Magic Swordsman In One Piece (D&D)

Two unfortunate boys, one from Earth and one from one piece. One of them wants vengeance the other wants justice. With the help of an omnipotent being, they become one. Let us see if their unfortunate lives are going to turn for the better or if it is going to be a life of misery and hardship. A/n: in this fan-fic, I am going to change people's age to fit my story. So it is going to be a bit of an AU. The system is not going the have an ego. The Sword Saint is a D&D magus subclass, and it is NOT a cultivation class. I am not going to follow D&D rules and class spells, Mc's class was inspired by D&D, but I can go beyond D&D rules and get spells from different classes or create other spells. I can only guarantee one chapter a week. Mc is not going to be a straw hat and not going to take a straw hat as a companion. Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece; it belongs to its respective author.

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-one day ago-

After spending the night in the dojo, Kozaburo returned to his workshop by the lake in the first light of the morning. As he approached the building, the sounds of hammers, which sounded like a song, began to get louder.

"It looks like this monster made some more progress. His hammer strikes sound much more steady and powerful."

"Hey, snotty brat, what are you do..."

As soon as Kozaburo walked through the door, he was speechless when he saw Keegan's state. Kreegan didn't hear him come in. He was so concentrated that he didn't notice what was happening around him while he hammered the sword. Kozaburo's face turned serious, and he sat silently on the doorstep and watched Kreegan. Kozaburo wondered when he started working on this sword. Could Kreegan have started as soon as he left here?

Kozaburo hadn't left for anything but to take care of his needs, and for fear of distracting Kreegan, he hesitated to examine it more closely. Now the sun had set, and it was night, but Kreegan was still working. Kozaburo's old body wouldn't allow him to stay awake any longer, and he slumped into the chair and fell asleep on the spot.

Waking up early was a habit for Kozaburo; as usual, he woke up with the break of the day. Kreegan had just finished sharpening his sword and was starting to work on the guard. As soon as Kreegan had finished making the sword, he sat on the ground, exhausted, like a puppet whose string had been cut.

As soon as Kozaburo realized that he had finished making the sword, he quickly took the sword from Kreegan's hand in excitement and began to examine it. He waved the sword several times. This child was a monster. This was a skillful-grade blade. Kozaburo couldn't believe his eyes. It was at the border, but this was definitely a skillful grade.

"Go eat something and sleep. I will make you a suitable scabbard."

"How is it? Is it any good?"

"Hmph, for my student, it is barely passable. You managed to make a skillful-grade sword."

As soon as he heard this, Kreegan lay on his back on the ground and began to smile. Then his smile turned into laughter, and he fell asleep while laughing out loud.

"Hihahaha,hihahaha,hihahaha zzzZZZ."


The next day morning, Kreegan woke up and saw Kozaburo was oiling the sword. Then he put the sword in a blue scabbard with white wave motifs and held it out towards Kreegan.

"I saw its guard and used a matching motif on the scabbard for this unfinished sword."

Kreegan asked confusedly.

"Why is this sword unfinished? Didn't you say it was a skillful grade?"

"We sword smiths believe a sword is never finished until it is named."


"Some call it superstition, and some call it a tradition. To me, names have power until we name a sword. It is like any other, but the second it gets named, I like to believe the sword gains a soul. So, what is its name?"

Kreegan lost himself in thought and began to examine the sword. Then said:

"Ichinami (First Wave), my first sword."

The second I named it, I felt something start to flow inside me, and I heard a sound inside my head.

-you accepted a sword as your own and are at an appropriate age. Your journey as a sword saint starts now.-

As soon as he heard this, Kreegan said status window in his mind.


name: Kreegan Darius Wucrane

• age: 13

• lvl:0 Sword Saint

• stats

• str: 5

• dex: 5.3

• int:12

• wis:11

• Bound Swords: Ichinami (Skillful Grade)

• skills: none

• feats: none

• abilities: none

• Spells:

Cantrips: Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Jolt, Daze, Resistance, Touch of Fatigue, Light, Flare

• Sword skills:

-one sword style

Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson (Lion's Song)

Sanjuroku Pound Ho (36 Pound Phoenix)

Hiryu Kaen (Flying Fire Dragon)

Ichigiri Toro (One sword: Climbing Tower)

Ichigiri Otoro (One sword: Tower Climb Return)

-two sword style

Taka Nami (Hawk Wave)

Nitoryu: Tatsu Maki (two sword style: Dragon Twister)

Nitoryu: Oni Giri (Two sword style: Ogre Cutter)

Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon

Nanajuni Pound Ho (72 Pound Phoenix)

Nigiri Toro (Climbing Tower)

Nigiri Otoro (Tower Climb Return)

Hirameki (flash)


After thanking Kozaburo for the scabbard, I left the workshop and went in into the forest behind the lake. The Sword Saint was no longer gray in the status window, and many cantrip and sword techniques had been added. Before I came here, I thought these techniques belonged only to Zoro, but I realized that Zoro also learned them from Master Koushirou. But three sword styles and all the techniques he developed after the time skip belonged to him.

The reason why sword techniques were gray was that I had learned the techniques but did not yet have the physical strength to use them. I wanted to use the cantrips and was so excited to use spells. The acid splash spell creates a palm-sized green liquid and can throw up to 10 meters. When I fired it into a tree, it melted the bark a little bit but didn't pierce it. I guess if it comes in contact with a person's skin, it will not melt it away either, but it will leave a serious wound, such as a second or third degree burn and cause a lot of pain.

Ray of frost spell created a ray of freezing air and ice projectile from his hand and hit the tree, damaging its bark, then the ice projectile shattered to pieces. It will cause some blunt force damage, but because the ice is not durable and hard enough, it will shatter before it can cause much damage.

Jolt cause a spark of electricity to strike the target because it electrocutes the target, it causes them to be paralyzed for a split second. It can be really powerful if this spell can be used with a sword. I pulled Ichinami from its scabbard and tried to use the jolt spell with the sword, and like I thought it worked, a weak electric current ran through the sword and disappeared after a few seconds.

Daze spell clouds the minds of the target and, for a few seconds, causes them to have confusion, but any external influence will cancel this spell. If the target is higher level than the user, this spell will fail depending on the level difference. If the target is a lower level, the success chance is 50%. The same level has a 20%, and one level higher has a 5% chance of success. I knew that I had levels, but I never realized that others also had levels. That's when I looked at the old man. Suddenly number 2, and a grayed-out skull appeared above Kozaburo's head when I named the sword. So that is what it was. Kozaburo is level 2.

The resistance spell increases the defense against elements and other substances for one strike, and the increase is only 10%. It is better than nothing.

Touch of Fatigue spell would be a useful spell just like jolt spell since it too works through a sword, and with every strike, it heightens the target's fatigue, but it works like the daze spell too. The level of the target affects the success of the spell.

The light spell creates a source of light in a 10-meter radius. If it is used on some objects, it causes the object to glow. The flare spell, too, will create light, but it is so much more powerful than the light spell, so if it is activated in front of the target, it will cause temporary blindness. The level difference will affect the spell the same way. I worked on my spells until sunset, and then I returned to the dojo.