Magic System in a Parallel World

Leo is an academic genius who enrolled in one of the top universities in the world for the rich and powerful, but he was born in a common family, which was more than enough of a reason for the other students to mess with him. On one fateful day, Leo found himself transported to a parallel world that was ravaged by monsters and where magic ruled supreme. Fortunately, he was gifted with a Magic System, giving him unlimited potential. How will Leo, who has no knowledge of magic or experience in fighting, survive this grim world filled with the unknown while being an ordinary person himself— or so he thought.

MyLittleBrother · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
245 Chs

Witch of Necromancy

After spending a few hours training in the Training Center, Leo managed to increase his Mastery Rank for Black Bullet to 'C', and his total mana just broke through 1,000.

"Leo." Miss Camille called for him after his training ended.


"Starting today, we will be focusing on training your magic."

"Seriously?" Leo couldn't believe his ears.

"I have to admit that you have tremendous magic talents; it would be a waste to not train it properly. However, this does not mean you can stop training with the sword. Do you understand?"

"I understand! There's no way I would just give up on swordsmanship after putting so much effort into it! I am going to keep improving myself until I can defeat Khrome with nothing but my sword!" Leo said in a motivated voice.

"Good. Also, before we begin your training tomorrow, I want you to find another reason to grow stronger."

"Huh?" Leo raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner.