as a transmigrator, her new life, friends, experiences, and of course, her love life. In the process of writing that part, I have lost a lot of readers, They did not like what I did somewhere in between, but I cant change it because I think that it was necessary for the relationship between the two MC to evolve/ grow more than skinship. our ML needed to break away from everything that constricts him and to grow as an individual. Our FL also needed to realize that our ML is the only one for her. Now, From chapter 162- it should be volume 2, but the school year has not yet ended. Anyway, the story continues and the volume would end sometime when Charlton graduates. I’m not sure how long that would be but during this time, our ML and FL has already reconciled and their relationship is stronger. The main focus would be our ML and FL building solid foundation in their career. In addition, our ML would be building connections and all those before entering parliament. I think that this volume would be better than the 1st. As of writing, our ML aside from becoming a song producer would... well stop spoiler haha! But it would be an exciting ride I believe. (Lots of smut too to make up for the time they broke up). After writing that volume, I will be continuing with Volume 3. plan is, it would be the part where our ML enters parliament. There is no instant ramen in this novel. (Except for the early parts) it’s quite detailed and I have poured blood and sweat in writing this. To tell the truth, I spend 3-4 hours just to write one chapter and that does not include the time I edit it. I do a lot of research (which also is time consuming) whenever I write, and although this novel is not historically accurate, I made lots of references on Victorian era. From the dances, the polo match, the studio they sing in, and the merchants, the timeline although messed up are from Victorian era so please bear with me. I hope that everyone who reads this novel can enjoy it (though i know that that's not possible). I enjoy writing it most of the time and other times I just want to give up. I hope to continue writing this and I will as long as there are readers who loves reading this. So please, do give me a pat on the back sometimes for encouragement. 🥰 Anyway, this is quite long. Thanks for reading this review, and despite all the bashers which sometimes WN deletes because of the bad words, I will still give myself a 5 star rating!


PLEASE DO READ 📚, I don’t think i can think of enough words to Describe how freaking good this story is. If you are like me and like cleaver and strong FL - Do read If you like recarnation - Do read If you like a ML that knows what he wants and isnt afraid - Do read. Don’t hesitate, this book became my addiction 😂, hope it becames yours too. 😁 Massive thanks to the Author I know I say that often, well it’s never enough, I truly appreciate.


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Im giving 4 stars for the 1st and 2nd volume .. I regret reading past that.. Im really disappointed by the turn of events and i never fell from being head over heels for the Fl to completly despising her.. No one have ever broke my heart like this novel did to me i have started reading for more than 5 months now and i remember going back home from college after the finals to reads new.chapters for.the comedy and romance.to relieve stress .. Now ironicly it became a source of stress for me .. That's kinda depressing.. I still cant believe that a r@pist can.get his happy ending while my poor charlton end up like that :/ The og novel's ending for him is way better at least he would still have his family .. Sorry for the long review i.just wantes to say whats in my heart.. After this novel i decided to only read completed novels after reading every review


Hello everyone! as you can see this novel is now marked completed. The reason is because i don’t want to keep everyone hanging. I already wrote the whole plot and spoiler on the last chapTer in Volume 4 so if you read upto volume 3 ending you may treat that as this novel’s eNding. I might write volume 4 and 5 in the future, when I do, I will mark this novel serializing again or maybe i’ll just make it into a new book. Thank you all so much for all the support you gave me. It’s been more than 7 months since I wrote this Novel and I had been writing it non stop. I think I need a long break from this one. I still feel like crying when i posted the last chapter which was an announcement and all the spoilers. but I dont want to keep everyone hanging for a long time. So I just end this this way for now. I hope you still read my other works I think the ending of this novel at volume 3 is not bad too. 🥺 Again, thank you all so mUch for The support. I am now having sepanx about this novel but again, it’s for the best than just leaving it on a long break. it needed closure somewhat.


This is such a good book 😍😍😍. The heroine is unlike your typical fl’s who rely on the ml to succeed. Serena, uses her knowledge from the present to navigate and seduce her way to the ml :) She’s also not afraid to explore at a time when women are just seen as pawns for marriages. Truly a unique book! 😘😘😘 Can’t wait for future chappies! 😋


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Hi everyone! As we’re now on volume 3, i would just like to warn you that volume 3 will have a different flavor from the previous 2 volumes. Volume 1 focuses on Serena making Charlton fall for her which follows the title of the Novel. I personally think that it’s really good. Volume 2 was a bit dragging and to be honest, although it was very difficult to write, you can opt to skip it if you feel like it’s boring. It focused too much on building Charlton’s career. It’s good but yeah a bit dragging. Volume 3 well, yes. here is where Geoffrey finds out the truth. So don’t be surprised with the developments as the story goes a bIt dark. 😅 Hope you will still continue to support this novel! Thank you!




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I really like this novel ONE OF THE BEST or Lets say BEST OF THE BEST, I am a CHERENA Fan and The latest chapter really broke my heart to pieces, I want Serena to end up with Charlton, since they both derves wach other, as for Geoffrey i thank him for treating Serena genuinely, but the fact that it was all Geoffreys plan form the execution to making Serena pregnant from RAPING HER, oh god no, He was obssesed to her, i want Charlton to comeback with a BOMB, i hope serena and charlton will fix everything and be together again because if not?, What is the sense of the Title. So I will wait, BUT please author-nim, dont leave me and Charlton (hahaha) waiting for Serena, let them be together since they where the Ml and Fl of the story


i'm really loving this story.... its just so good .. recommend it to all..do try it... fl is not like those cliche types, instead very bold, strong n independent... n she just loves herself (i really like that about her)... liking the ml, not that cold n typical but nice n sweet..keep up the hard work author sama..


If you want a story that will have you hooked and will keep you begging for more, this is it. I’ve read the story for quite some time and think that it’s time for a new review. The story will typically start like some cheesy reincarnation/transmigration plot but with a twis, but you will definitely LOVE how the author made funny lines and convo especially the monologue of the MC. The other characters were explained really well and given the right attention that you feel like they have their own story behind them (author could definitely create a series out of this book). This story has it all, the funny lines that will make you laugh out loud in the middle of the night 🤣 the emotional ones that will definitely make you cry, the infuriating characters that will make you curse, etc. The story will start as a funny and fluff (and HOT! 🥵) but will evolve as the main characters grow and encounter more problems. If you want a story that involves character growth, doting parents and brother, cute and funny side characters aka friends, in depth character build up, and absolutely brilliant plot... this is it! You won’t regret reading this story as the author updates DAILY so you can have a chapter or two to read everyday. Happy reading and welcome to CHERENA journey.


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So good!! This story is everything. 😍😍 Loving the FL and SML's dynamic. Loving everything. The pacing. The intimate scenes are 🔥🔥 You need this in your life! Thank you Author. More please.


This book is a good read. It totally amazing because I love villainess novels. The only puzzling thing to me is that the fl acts immature sometimes but it still good. I totally recommend this book and to the author you rock! anyone reading this would be satisfied. 😌🤗😆