15 Magic Shop

"She's working you to the bones, Leo." Lilith said to him shortly after Miss Camille left.

"It can't be helped. I am too weak right now, and Miss Camille is only doing what's the best for me."

"How can you be so sure about that? You just came to this world, right? Why do you trust her this much?"

"Because that's the Miss Camille I know," he calmly said.

"That makes no sense. The Camille in this world is not the one you knew in your old world. You can't really say that you know her."

"I understand, and I agree with you, but she's the first person to help me in this world, so I had no choice but to trust her. Without her help, I can't even begin to imagine what my situation would be like right now. And while it's true that this Miss Camille is not the one I know, she doesn't feel any different from the one I know, so I subconsciously treat her the same."

"If you say so. However, you shouldn't trust people so easily in this world. You never know what they may be thinking." Lilith said in a solemn voice.

"People like you?" Leo said with a teasing smile.

"I-I am an exception!" She hastily responded.

Miss Camille returned to the training room about an hour and half later.

"How long does it normally take for one to recover their mana naturally?" Leo asked her when she returned.

"That really depends on how much mana you have. The bigger your mana capacity the more mana you will recover. At your current level, you'll need around four hours to recover your mana completely."

"Then how does one increase their mana capacity?"

"Keep using magic. Your mana capacity will naturally increase. With that being said, don't expect it to happen overnight."

"I'm not." Leo smiled.

Leo continued to train his magic now that Miss Camille was there to supervise him.

After shooting about 7 Black Bullets, Leo consumed a mana potion and continued to shoot another ten.

The system appeared at the end of his training.

<Your Mastery Rank for Black Bullet has increased to 'E'>


<You have completed a Quest>

[+400 Magic Experience, +2 Magic Point]

<You have received a Quest from the Magic System>

[Quest: Learn 3x Magic Spell]

[Description: Learn 3x Tier 1 or above Magic Spell]

[Time Limit: 7 days]

[Reward: 600 Magic Experience, 3 Magic Point]


<You have completed a Quest>

[+600 Magic Experience, +3 Magic Points]

<You have received a Quest from the Magic System>

[Quest: Increase Mastery Rank]

[Description: Increase any 2x Magic Spell to Mastery Rank 'D']

[Time Limit: 14 days]

[Reward: 1,000 Magic Experience, 5 Magic Points]

<Magic System has leveled up>

<Magic Shop has been unlocked>

{Magic System}

[System Level: 2]

[Magic Talent: EX+]

[Dark Magic Affinity: S]

[Magic Experience: 200/50,000]

[Magic Points: 6]

'Magic Shop? I'll have to take a look at that later when I have the time.' Leo thought to himself as he read the system notifications.

Once he was out of mana, Leo started training his body, and he would continue this until it was midnight.

"I can't remember the last time I stayed up this late, even on the weekend. I'm not only exhausted, but I'm sleepy as well…" Leo said to Miss Camille, who seemed completely fine as she read her book.

"Here." Miss Camille retrieved a potion from her spatial storage and handed it to him without looking away from her book.

"Let me guess, this will make it so that I don't need to sleep." Leo said.

"Yes, you're right. It's an energy potion. You'll feel refreshed immediately, like you'd just woken up from a good nap."

"Why am I not surprised? It's like there's a potion for almost everything in this world. By the way, how much do these potions even cost? You have been handing them to me like they're water for a while now." Leo asked her about the value of these potions, something he immediately regretted.

"Well, it depends on the quality. If you're just asking about the ones I have been giving you, mana potions cost around a thousand dollars each. Stamina recovery potions cost around five hundred, and these energy potions cost about two hundred each."

"What! That's insanely expensive! Where'd you get the money to spend so lavishly?"

"Who said I paid for them? These are all supplied by the academy. The Headmaster has given me the permission to use the school's supply to help you 'recover' your strength."

"I-I see… That makes a lot more sense." Leo mumbled.

After learning that he wasn't using up Miss Camille's resources, Leo felt less guilty about the money being spent on him, as he was aware of how ridiculously rich the academy was.

Sometime later, Leo resumed his training after all of his drowsiness was washed away by the energy potion, and he would continue this all night.

The following morning, Miss Camille said to him, "Go get breakfast. I'll see you back here in two hours."


Leo returned to his room to take a steaming hot shower first.

"She actually kept me up all night…" He sighed.

A few moments later, Leo decided to check out the recently unlocked Magic Shop.

'How do I open the system? Do I just command it? Let's give it a try. Open Magic Shop!' He commanded inwardly.


The system answered his request the very next moment.

{Magic Shop}

[Magic Shop Level: 1]

[Awaken Random Affinity: 10 MP]

[Increase Mana Capacity: 5 MP]

[Increase Magic Power: 5 MP]

[Improve Magic Affinity: ?]

[Total MP: 6]

[Shop Experience: 0/100]

'Wow, this is pretty neat… MP… So I can use the Magic Points acquired from Quests in this Magic Shop. Everything in this shop seems so useful, and they're pretty cheap for now.'

Leo was pleasantly surprised by what the Magic Shop had in store for him.

'Awaken Random Affinity… Does this mean I can acquire a new magic affinity? And it only costs 10 MP? This is a no-brainer!'

The other options were self-explanatory.

'Improve Magic Affinity, why is the price a question mark?'


{Improve Magic Affinity}

[Dark Affinity(S → S+): 100,000 MP]

"100,000 Magic Points?!" Leo subconsciously exclaimed after seeing the ludicrous price.

"What are you shouting about in there? Do you need me to come in there to check up on you?" Lilith's voice resounded from outside the bathroom since Leo forbade her from entering.

"No! Stay out of the bathroom!" Leo immediately responded.

"Che. How boring." Lilith complained.

'I only need 4 more MP before I can acquire a new magic affinity, so I just need to complete the current quest and I will be able to afford it.'

After exiting the shower, Leo went to grab breakfast at the cafeteria before returning to the training center.

There were still 30 minutes until Miss Camille would return, so Leo decided to just lie on the floor to rest.

When Miss Camille returned, Leo would start training on his magic first since it was easier for him to run out of mana than stamina.

Although he wasn't aware, every time he reaches Mana Fatigue, his mana capacity would increase by a little.

At the end of the day, his total mana had increased to 170, allowing Leo to shoot over 15 Black Bullets with ease. Furthermore, his Black Bullets started causing the magic dummy to pulsate with a dark blue light, meaning that it was getting close to 1,000 in magic power.

Miss Camille stopped his training and said, "You can go home and get some rest. We'll continue this tomorrow after school."

"I understand. By the way, thank you for spending your precious time with me even though it was the weekend."

"I usually stay at home and read books, anyway. This isn't that much different except for the scenery," she calmly said.

Leo returned home shortly after, falling asleep seconds after closing his eyes.

Meanwhile, Miss Camille reviewed Leo's progress in her bedroom.

"His progress with the sword is by no means slow, but compared to his magic talents, it's miles behind."

"In just two days, he's progressed what would normally take even talented magic students two whole months to achieve."

Seeing how frightening Leo's magic potential was, she was beginning to believe that he was truly from another world.

The following morning, Leo woke up late for class.

"Damn it! Homeroom started half an hour ago! Why didn't you wake me up, Lilith?!" Leo cried out loud as he quickly prepared for the day.

"Hey, don't blame me. First of all, I am not your alarm clock. Secondly, I did try to wake you up. However, you wouldn't wake up no matter how loud I shouted at you."

"This is my first time being late to class in over 10 years! I can't believe it!"

After arriving at his destination, Leo swallowed nervously before entering the classroom.

"S-Sorry for being late, Jasmine!" He apologized as he walked into the classroom, causing everyone there to look at him.

"Are you okay?" Jasmine asked him.

"Yes, I just overslept. I had training with Miss Camille over the weekend, and she even kept me up all night on Saturday."

"K-Kept you up all night?" Jasmine looked at him with a dumbfounded face.

Some of the female students in the class could be seen blushing a moment later.

"A-Anyways, it's not that big of a deal. I heard from Camille that you're still recovering from some injuries and that she's helping you with physical therapy."

"Thank you. I will try my best to not be late again." Leo went to his seat shortly after.

'How surprising. The old Leo never cared about being late and would rarely come to class towards the end.' Jasmine thought to herself before she continued her class.

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