36 Lay Low

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While going home with the yellow-haired teenager's motorcycle, Fang Ziyu felt the changes in his body and felt very comfortable and happy.

If it wasn't that he didn't want to expose the fact that Icy was at Level 3, Fang Ziyu really wanted to turn Icy into a full-sized Giant Frost Dragon that was more than ten meters tall in an instant to directly tell everyone about it, letting it defeat the enemies. This was the most pleasant way.

"Lay low, lay low. People who flaunt their achievements are usually the fastest to fail. I must restrain myself and not let myself run wild." Fang Ziyu kept reminding himself in his mind.

He felt that he had done a good job tonight. From the beginning to the end, he had never revealed Icy's Level 3 strength and even got the mutated American ginseng.

After returning to the Liberation Road where the shop was located, Fang Ziyu didn't go home and knocked on Xiao Bai's door. He had to put on a full show.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Bai opened the door wearing a pair of shorts, exposing his eight packs.

"What's wrong? Why are you knocking at my door this late instead of sleeping?" Xiao Bai asked in confusion.

"Alright, let's talk inside. Give Icy a few mouthfuls of milk first." Fang Ziyu said while carrying Icy.

After entering the house, Xiao Bai released two streams of energy to Icy, which was sitting on the table. Icy let out a cry and trembled because of the energy.

"Alright, don't ask. Let me tell you… I took down ten burly men by myself…" Fang Ziyu raised his chin and said. It was enough for him to brag for a long time that he took down a criminal organization by himself.

"F*ck, are you that fierce? You took down a criminal organization alone and even ate a Level 2 mutated plant, an American ginseng?" Xiao Bai was shocked after hearing Fang Ziyu's words. It was really unbelievable that Fang Ziyu could do such a big thing with his small body.

"Of course, Icy helped me a little…" Fang Ziyu said with certainty. Anyway, Icy's strength was also his strength, so there was actually no difference.

"Next time, you have to bring me along for this type of thing. It's too exciting. A boring life needs this kind of meaningful thing." Xiao Bai squeezed his strong arm and said.

He needed this kind of difficult life.

"Oh right, I feel like my Vine of Demonic Words is about to awaken. Come and take a look." Xiao Bai pulled Fang Ziyu to his Chinese trumpet vine.

This Chinese trumpet vine, which was still green before, actually withered at this moment. The vines were all yellow. The only proof that it was still alive seemed to be the black roots that were rooted in the cores.

Fang Ziyu checked and confirmed that it was indeed about to awaken. He nodded and said, "Just wait. When it grows new vines, it will be a whole new existence. You must contract it when it is about to awaken. Otherwise, it might get very difficult. You must know that its name has the word 'Demonic' in it."

"Sure, I'll call you when it's about to awaken." Xiao Bai said.

After acting in front of Xiao Bai, Fang Ziyu left. Firstly, he was in a hurry to go home to see how much his Spiritual Power had increased. Secondly, he was also sleepy.

"Awhoo! Fang Ziyu, how did I perform?"

After returning to the store, Icy flew up and circled around Fang Ziyu.

"Hm, I promise to give you two cores. I'll buy something more expensive for you when I have money." Fang Ziyu said happily.

Although he had done such a thrilling thing, he still had to sleep.

After taking a shower, Fang Ziyu went to bed. He laid comfortably on the two-meter wide bed and took out his phone again.

After opening the game, Fang Ziyu clicked on the "Personal Center" page that he hadn't clicked on since he looked at it last time.

Bound Summoner: Fang Ziyu

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Summoner

Body Condition: Weakling

Summoner Level: Yin Yang Stage/Level 2

Summoner Skills: Passive (Skill description: All active skills you have will be turned into passive skills.)

Merged Pet Skill: Weakened Frost Freeze

Total Spiritual Power: 15 (Description: 10 units of Spiritual Power are required to break through the Yin Yang Stage.)

Order Spirit: Level 3 Young Frost Dragon

Handbook Points: 990 (Current usable: 200)

Item: 0.01 units of Extreme Power of Tenacity

Fang Ziyu: "…"

How do you read the word "weakling?" What does it mean? I don't know. Yes, I don't know.

However, Fang Ziyu thought that 15 units of Spiritual Power should be enough to contract another pet.

In order not to continue hurting his heart, he decided to turn off his phone and sleep.

He wasn't an immortal. Sleep was good for his health.

The next day, Fang Ziyu woke up late. He only woke up at 7:50am when Fang Xiaojie called him.

After he washed up and went downstairs, Fang Xiaojie was already cleaning up the pet store. Li Huiting had also come, but her face was still red and she was panting.

Fang Ziyu glanced at Li Huiting. "Don't tell me you were surrounded against a wall again?"

"No, I was just teaching the gangsters a lesson." Li Huiting explained.

"However, I'm planning to challenge the Love Pets Training Center today. I want the mutated Yellow Essence that increases my Spiritual Power." Li Huiting said.

"Wow, Sister Hui, good luck. I'll cheer for you," Fang Xiaojie said enviously.

"Oh, right. What pet did you contract? Why didn't you bring it over?" Li Huiting asked curiously.

"Yeah, what's your pet? If you bring it over, I can let you consult me for its evolution materials with half the price." Fang Ziyu was also a little curious.

"No, no. My pet doesn't have much potential. I'll come to you after I contract my second pet." Fang Xiaojie waved his hand in embarrassment.

The more he acted like this, the more the two of them were curious about what kind of pet he had contracted.

However, since Fang Xiaojie was unwilling to tell them, they couldn't force him either.

"Oh right, I'm going to the police station to give my statement. Help me take care of the store. If anyone wants to consult me about pet evolution, ask the person to come in the afternoon." Fang Ziyu said. Officer Feng would call him if he still hadn't shown up.

"What happened? Is it related to the three pets locked up in the store?" Li Huiting was curious.

"It's not a big deal. I just took down a criminal organization by myself last night. I'm going to collect my rewards now." Fang Ziyu flicked his sleeves and walked out of the pet store in an imposing manner.

Li Huiting and Fang Xiaojie were left there, not knowing what was going on. He took down a criminal organization alone? He wasn't dreaming, was he?

After going to the police station to give his statement, Fang Ziyu walked out with dissatisfaction. Because he had eaten the American ginseng, he only got a few thousand dollars and a pennant as his reward. Furthermore, they even had to report it to the higher-ups before they could send them to him.

"So stingy." Fang Ziyu muttered unhappily.

Returning to the Liberation Road, Fang Ziyu found that the Love Pets Training Center was already packed with people. He asked around and realized that Li Huiting was already challenging and had already defeated five Level 2 pets, winning 50,000 yuan.

Fang Ziyu blinked and went inside through the gaps. When he entered, Li Huiting was fighting a black cat.

However, this cat's ability wasn't elemental. Mo Bao's Black and White Inversion was useless. It could only fly into the air to find an opportunity.

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