Making a harem after transmigrating

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First quest.

[Congratulations, host. You have successfully transmigrated.]

[Restarting the process of fusion with the fragment of the unknown. Fusion completion 1%... 2%... 5%... 18%... 39%... 69%... 96%... 99%... 100%. Fusion completion.]

Evan was unconscious and didn't realize what had happened to him at all. Without his knowledge, he had transmigrated to a world that was familiar but at the same time unfamiliar to him.

After a long time, Evan slowly opened his eyes; his vision was still blurry. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at the unfamiliar ceiling in front of him and immediately realized this wasn't his house.

"Where am I? Didn't I die?"

Remembering what had happened to him, he immediately checked for his injuries, but there weren't any injuries on him.

He felt completely fine.

But that's the thing concerning him; he was fine even after getting so much injured. He should have died. How was he alive?

Then, a realization hit him,

'This body... it's not mine...'

Looking at his hands, he realized that the body he was currently in wasn't his at all.


Suddenly, all the memories of the previous owner of this body rushed inside his head. The sudden shock was so painful that he almost fainted again while screaming.

Soon, the memories stopped coming. Evan lay on his bed, gasping for air while his body became all sweaty.

In the memory, he found that the previous owner had the same name as him and was also born weak just like him.

But that's not all he found; the previous owner didn't awaken like him; he was a normal human and was already 17 years old.

That means he had no chance to awaken anymore.

'Oh, fucking great. Nothing changes even now. But, why did I get this body? Why this one?'

He lamented his life once again, but the thing that bothered him more than anything was that he couldn't take his revenge on that fucker because of whom he died.

He was powerless before and powerless now; the only thing different was... That man with a sword was the father of this body.

'I saw that man fighting against someone just a while ago, but according to the memory of the previous owner of this body, he had died 6 years ago. How is this possible? Did I transmigrate 6 years ago and was in a coma the entire time? No, if that was so, I wouldn't remember all the memories till yesterday. Just what is happening?'

It was then the notification of the system rang inside my head.

[You have awakened host. The fragment of the unknown is successfully fused with you. From now on, you will be getting quests and rewards for its completion, but if you don't complete even a single quest, you will get devoured by the unknown.]

[First of all, you have been transmigrated as Evan Nightshade. You were on the brink of death, so the fragment ordered the system to find a suitable body for you, with similar potential as yours.]


That was the only thing on his mind right now. He was transmigrated and also got fused with the unknown; just what was that unknown.

'System, what is this unknown?'

Evan asked, but he didn't get the answer as he expected.

[I apologize, host. I do not have the authority to tell you about this. But, if you keep on completing all the quests, you will get your answers eventually.]

He was even more confused now; all the things that happened to me coming at the same time made it more complex.

To summarize it all, it was like...

'If I complete the quests, I will get stronger like I wanted, right? But what kind of quests will I get?'

[It depends on you, host. All the quests will be related to you, like what you need, what you desire, and what you lack? Every quest will be to fulfill all that.]

It was amazing. Evan, who always wanted to have anything he wants, getting a system like this is the best thing that could happen to him. He didn't care even if he was transmigrated as the son of the guy who killed him.

'So, are you a wish-fulfillment system?'

[Something like that.]

'Is that so? Then what is my first quest?'

Evan was excited to get stronger, but he didn't show it on his face. He knows what kind of luck he has, so it was better for him to be careful.

[Right away, host. Though, this body has the same potential as you, but just like you in your previous body, this body is also too weak. Currently, what you need the most is training.]

[Quest 1: Do 100 push-ups in 24 hours.

Reward: +4 strength.

Failure: Getting devoured by the unknown.

Good luck, host.]

Evan got the first quest, but he wasn't happy at all. Doing 100 push-ups was hard but it isn't impossible, so he was sure he will be able to complete that. What he was concerned about was,

'I have done every kind of exercises push-ups, pull-ups, sprint, squats and many more, but I wasn't able to get even a single increase in my stats. System, are you sure I will be able to increase my strength?'

[Trust me, host. You will be able to do it this time.]

'Sigh. After facing failures so many times, I don't think I will be able to do it anymore. If I don't get my results this time, I will lose my trust in you.'

"Let's start, now."

Evan inhaled a deep breath and started to do push-ups. He didn't have any problem in controlling his body; it had the similar height as Evan in his past, the only difference was his hair turned black.

He didn't care about all that and kept on doing push-ups.

1… 2… 3... 4... 5... 6... 7...

And he fell down.

'What the fuck?!'


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