Making a harem after transmigrating

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Sub-quest, she is lying...?

'Eye of all things, huh? What does it do?'

[It's a base form of something, you will know it after you purchase it.]

After that Evan looked at the item. It looked ordinary at a glance but when he read the description, he knew that it wasn't ordinary at all.

[Eye of all things: a pair of eyes that could see through anything, whether they be the strength of someone or their emotions towards the ability holder, it can show the holder anything. An ability that can be upgraded.]

Evan read the description carefully and made his decision.

'It's a good ability, but... don't you think it's a bit expensive.'

He said while looking at the price of the ability which said 1000 system points.

[It's that good of an item host. You currently possess 1010 system points. 10 points from your quest and 1000 a small gift from the system. So, you can purchase this ability.]

'I really can purchase it? But the price is still too high... never mind, purchase it.'

[Congratulations, host. You have successfully purchased the 'Eye of all things']

After the notification rang in his head, Evan could feel his eyes changing at a fast pace.

The surroundings started to change for him, his previously blue eyes, began to have an even deeper and sharper color.

This process didn't take long and wasn't painful at all, instead, it felt comforting for him. After the fusion was successful, Evan opened his eyes, he could see the changes in him.

His eyes could see every detail around him far more, if he focused, he could even see at the atomic level.

'This is awesome.'

[It's not even its full potential, host. If you were able to upgrade it, then you will know what kind of power it truly holds.]

Evan understood what it meant. He also feels the same about it, if its base form is this powerful, what will happen if he upgrades it?

'My purchase didn't make me lose.'

While Evan was filled with joy and excitement with his new ability, Celestina who was working out a bit far away from him, sensed something and looked at Evan.

'Did something happen with him? The aura around him seems to have changed a bit.'

She observed Evan a bit more and seeing him immobile, just lying flat on the floor, she concluded.

'The potion must have run out of time, so it was his energy getting zero that I felt.'

She couldn't help of laugh at her perception. She thought something bad had happened with Evan.

'Well, let's go and help him a bit.'

Saying that she slowly came near him and squatted down.

Evan also felt her presence and looked at her but the moment he did so, his eyes widened and his body began to get hot. He saw heaven.

'I-it's shaved and pink, so beautiful.'

His ability was in full use, he wasn't able to stop it and unknowingly used it on Celestina, he was glad that he did, and was able to see her sacred cave which didn't have any hair in it and was brimming with the essence of a virgin maiden.

It was such a beautiful site that even his little brother, who was asleep till now began to wake up from his slumber, ready to tear apart all the restrictions put on her maidenhood.

Evan tried hard to stop his little brother from waking up, but he was hardly able to do so.

Celestina unaware of what Evan was going through, asked softly,

"Are you down now? So how did it feel working out for the first time?"

Evan was hardly able to look away from her, but he wasn't able to stop his eyes from looking at the heavenly scene in front of him.

Celestina squinting her eyes, looked at Evan suspiciously,

'Why is he doing that?'

But she wasn't aware of his ability at all and didn't understand what he was doing.

"I-it felt good, I will do this every day from now." He still replied to her.

His reply was different from what Celestina had hoped for, but still, she would honor his decision.

'If it's just working out then it's fine.'

She then looked at Evan again and said, "Why don't you take a bath now, you are all covered in sweat?"

When Evan heard her proposal, a thought popped up in his mind, but before he could express his thought, a notification rang in his mind.

[Sub-quest: Show Celestina your dragon.

Reward: +2 endurance

Penalty for failure: -2 strength]

'I can even get a sub-quest?'

[Yeah, only for quests with no time limit.]

Evan thought for a while and replied to the system inside his head.

'Fine, I will complete this quest.'

Now that he knows he can get stronger by completing his quests, he won't hesitate anymore.

"But, I can't move right now. How am I supposed to take a bath?" Evan said bluntly, hiding his real objective.

Celestina smiled softly and said, "I can take you to the bathroom, it's been a long time since we have taken a bath together right?"

Evan showed an expression of embarrassment outside, but deep inside he was smirking,

'Just what I want.'

Celestina saw his embarrassed face and smirked inside as well.

'He is still the same. Don't worry your aunt will protect you forever, my cute nephew.'

Deep inside her, different tendencies were growing up which Evan was oblivious about.

"Let's go then, shall we?"

Saying that she lifted Evan from the floor and carried him like a princess toward the bathroom.

The training room has an attached bathroom, where Celestina takes a bath after her workout.

Celestina was all flowers lifting her nephew, but Evan was dying with embarrassment, even if he was weak before and now as well, he had never been carried like a princess his entire life, and he couldn't help but curse his weak strength, right now he decided to become stronger than her as fast as possible.

'I can't let her do this to me every day. I will surpass her as fast as possible. Just what is her stats anyway... let's see...'

He used his ability to look into Celestina's stat but the result made him go crazy.

'She is lying to everyone...'

[Name: Celestina Stardust

Age: 27

Height: 5ft 10inch

Physical stats:

Strength: 73

Agility: 80

Stamina: 72

Mana: 80

Endurance: 83

Skills: Gale force manipulation]


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