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Lyrical Fernando, a sweet and simple girl who was very good at taking care of people, which is one of the gifts that was passed on to her from her mother, apart from her beautiful yet pale face, cute nose, and golden brown hair. She came to the city to live with her aunt after her mother passed away and grew up with her cousin brother, who was overprotective of her but still was the best brother Lyrical could ever ask for. Melody Peters was born into a rich businessman family. However, her parents never loved her. They always loved and adored her two elder brothers, totally ignoring her. She grew up feeling like she is worthless and life always made her feel she is right in this case. After her parents sent her away and never looked back at her, she started building a life on her own, where she met various kinds of people who cannot be called a good company. For better career opportunities, Lyrical landed a job in Knack Dreamz as an assistant to Melody, who instantly took a liking to her. Melody tries her best to keep Lyrical with her all the time, even though she knows Lyrical is not into girls. On the other hand, Lyrical can't help but get drawn towards Melody, dream about them together. Even though Lyrical is sure that she is very much straight and will never fall for Melody. She is ready to explore the possibility of being with her, even if it's just for sex. But little did Lyrical know, this was not the first time she has met her boss, also that Melody was hiding a big secret that could break her heart. While they both are trying to figure out their feelings for each other and how to deal with it, there is a danger waiting to pounce at any given opportunity, which could destroy their lives. What will happen when they come face-to-face with this danger? When both have to confront their fears, reveal their secrets and what will be the consequences.? Read to find out! xxxxxxx Hi Guys! Thank you for choosing to read my book. Your comments and feedbacks are welcome and appreciated. I really hope you like my writing. Just a small warning This story is intended for mature audiences. If you have homophobia, issues with sexual content, explicit language.. this book is definitely not for you. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events are the author's imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person or actual events is purely coincidental. A/N: Cover photo is not my creation, all rights belong to the owner.

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