Magic Swordsman In One Piece (D&D)

Two unfortunate boys, one from Earth and one from one piece. One of them wants vengeance the other wants justice. With the help of an omnipotent being, they become one. Let us see if their unfortunate lives are going to turn for the better or if it is going to be a life of misery and hardship. A/n: in this fan-fic, I am going to change people's age to fit my story. So it is going to be a bit of an AU. The system is not going the have an ego. The Sword Saint is a D&D magus subclass, and it is NOT a cultivation class. I am not going to follow D&D rules and class spells, Mc's class was inspired by D&D, but I can go beyond D&D rules and get spells from different classes or create other spells. I can only guarantee one chapter a week. Mc is not going to be a straw hat and not going to take a straw hat as a companion. Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece; it belongs to its respective author.

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For four years, Kreegan studied the sword without breathing. Kuishirou first taught him a basic method called the eight cardinal cuts. It might sound cool, but it is basically vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cuts. It took him a year to perfect them. Followed by lower body and footwork training. In the manga, Zorro might be able to cut giant meteors while being stationary, but in a real fight against someone who knows how to use a sword, sword fights are fluid and fast. So, you need an excellent lower body and good footwork.

Before he was ten years old, Kuina was able to beat Kreegan in every fight, but after reaching 10, she wasn't his equal anymore. To not hurt her feelings, he was going easy on her. But his pride wouldn't allow him to throw a fight. Kuishirou had discovered another talented swordsman Zorro, but he still had too much to learn.

One more surprise was her grandfather Kozaburo decided to teach Kreegan sword smithing. Kreegan met Kozaburo while doing some training by the lake three years ago. Kozaburo had decided to pass on these experiences and methods to someone, as he saw great talent in Kreegan, and his own abilities were starting to fade. So, he was not able to forge a Great Grade blade anymore. In addition to his swordsmanship, Kreegan learned sword smithing from Kozaburo every morning in the small workshop by the lake.


Kreegan had spent another morning swinging the hammer. He was supposed to learn how to make a sword from this old man for three years, but he did nothing but steel billets and ingots. Kuishirou said it was an opportunity not to be missed and also said that it was a great honor to learn from this old man, but he did not say why.

Kozaburo was watching Kreegan with his pipe in his mouth. What strong and controlled hammer swings, and in these three years, his fire control was almost perfect too. His fear of the hot iron and the forge had also vanished. He stood close to the flames, almost as if he would take the steel inside the forge with his bare hand. The billets and ingots he forged were also in near-perfect condition. Kozaburo thought back to the past, where in Wano, they called him a genius swordsmith, and it took him six years to reach this level. This boy was a monster at both sword and forging.

"Snotty brat, it's time to teach you how to make knives."

"Knives, why are we wasting time learning knives? Just teach me how to forge swords."

Kozaburo stood up with difficulty. He was very old now, and every morning he woke up as if he felt death approaching. He approached Kreegan, smiling, and smacked his pipe over the top of Kreegan's head.

"Ahh! what was that for, you old bag of bones!"

"You just took off the diaper that tied your under, but you are acting like an adult. You didn't even learn how to walk, but you want to run?"


They both left one more year behind by nagging and bickering each other to death. Kreegan was 11 years old now, and according to Kozaburo, he could start forging swords in a year or two.

After fighting like dogs with Kozaburo again, he was on his way back to the dojo. He saw Kuina on the side of the road. These days, Kuina wasn't as cheerful and lively as before. Last year, he overheard a conversation between Zoro and her.

With each passing year, boys younger than her were getting stronger and faster in a much shorter time. Kuina, on the other hand, was physically developing very slowly compared to them. Even Zoro, who was defeated daily by her, would be able to surpass her in a few years.

Zoro had become a hilarious little brother to Kreegan. Every day like in the manga, he would shout, "I'm going to become the greatest swordsman in the world." even when he lost to Kuina and him.

He approached Kuina and asked.

"What are you doing here?"

Kuina was so deep in thought that she didn't even hear Kreegan approaching. When Kreegan called out to her, she lifted her head and looked at him. Her eyes were watery and red. Obviously, she cried.

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

she didn't want to share what was happening, so he didn't push it. They started walking towards the dojo while chitchatting. Kuina fell silent for a moment and asked a question, looking up at the sky.

"Are you going easy on me because I'm too weak?"

"You are not weak as a warrior. You have a bigger heart than most adults, but physically, the difference between us will increase day by day. Your problem is you are trying to use a sword like a man, and you will never be able to do that, so you need to choose a sword style that suits you. It should be based on speed and dodging. In my opinion, two-hand or one-and-a-half-hand swords are not for you, and it would be best if you found a light, one-handed sword. But you should never give up. In this vast world, there are many miraculous powers. For example, I heard from the sailors there is a thing called devil fruits that grants all kinds of powers. Some give strength, and others give speed or control over elements."

Kuina rubbed her eyes and said curiously.

"Are there really such fruits?"

"Yes, they definitely exist, and there is a mysterious power called Haki that comes from a person's will, and people use their spiritual energy for attack and defense boost."

After hearing what I told her. she started to get more curious, so until we reached the dojo, I told her many things about Haki and devil fruits.


Within two years, Kreegan had moved from knife-making to sword-making, and Kozaburo said from that point on, he had to forge his own path. Kreegan bowed before him and thanked him for all he had taught him. In the field of swordsmanship, he was now able to fight with adult males.


name: Kreegan Darius Wucrane

age: 13

lvl:0 Sword Saint


str: 5




skills: none

feats: none

abilities: none

spells: none


Despite being 13, he had the physique of an 18-year-old. As he entered puberty, his voice deepened, and he grew to 1.82 meters in height. His auburn wavy hair was getting longer, and it was starting to close his blue eyes. His features began to harden even more, and there was no trace of his boyish soft face anymore.