7 Kidnapped Part Two

The door to the room was made out of wood. Which was lucky for me since it was a paneled door using boards instead of a solid piece of wood. This meant with a bit of kicking it should be easy to break. Even if I was not able to break the door, it would at least make enough racket to get someone to come and investigate which would mean they would need to open the door to deal with the situation. I was hoping then I would be able to take whoever it was down, quickly, and quietly.

I backed up towards the farthest wall from the door before running at full speed at the door, jumping into the air, and using my momentum I stretched one leg out into a jump kick.


I realized now a fatal flaw in my plan. Just because the door looked weak doesn't mean it might not be reinforced with magic. I felt like my foot struck a metal wall when I collided with it. Luckily my fall was not too bad and I did not hurt anything. But still, this was a little displeasing. I kicked and punched the door for almost thirty minutes, making all kinds of noise but no matter what, no one came. I was at a loss and it made me wonder if this room was soundproof or not.

"It is indeed." The system suddenly answered my mental query.

"So you mean to tell me that this entire time I have been kicking and punching the door you knew it was soundproof?" I asked, my tone of voice showed my annoyance as clear as day.

"Rei, it's because you didn't ask. I thought you were testing things out..." The system said in a panicked voice. I let out a sigh and knew it was not the system's fault.

"Then is there a way to break this door down? I have to do something..." I asked. I had no idea what the system could do for me but I did hope that it might have some kind of idea that I could use.

"You could buy a magic dispelling talisman from the store using your System points. Those are only one-time use or you could get an axe that has a twenty-four-hour use time. Each of these cost 100 System Points." The system replied.

"Can the axe chop through the barrier?" I mean if my foot felt like it had hit a metal wouldn't it be the same if I swung an axe at it.

"This axe is imbued with a piercing attribute. It will allow you to chop through anything that is not S grade fortified." Hearing the system's explanation, I wondered if all the items on the system store were all overpowered like this. Now I could use a talisman to easily get out of here but the issue is, that meant nothing if I would get stuck in another situation like this. I only had one hundred points and both items cost one hundred points each. So the choice was simple.

"Give me the axe."

"As you wish Rei."


[System Message: 100 points spent on System Store. One good quality Axe of Piercing (24hr. Temporary) added to inventory.]

Now you would think that I would try to escape through the door as most people would do in such a situation but one thing had to be known about this place. Since I had an axe that could chop through anything, wouldn't it be easier to escape by breaking the wall down? This way not only could I escape but so could the kids. In games normally this would not be possible. It was only possible because this world was not a game. Although I had game elements, it did not mean I had to follow the rules of the game.

I walked to each wall to test to see the temperature of each of them. When my hand pressed on one wall that was cold to the touch I raised the axe above my head before bringing it down as hard as I could onto the wall.


Like butter, the axe sliced right through the wall without any resistance. I was quite surprised at how well this was working. With a few more slashes I was able to make a hole big enough for everyone to get through. I turned to the kids and waved them over: "Come, let's get out of here!"

The kids all looked at me confused but with Corn egging them on, they all got up and followed after me. Once all the kids were outside I whispered: "Whatever you do, stay as quiet as you can."

I waited until they all nodded their heads before closing my eyes and picturing the map of the area in my head. Once I mapped out my escape route I led the kids down the side alleyway until we got to the edge of the warehouse. Waving my hand for the kids to stop I peeked around the corner to see two kidnappers standing there.

"The boss is mad again." One of the kidnappers said.

"Is it because the Berks brothers never returned?"

"Yeah, he invested a lot into those two guys and they just disappeared. "

"I don't blame them. Even if they returned they would have been punished for failing their task. It's no wonder they ran away."

As the two kidnappers were talking, I turned and pressed my finger to my lips to signal the kids to not make a noise. There were a few hiding spots big enough for one person to hide behind leading towards the two kidnappers. I decided the best option would be to sneak up on them and knock them out. I figured as long as I surprised them they wouldn't have a chance to use magic on me.

I snuck out around the corner and hid behind a crate. I watched the two kidnappers carefully doing my best to stay out of sight. Jumping between obstacles that could keep me hidden until I was behind a dumpster that was centimeters away from the two. It was at this time that I started to get nervous. I was afraid of what was going to happen next. I had no idea if I was going to have to kill a person in order to get through this but I did know that I needed to get these kids out of here.

"They are not human. They are not human… Come on Rei you can do this." I whispered softly to myself. I kept repeating to myself that these people were no longer humans and were just monsters in human skin. With my courage somewhat lifted I picked up a rock that was next to my foot and tossed it down the alley causing a loud noise. The two kidnappers quickly drew their swords and looked in the direction that the noise came from.

With their attention elsewhere I ran up behind the closest kidnapper and with the butt end of the axe, I smacked him in the head with it. I just didn't think that at that time a splat sound would sound out and a warm wet fluid would splash me in the face. But I had no time to be stunned as the other kidnapper quickly turned around and yelled out: "What the fuck!? You Little bitch!"

This kidnapper slashed out at me causing me to reflexively swing the axe in my hand and close my eyes. I only felt another splash of warm liquid before I slowly opened my eyes to watch as the headless body fell to the ground with a thud. The sight and the stench really made me feel sick to my stomach. But when I heard the screams of the children behind me I quickly turned to run back, doing my best to put the bloody scene behind me.

When I turned the corner to where the kids were, I saw another kidnapper fighting with Corn.

"Let her go!" I screamed rushing forward. This kidnapper seemed to be completely off guard as I swung my axe yet again. This time though I swung at the kidnapper's arm that was holding Corn before twirling my body around and slashing out again with the axe at the kidnapper's neck. Three objects fell to the ground seconds later. The kidnapper did not even have time to yell out.

The spray of blood frightened the kids causing them to cry out. "Shut up!" I yelled out which seemed to scare the kids into silence. Some still sobbed under their breath. "Corn any injuries?"

Shaking her head, Corn answered: "Big sister, you came just as he grabbed me."

"Okay good. Come on I need your help to get these kids moving." Without Corn's help, there was no way I was going to be able to get these kids moving on my own. They don't trust me as they do her. Because she is younger and still calm it helped the others who were scared to calm down quite a bit. I realized that Corn was giving this group of kids the strength to continue on even in the face of being kidnapped and held in a dark damp room.

As for me, I was doing everything I could to put the images of the three men's deaths out of my mind. I had no choice. If I were to fall apart now the kids who were relying on me to bring them to safety would end up freaking out. I continued to lead the way down a second side alley that led away from the warehouse we just left. Luckily the kidnappers were not many in numbers. So it would be a while before they realized something was amiss.

My goal now was to hopefully meet up with Able and Alissa. Only then could I feel rest assured that the kids would be safe. We continued to move quickly down the back alleys but as I turned the corner I felt someone walking up to us and on instinct, I swung the axe in my hand.

"Whoa! Rei are you trying to kill me!?" Coming to my senses I looked up to see Able standing there. Alissa was next to him still carrying Emily on her back. It was at that moment that all my nerves relaxed, tears rolled down my cheeks, and my stomach began to turn. I flicked my wrist sending the axe into my inventory before pushing Able to the side and rushing to the side wall where I released everything in my stomach.

"What Rei!? Rei are you okay?" Alissa hurried over to my side. Her eyes went wide with worry when she saw the bloodstains on my body. "Blood!" Alissa yelled out frantically.

Wiping my mouth I held back my dry heaves as I tried to calm Alissa down. " It's not mine..."

"Rei are these kids?" Able asked, I could tell he was confused.

"They are the kids who were kidnapped. I rescued them. I was taken and placed in the same room as them, so I did what I could to make sure they could escape, safe, and sound." I replied. I was feeling a bit better after emptying my stomach. I never thought I would ever have to kill a person in my life. But this was also how this world worked. If you were strong you could rule the country. If you were the strongest you could rule the world. I had no ambition to rule any world or country. I just wanted to live a life where I had no worries and maybe if I was lucky I could find a man I loved and that loved me back. But the path of a magic knight would mean I would at some point need to take the life of others.

Able walked over to me and knelt down next to me. He took out a handkerchief and gently wiped my face. He gazed at me with a warm smile causing me a bit of confusion as I looked back at him. This smile was supposed to be reserved for the female lead. Why would he show me such a smile?

"It must have been hard right?" After wiping my face he reached up and tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear. At this moment and time, I was frozen stiff. I couldn't get any words out of my mouth. I could feel my cheeks starting to heat up. If this goes on I think I might just die of a heart attack! Having Able's warm smile and affection actions bestowed upon me was really too much for my virgin mind and body to handle! As my mind twisted and turned, I felt something warm leaking from my nose.

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