19 Valofron

After breaking Oswyn's eggs, Salona dashed into Magnus' embrace. "You unsealed your bloodline?" she asked with a concerned face.

"It's nothing." He comforted her. "I can tackle any problem if you're with me. Without you this life is meaningless." Hearing him say this, Salona's face flushed red and hugged her man even tighter. As he said, Magnus gestured at Eddena. She disappeared and with her disappeared all the guards and Oswyn. 

After five minutes later, Eddena walked out of the brushes with her gentle smile, looking completely harmless. Magnus exchanged glances with her, but she shrugged her shoulders. He had no idea what she did with those people, and he asked nothing either.

Salona peered at the lady in front of her and squinted. Eddena was her neighbour all this time and she never suspected her to be a Vampire. 

"Who is she?" she clasped Magnus' hand and eyed him with her daggered gaze.

Magnus sweated profusely, hearing her question. Salona's piercing gape became sharper at his reaction. He realised it would be bad to remain silent, so he introduced her to Eddena hurriedly. "Let me introduce you to this lady." He looked at Eddena and said. "She is Eddena Von Hagen… and my sister."

"Oh, sister-in-law," she sighed in relief and smiled. Thousands of terrible imaginations rose inside her heart just now. She peered at Magnus and gritted her teeth in irritation and scoffed. "If she is your sister, then why did you react that way just now."

Magnus knew what she was talking about. He neared her ear and whispered in a husky voice. "You look sexy when you are jealous."


Salona rolled her eyes at him. Just when she was about to refute him, a shadow dashed out of the bushes. The man examined Magnus and Salona and fell on one knee when he found Eddena standing in front of him. 

"Miss." He called in a gruff voice. His breath was hurried and clothes rugged and drenched in sweat. Traces of blood could be seen on his clothes.

"What happened, David?" Eddena frowned and asked. "Why are you here?"

"Miss, Hemlock Household attacked. Now they are surrounding our household, and no one could escape. I have used a space artefact given by the master to leave the household. He has also given me your [Blood Imprint], that's how I located your location."

Magnus frowned upon hearing the conversation. He knew little about the Hemlock Household. They were also Von just like Von Hagen. Noble amongst vampires and bitter enemies of Hagens. 

Moreover, Von Hemlock wasn't a single enemy of Hagen, many wanted to destroy them. Because of this, Magnus never wanted to return. Last time he almost died at the hands of his enemies. He survived because he met Salona. 

When she found Magnus he was already half dead. With her [Healing Element] and with the vast knowledge of herbs, she saved him—for the first time Magnus saw someone doing something for him and without ulterior motives. His heart moved, seeing her kindness. She treated him day after day, and ultimately, he fell in love for the first time in life.

"We need to go," Eddena said agitatedly. She brought a [Teleportation Formation Disk] and a silver light covered their group and all of them vanished, leaving only rustling trees and burned ashes and a tall tent in the darkness.


Kadyn examined the apparatus in front of him and smiled satisfyingly. "The Potion Making Hall already has the apparatus, and they look pretty good." 

After that, he opened the bag that he snatched from the hunter and started to examine it. 

"Ground Ivy… I have already collected enough." He said and dug deeper. That hunter was pretty desperate to get this bag. There must be something good inside it. 

"Valofron!" he jumped in surprise. After putting down about seven to eight herb, he found something that grabbed his attention. "With this I can refine [Soothing Drop] and I can complete the mission." 

Kadyn's face shone in excitement, and he continued to check the bag. "Heh? One more Valofron." Kadyn squealed but continued to check the goodies. He found seven Valofron before another Ground Ivy appeared. 

When he thought Valofron was the most valuable thing in the bag, he found something else. He felt it with his hand and could tell that it was round, hard, and the surface was uneven. When he pulled it out of the bag, he saw it was red ore. 

"What is this ore?" he frowned, looking at the crimson stone. Though he tried to search this thing in his memory, he found no recollection of such ore.

"Never mind. I will examine it later."

After that, he once more turned his attention to the apparatus on the table.

"Let's start." He muttered with a tinge of excitement. Then he pulled out the herbs one by one, placing 'em on the table and washed them with water, cleaning every dirt from their leaves and roots. It was very important to clean the herbs as the dirt had gathered over the leaves and soil stuck in roots.

He took out the Sweet Grass and made a mush with the help of Mortar and Pestle. He stored it into the Crucible. After that he made a mush of many herbs—including Valofron—and collected them inside the different Crucibles, as there were ten pieces of each apparatus.

Afterwards, he pulled the Beaker and Tripod. Kadyn transferred the mush into the beaker and mixed the water with the help of the Dropper. Water can't be excessive, as it would become a solution later. If it was low, it would also end up as a failed product.

After putting the water into the beaker, Kadyn placed it over the Tripod. Not long after the water and the mush which has mixed with each other completely started to produce bubbles.

"Two minutes and it should turn into an emerald colour." Kadyn ogled at the boiling solution on the tripod and muttered. After two minutes, the solution really turned into an emerald colour. Kadyn did not wait and retrieved the beaker off the burner. Afterwards, with the help of the funnel, he filtered the solution and stored it in the flask. Most importantly, he needed no filter paper to do this, as the funnel was capable of filtering without filter paper.

After that he repeated this process for every herb for an hour and stored their solution in the flask. "Now's the most important part." He muttered and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

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