731 Experiments

He ran his fingers through every part of the walls, looking for something. But the elder didn't find it, it was only when he went back to the stone bed that he found something. Running his hand underneath it, his fingers suddenly stopped as they pressed on something. 

There was an audible click as the room began to crank and tremble. She rested a hand on Blood Moon, prepared to fight if need be but she didn't need to. The walls shifted and opened up, revealing something she wasn't expecting to see. 

She watched the walls open up and retreat into the shadows as new walls replaced them. These walls were spotless, clean, and pristine. However, they had this glass display with dozens of hooks inside.

One half had nothing but knives, needles, and other instruments hanging from each hook. The other side had a closed cabinet.

"What is this for? And... where have I seen tools like these?" she asked herself. 


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