Making a harem after transmigrating

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What kind of quest is this?

'What the fuck?!'

He fell to the floor just after doing 7 push-ups. Just 100 push-ups wouldn't have been too difficult, but in Evan's case, it is. His body was too weak to complete the quest easily.

'Just how pathetically weak is he? If it goes like this, I won't be able to finish in time at all.'

Still, he didn't give up and tried it once more.

8... 9...

His hands were giving out. He pushed himself more and tried to do just one more. His hands trembled, but he didn't stop, gritting his teeth, he went for one more push-up.


He reached 10, just a fraction of the quest. He became breathless with just this much and lay flat on the floor.

"Haaa... haaa... finally reached 10. I still have 90 more to go. But I don't think I will be able to do that right now. The previous me haven't done a single workout, so it's understandable. Even though, what kind of stat do I have to have difficulty doing this?"

'System, show me my stats.'

[Here's your stats and your character profile, host.

Name: Evan Nightshade

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 5inch

Bloodline: Unknown

Physique: Unknown

Physical stats:

Strength: 3

Agility: 4

Stamina: 4

Mana: 0

Endurance: 1

Skills: Unknown...

Harem members: None.]

The system, following his command, showed him his stats and he was amazed. Amazed at how weak a person can be.

Though he wasn't able to increase his stats and had never been to any dungeons or the tower, he knew one thing even an average male has all his stats at 8 or 9. And here his stats were even weaker than a child.

'Is this my report card or my stats? 3, 4, 4, 0 and 1. How will I survive like this? No, this can't go on, I will have to get stronger.'

He was even more determined to get stronger now, but there was still that hesitation on his mind that, he won't be able to increase his stats at all.

His eyes then wandered around other things, his bloodline, physique, and skills.

'What the fuck is this unknown? Everything I have is unknown, just what is that, can't you give me a little hint, syst-... What the fuck?! Harem members? Will I be having a harem as well?'

[No, host. Don't get offended, but you are simply too weak to even know the name of what unknown is, so you will have to find that out yourself, if I tell you about it now, you will perish instantly, even if I can't stop it from happening. So, I apologize for that.]

[As for you having a harem. You desired that, didn't you? So you will be having a harem.]

The system was right. He did desire to have girls around him, and that was one of the reasons he wanted to get strong at the beginning, but he was soon hit with reality.

But, that wasn't his concern right now, listening to the system, he could at least predict that this unknown wasn't something normal at all. Dying with just the mention of it, it must be hella dangerous.

'I should be scared right now, right? I might die knowing what is unknown, but... why is my heart dancing with excitement? What is this feeling?'

Despite getting scared, Evan was excited to know what is this unknown. But that is a thing for the future, for now, he needs to focus on doing 100 push-ups.

"Even if I push myself to my limit, I don't think I will be able to complete it right away... and it's just 10 pm right now. Mother and sisters must be sleeping right now, I wonder if Aunt has come tonight or not?"

Evan, in this life, wasn't an orphan, though it was strange for him to acknowledge these people around him as family, but after getting the memories of previous Evan, he also feels some attachments towards them.

Excluding his father, whom everyone assumes is dead, there is his mother, two sisters one elder and one younger, and his aunt. His aunt is the sister of his father.

Talking about his family, his younger sister Lyra is just 15 years old and isn't awakened yet and his mother Seraphina is also a normal human. His elder sister Nova and his aunt Celestina are the only awakened people in the house.

Nova is currently a student in the Arcane Academy and is considered a genius in the academy. Whereas, Celestina is a C-rank hunter. She is the one who handles the expenses in our house. For normal humans, it is really difficult to get a job with a proper income.

"I should go for a walk and try doing push-ups again."

Saying that, he got up with difficulty and with his shaking legs headed outside his room.

Outside was all dark, the lights were off, showing that everyone had gone to sleep in their rooms.

The house wasn't big, a two-storeyed house enough for a family of five with each having a different room. There is also a training hall, Celestina and Nova used that to train every day.

"It's good that everyone is asleep right now. I should go and do some light exercises in the training hall, just push-ups won't be enough for me."

[You got that right, host. You should do something more, if you do better than the given quest then you might be able to gain additional rewards.]

The voice of the system sounded in his head. It was sudden but Evan wasn't surprised by it at all, he had become indifferent to most of the things happening with him.

'Additional rewards, huh? We will see that.'

Though he said that, he still wasn't sure if he would get his stats increased or not. But he didn't want to miss this chance, if it was possible for him to get stronger then, he would do anything.

"Let's head to the training hall. Hmm, why is there light inside?"

Evan went downstairs and headed towards the basement. The training hall was made there, as it produced intense noises. When Evan was in front of the hall, he heard some noises inside and the hall was lit as well. Someone was inside there training right now.

'Who could it be? Is it sister?'

As he wondered who the person inside might be, he slowly pushed the door open and immediately his eyes widened with shock at the scene in front of him.

Inside, Celestina was doing training on a treadmill, it was a modernized treadmill after the incident of tower and dungeons, and it could reach a speed equal to that of bullet trains, Celestina was going so fast that Evan couldn't keep up with her legs.

That wasn't the only thing that made his eyes open wide, it was her beauty as well.

Her brown hair tied in a ponytail was swinging like waves, her skin was fair and smooth, an hourglass shape physique with perfect breasts and an ass that could make any man lust after her, and her tight leggings and top enhanced her curves and allure even more, made Evan mesmerized with a single look.

Before Evan could do anything, the notification from the system sounded inside his head and this made him even more agitated.


[Don't worry. I got you, host.]

[Quest: Make your aunt your woman. Conquer both her heart and her body.

Time limit: None

Reward: A S-rank weapon and +10 all stats

Failure: Devoured by Unknown

No need to say thanks, host. Enjoy.]

'Fuck, what kind of quest is this?'

[Your desire, host. Remember I am here to fulfill all that.]


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