11 Sudden Engagement Part One

Baron Lancaster stood there staring at the young man in front of him lost in thought as if he was trying to remember who Rei Lancaster was. Seeing this Able frowned. 'It's a wonder that Rei was even able to live this long in this kind of house. I can't let this continue.' "Also… If you agree, I wish to have her move in with me as soon as possible at the Ronstine Estate. I will also make sure there is an extra dowry for this extra condition I am proposing."

Hearing the word dowry Baron Lancaster's eyes lit up. "Hah well, I have no issues with this. You may do as you wish." And just like that Baron Lancaster sold his daughter off without much thought. Mainly because he never remembered such a person living in his house in the first place.

Sneering, Able gave a small bow and gave his thanks before walking back towards Rei's room. But as he turned the corner he ran into a handsome young man that looked exactly like Rei. Kyle was lying in wait for Able. He had heard what was said inside the room and his mood was not very good. "What are you up to?"

"What am I up to? I genuinely want to marry Rei and give her the life she deserves. I of course will not force her to do anything she does not want to do. But for now, we can start off with the engagement and go from there. I want to bring her out of this house that mistreats her. Even if she decides later after she has graduated from Magic Academy that she can not fall in love with me, then I will not hold her back. But at least by then, she will be able to live a good life on her own.

"I have no idea what you know about your sister but she is a rare gem. From her sense of justice, her fighting ability, and the personality, all of them are rare to find in a girl. You know when I asked your father if I could marry his daughter, he actually had to think about who Rei was and even then he probably still doesn't know because as soon as I mentioned money he sold her off instantly. Where do you think Rei will be better off? My house or a house where she will be mistreated or forgotten at any second. As of now, it would be a miracle if she can even go to the academy in two years." Able's eyes narrowed as he looked at Kyle. "And in the past few years where the hell was you when your own flesh and blood sister was being mistreated? Living it up as a master of this house? Whether your treating her good now or not I do not trust you with Rei."

Kyle was speechless, he had no words of retort. He had indeed been doing as Able had said living it up as the young master of the house not caring for anything else at all. Although not happy about the situation Kyle said: "Will you promise to let her decide her own future and that she will not be mistreated?"

"You have my word as a Magic knight and I also swear on the Ronstine name. I will never mistreat Rei and will let her choose the path she wishes to follow, whether it be in profession or in love." Able balled his right hand into a fist and placed it over his heart as he lowered his head slightly giving his oath.

Kyle sighed but he knew this was the best option. "Then I will leave my sister in your care. But if you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down."


I laid in the bathtub taking in the warmth of the water. I felt my entire body feeling much more relaxed. But my relaxation was short-lived because Emily came into the bathroom announcing the arrival of two people.

"Young Miss, Young Master, and Sir Able are here." Hearing Emily, say Able's name made my cheeks blush red.

"Okay help me get changed then." I was not going to run away. Although he did see me naked, it had already happened and there was nothing that could be done about it. Able was a good guy and seemed to be a good friend. I didn't want to lose a friend over something like an accidental peek.

I climbed out of the bathtub and dried off with Emily's help before putting on my clothes. Unfortunately, even the new clothes were a bit too big for me, mainly the front section… I really could only sigh at my body figure… With my hair still wet, I walked out of the bathroom in my bare feet to be greeted by both Able and my brother. But for some reason, they were both staring at me as if they were two deer standing on the highway in front of an oncoming car. I leaned my head to the side and asked Emily: "Emily do I look weird or something?"

"Young Miss, it's because you are too beautiful." Emily replied with a giggle.

"Oh..." I blushed. It was the first time I had even been called beautiful before. I mean I was a plain Jane in my last life. "Umm… Kyle… Able..?"

"Ah! Yes… my apologies. It was just that you were so stunning. " And just like that my entire head went poof and turned as red as an apple. Having someone as handsome as Able tell me that I was pretty was more than my otome heart could handle.

"Oh, right, Rei, as of today you are engaged to Able and will be moving in with him." And there was another bomb that was blown up in my face.

I mean where did this come from? Why was I suddenly engaged to Able? No, even more so I was moving in with him? Are you guys trying to kill me!? Is what I was screaming in my head. I mean well it is not every day the male lead I loved the most from Magical Love, was suddenly becoming my fiance and I would be living with him on top of that. I wasn't really sure how I should be reacting at this time. I could only stare blankly at the two in confusion.

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