Magic Swordsman In One Piece (D&D)

Two unfortunate boys, one from Earth and one from one piece. One of them wants vengeance the other wants justice. With the help of an omnipotent being, they become one. Let us see if their unfortunate lives are going to turn for the better or if it is going to be a life of misery and hardship. A/n: in this fan-fic, I am going to change people's age to fit my story. So it is going to be a bit of an AU. The system is not going the have an ego. The Sword Saint is a D&D magus subclass, and it is NOT a cultivation class. I am not going to follow D&D rules and class spells, Mc's class was inspired by D&D, but I can go beyond D&D rules and get spells from different classes or create other spells. I can only guarantee one chapter a week. Mc is not going to be a straw hat and not going to take a straw hat as a companion. Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece; it belongs to its respective author.

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Master Koushirou sat down at the edge of engawa and said.

"Let me get this straight, you can use ice, lightning, light, and acid as elements, but you can't change your body to any of those elements. I have never heard of a devil fruit that can use multiple elements like this."

Kozaburo said:

"Could it be a special Paramecia type?"

"Yes, it could be."

Kreegan let out a sigh of relief. With that brief explanation, they were convinced that his power was the devil fruit. Kreegan said:

"Master Koushirou, I want to leave the island and discover the world. I think I'm ready. As you can see, I can defend myself competently."

Master Koushirou's gaze suddenly became more serious, and he wondered if it was time, but he feared that if he didn't have good influences like Zoro and Kuina and he was left on his own, he would fall back into the fire of hatred and revenge.

Kozaburo nodded his head approvingly and said:

"You can't protect him forever now, and you have to let him fly out of the nest. If he can fly high, fine, but if he can't, he must bear the consequences, and Kreegan, I want you to know that no matter how high you fall, you will always have a home here."

"Master Koushirou, I'm going to be honest with you. One of the reasons I want to go out to the world is pirates. I want to hunt all of them down. It doesn't matter how many years pass; I will always hate them. I'm going to hunt down the Arlong Pirates and kill them all. Right now, I'm not strong enough to face them, but one day I will be, and then I will face them. But I'm not going to be ruthless to every pirate crew because some might want to be free and get branded by the government as pirates like the Sun Pirates I read about in the newspaper. That is the way I will only hunt pirate crews that raided and killed people. One of my dreams is to end the pirate age. I am ready."

Kreegan was looking into the eyes of Koushirou with determination, and Koushirou could see he would not change his mind, so he relented and said:

"You can go out but after your 14th birthday, in 6 months. In this time frame, I'm going to train you relentlessly, and you are going to spar with me."


It has been two months since Master Koushirou started Kreegan's hell training, and it was really hell. Kreegan was doing physical training from morning to noon until the afternoon. He would rest for 1 hour, sometimes 2 hours if Master Koushirou felt generous, and then Kreegan's beating session for 5 hours from Master Koushirou would begin.

As the sun went down, Kreegan's battery would run out too. He noticed during these months that people on this planet seemed to recover almost magically after eating a lot of food and sleeping after that. All the bruises and pains in his body were almost gone by the next day. It reminded him of Luffy coming to the brink of death in every boss fight and waking up as fit as a fiddle after eating meat and sleeping for a few days.


Zoro and Kreegan were sparring, more like he was messing with Zoro since he was using the touch of fatigue on him through his sword. Since both of them were level 0 almost at every clash of swords, Zoro would lose some stamina, and within a few minutes, he would collapse to the ground, completely depleted. Even though he was on the ground gasping for air, he would still mumble, "I am going to be the greatest swordsman in the world" through his labored breaths.

After resting a bit, he would come at Kreegan again and again, but sometimes he wouldn't be able to find Kreegan because he would be lost in the dojo. How can someone's sense of direction be so bad that they would get lost around their own house? For Kreegan, watching Zoro get lost in a straight road was fun and frustrating.

Both of them were sitting on the engawa and eating Master Koushirou's watermelons, and they were trying to spit the seen into a small bucket. Then Zoro said:

"Are you really going to leave us?"

"Why? Are you going to miss getting your ass whooped?"

Zorro got up in anger and clenching his teeth, said.

"Who would miss you? I am going to beat you before you leave."

Zoro started to walk away in anger and irritability. Then Kreegan said.

"Where are you going? Come on; we were having fun."

"I am going to go and train!!"

"Training ground is not that way. You are going the opposite way."

As soon as Kreegan said that, Zoro stood there. He came back, embarrassed and nervous, and began to head in the right direction.


After six months of grueling training and constant sparring with Master Koushirou, Kreegan was able to become much more powerful. Before the training, he could only use Takanami and Shishi Sonson, but now he can use two more techniques: Hiryu Kaen (Flying Fire Dragon) and Hirameki (flash). But with Hiryu Kaen (Flying Fire Dragon), Kreegan was not able to create spontaneous combustion like Master Koushirou did, or future Zoro was going to do.

Kreegan usually used a single sword because he preferred to cast spells with the other hand. If he holds two swords, he can only cast touch spells. He can swing faster and harder by using one katana with two hands. But he needed another sword because Shimotsuki-style had dual sword techniques too.

Defense and reach were gained by sacrificing power in a dual sword style, and this style was more suitable for fighting large groups. Tatsumaki and Takanami are basically aoe skills. The biggest difference between the two is that Tatsumaki has a bigger area and can lift the enemy into the air as a real tornado does.

So, he needed a second sword, and he forged one. This one was a meito quality too, but it was lower quality than Ichinami. This sword was only a Graded blade. Because of this, he named this blade Chisanami (small wave).