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Waking up one day with memories of yourself in another world was not something Adam expected. Then came the notice that almost shocked him to death due to the memories he had gained [ World Transmigration Complete. Welcome To Honkai Impact World(AU) ] 'FU-' [Schicksal Corps President Otto Apocalypse and Anti-Entropy President Welt Yang announced their successful development of Fully Immersive VR] [Shocking News! Idol Teriri, Theresa Apocalypse has retired after an unprecedented successful career of 20 years! ] [ ME Corp announces....] '....Phew, I guess I won't die.' Adam was glad he remembered how this wasn't the dangerous world the other him remembered __________ Adam was a normal(?) guy from Earth with a passion for animation, games and science, somehow, he gets transmigrated to a Peaceful World of Honkai Impact without Honkai. (Poor Dude) There's one problem only in his opinion, WHY ARE MOVIES, GAMES AND ANIME IN THIS WORLD SO FOCUSED ON HOMU?! Watch as Adam brings in multiple works from his Earth to this World in a shocking way. Wait, What? ALIENS EXIST?! __________ (Adam looks like Adam from APHO and he won't take complete credit for the works he makes like may others.... although, if the public believe him that he didn't make it depends.) [ART DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, Please inform me if you want it taken down]

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We're Researchers but, Game Enthusiasts too

"Himeko Sensei" Adam greeted while pretending to be calm

Himeko Murata was an attractive woman standing at around 168cm with flaming red hair and an equally fiery temper. She was an inspiration to a lot of students due to her unyielding spirit and individuality, unbeknownst to them, she was actually a drunkard most the time unless they'd take action

"You two brats really outdid yourselves this time." She said with a grin as they both began to sweat, "Don't worry!" She said with a laugh as she patted them on the back, forcefully as they stumbled a bit

"I'm not angry, I know you guys do this for my sake." Himeko smiled and rubbed their heads "So, you guys going to the canteen? I'll come with you two." She said as they were dragged to the canteen by her

Adam and Lyle knew their wallets were gonna be cut by half today. This was a tradition of sorts for them

Himeko was a hopeless alcoholic, she sometimes even drank when teaching before so, Theresa always did something to prevent her from drinking on weekdays, she took away Himeko's drinking stash and hit it until the weekend then returned it to her, she used to do it herself but now, they were responsible for the task until graduation. Himeko knew this was wrong so, she'd never really objected to the arrangement.

But, they made a deal that, if they somehow ended up infront of her outside classes the next day after they hid her stash, they'd have to treat her.

'Goodbye my dear wallet.' Adam thought as a single tear dripped down his face. To him, money was the most important thing after family and friends, losing money hurt him.


This world, was one where technology was much more advanced than Earth, Holograms, VR, Advanced AI, Spaceships, Hoverboards and many more existed in this world.

The greatest of all discoveries according to some though, are Life Extenders, genetical engineering that allows humans to now live for nearly 250 years on average.

Space exploration technology has also grown by immense amounts but, humans are still stuck in the Solar System, not due to being unable to go outside though but, because it would take hundreds of years to reach the closest planets outside the System.

Even in such an advanced world, somehow, SOMEHOW, THAT DAMN HOMU IS THE ONLY POPULAR THING.


"Go On! Eat till your hearts content!" Himeko said as they sat listlessly then smirked "Go on, you two. Today's my treat." She said as they looked at her in surprise

"Today's your first day at AE, right?" She asked with a gentle smile "I know I can't help you all much but, I can atleast treat you two, right?" She said as she their hair like they were children

"We aren't kids, you know?" Adam said with a smile but didn't stop her "Yeah, the only kid here is Adam" Lyle chimed in as Adam kicked him lightly

"Come on, let's eat!" She said as she grinned making them both also grin as they followed her as the surrounding students looked at their interaction with either a smile or envious eyes.

"By the way, you guys are directly under Tesla now, aren't you?" Himeko asked them as they began to eat "Yeah, aren't we great? It's only because we're geniuses that she took us in." Lyle said with a smug look

"Yeah, that's true. She never personally looks after others unless they're a genius. The last person she took in was I think over 10 years ago, she's now one of AE's executives." Himeko said as they looked at her in surprise "Do you, actually know Miss Tesla?" Lyle asked in surprise as Adam was curious too

"Yeah, she and the principal are close friends. The way they met was quite funny too according to what I know." She said with a laugh as they were curious "I'll tell you two later, for now, eat up." She said with a smile as they looked a bit disappointed


{ AE Research Center }

Lyle and Adam looked at the huge building in awe. The building was huge with over 5 floors and according to what they knew, there were over 7 floors underground as well, it expanded to cover an area of well over 10 kilometres and looked futuristic as hell with holographic displays around the area.

The door slid open as Adam and Lyle walked in to the reception desk ran by Advanced AI where one could select appointments, confirm identity, contact specific personnel and more

"Excuse me, we're the new interns." Adam said as they reached the desk with a holographic female in a suit.

A wave of light scanned them from top to bottom as the emotionless face smiled a bit "Welcome Adam Cioara and Lyle Collodi." The AI greeted them "Madam Tesla has been notified of your arrival, please wait at our lounge as our staff will lead you to her lab."

"Woah, not everyday you see advanced AI and that too as a receptionist." Lyle said with admiration as Adam nodded "But, this should be expected if I'm being honest. This is AE after all." Adam said as they went to the rest lounge following the signs and saw a man with short curly brown hair and dark circles under his eyes with a lab coat waiting there

"You both are Adam and Lyle, right?" He asked as they nodded "I'm James, I'll lead you both to Miss Tesla's lab." He said as they shook hands

As they all walked through the huge building, multiple tools they've never seen were displayed in different areas with people rushing here and there as they finally reached an elevator

The moment they entered, James pushed the button '-7' as the scanner in it scanned them "Identity confirmed -Adam Cioara, Lyle Collodi, James Harry" a voice rang as the elevator began to descend

"You two, you're both the only assistants she's hired in nearly 10 years, so you must be pretty good." James chatted with them "Of course, I Lyle am a genius after all. Well, Adam is too." He said the latter as if an afterthought as Adam's eyes twitched

"You two have pretty good relationship, don't you?" James asked as he saw Adam stamp Kyle's foot lightly "We've known each other since we were 6. We're practically brothers." Lyle said with a smile as Adam nodded

It was a fact, they were both Orphans, Adam was left at the orphanage as a baby and his name was actually given to him by his current Mother and the Orphanage Dean, Natasha Cioara. Lyle's parents died in an accident and he arrived at the orphanage when they were 6, the two of them were raised as brothers.

"Well, anyways." James said as the door of the elevator opened "I don't have enough authority to enter this level, you two can go straight then turn left, there's an AI installed here, if you need directions, ask it." James said as they thanked him and walked out "Also, there's a little surprise waiting for you two, don't be too scared." James said with a slightly (very) amused smile.

"Man, this area is huge." Lyle said "It's AE and that too Miss Tesla's personal lab, of course it's huge." Adam said as they walked "What's the surprise he mentioned? It should be pretty huge, right?" Lyle asked as Adam shrugged "How should I know?" he said as they kept walking while chatting and saw a door with Tesla's name on it.

Adam looked at the fingerprint scanner on the huge metal door as his eyes twitched "You think?" Lyle began as Adam nodded "Probably, right?" He said a bit unsure as he placed his hand on it

"Adam Cioara, Welcome." The mechanical voice rang out as the door opened and Adam's and Lyle's jaw dropped

Inside, it wasn't the fiery, short, red haired woman they'd been expecting. Instead there stood a tall handsome man with brown hair and brown eyes with a gentle yet authoritative aura wearing glasses, a dress shirt, pants, a scarf, belt, and a long coat.

"Hey Adam, I'm not dreaming, am I?" Lyle asked as Adam subconsciously punched him as he yelped in pain "What the hell, man?!" Lyle said as Adam was also a bit sheepish "Instinct."

"You both really are as carefree as Theresa told me." A feminine voice rang out from behind the man who smiled at their antics

"I'm Dr. Frederica Nikola Tesla, your new mentor. You can call me Tesla." She said with a exhausted smile "You both probably know this idiot beside me." She said as the man looked at her fondly

"Of course! It's nice to meet you Sir!" Lyle said enthusiastically, already throwing away his nervousness as Adam also smiled "My name is Adam Cioara and this is Lyle Collodi, we both greatly admire your works, Sir."

"Don't be so stiff." He said with a kind smile "Well, you probably know me already but-" he began "-I am Joachim Nokianvirtanen or as most people call me, Welt Yang." Welt, introduced himself

"Now, I know you both passed the interview and other tiring procedures." He said as their faces suddenly paled "I'm not going to make you take another one of those, I just want to ask you both, what are your dreams?" He finished as they let out a relieved sigh

"My dream?" Lyle said "It's the same as this fool." He said with a smirk and pointed to Adam as Welt and Tesla looked curiously

"Our dream, is to make immersive VR, 100% immersive." Adam began as he took a deep breath "To me and Lyle, games were some of the only things other than family that gave us joy." He said "I know, it was a stupid reason but, we both really like games" Lyle chimed in as Welt nodded in understanding

"So, our goal is to make VR 100% immersive then make a game that shakes the entire world." Adam finished as he then unexpectedly clasped Welt's hands and looked at him with admiration as Lyle facepalmed

"Mr.Yang, I truly admire you, you made the most amazing series I had ever seen. Arahato is an inspiration to all of the younger generation and I truly admire how you managed to beat that shitty yellow rabbit even if only for a while." Adam said with admiration "I promise Mr.Yang, I will destroy HOMU with Mecha and prove to you that your efforts weren't in vain."

As Lyle looked pale at how Adam literally talked shit infront of Welt, something he never expected happened

"Adam, I believe in you." Welt said with emotion as he held his shoulders "Although that damned rabbit defeated me, I truly believe you can surpass that damn HOMU, I believe you will make Mecha rise." He said emotionally

"Miss Tesla-" Lyle began in shock "-Is it just me or do I see a huge Arahato mech in the background behind them?" Tesla also looked confused as she rubbed her eyes a few times "I-Huh?! I see it but, how?!"

That day, an unbreakable bond between mentors and students were born, one due to hatred of HOMU and Love of Mechas and the Other, due to sheer confusion shared between them.


( Author: Hey Adam? Why didn't you make Honkai Impact in this World? I mean, you had enough connections to do that

Adam looked at the Author as if looking at a fool

Adam: The characters are real people who I make 2D, aren't they?

Author: Yeah.....And?

Adam: Have you ever heard a pretty famous saying in the community of all entertainment that exists even here?

Author: What is it?

Adam: Rule 34, if it exists, there's porn of it.

Author: But, they're real people?

Adam: Don't ask me why I know but, there's already some of Welt and Otto and I regret ever knowing that

Aurthor: *Pukes*