2 Piss here, and I am your father

In the dining hall was sitting a group of three people. A girl, a boy, and a beautiful middle-aged woman. The woman looked in her late twenties, with black hair and big blue eyes. All in all, she was an extremely beautiful lady.

[Note: I said she looked in her late twenties but I never said, that was her age.]

"Mom, I think I am full." The boy said depressingly.

"What full, you didn't even eat properly," chided the woman and passed the plate filled with rice. "Here, finish it."

"Mom, I am not a beast," Kadyn pleaded. "I also need to go to the shop."

Kadyn eyed his sister, hoping for help, but the girl ignored him and continued to eat her rice, head down. However, he saw a small grin curling over her lips.

"No, you aren't going anywhere today!" the woman squeaked in a firm voice, and her eyes became wet. "Have you ever thought about what I would do if something happened to you? It was your luck that there was an angler near you, or I wouldn't even have your…"

The woman fell silent, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kadyn looked at her face and remained quiet. He wanted to stay but his arse was on fire this entire time, because of the "Ding" he heard recently.

He looked at his mother's teary face and sighed, then said nothing about going to the shop. It was already noon. He still had over twenty-two hours. However, he wanted to go to the shop as soon as possible and do the damn thing that voice had asked him to do. 

Though he didn't know what shit that sound was, because he heard no voice the second time, nor would it reply to his questions. But there was a sound echoing in his head—tick, tick, tick, as if trying to say. 'Do not relax your butt.'

It was better to complete the task as soon as possible. He didn't want to take any chance. Who knows when this tick-tick would stop and blast his arse?

"Alright, mom, I won't go to the shop today," though reluctantly, he said in the end. "I am full, I will go rest." He went upstairs to his room when he saw his mother's nod. 

"Brother is acting weird." Elora, who sat silent all this time, spoke. "He never liked to go to the shop. Why is he insisting so much today?" 

"Isn't it a good thing?" said Salona. "Your brother is becoming responsible, this incidence must have made him realise his responsibilities."

Elora rolled her eyes at her mother's word. Though she also thought little about it, as long as her brother was happy.


Kadyn gaped at the small bed, a table, a chair, and a mirror on the wall as he fell on the soft bed. Though not as comfortable as his bed from the earth. It wasn't too bad either. He closed his eyes as drowsiness took over his consciousness, dragging him into a world of dreams, but there was no dream, only darkness, and he couldn't ask for anything better.

He woke up when it was dinner time, and after having the food, he again fell asleep. Not knowing what was happening, but he felt tired and drowsy.


"Who is shouting…" he murmured and changed his posture.


"Damn it!" he growled but didn't open his eyes.


"The heck!" 

Kadyn sprang in shock and blinked around in confusion. His eyes felt heavy, and his head ached as fuck. Only when he messaged his two blurry eye-balls and adjusted his sight, he realised the shout had come from the door.

"Damn headache!" he winced and cursed but couldn't do anything else.


Someone banged on his door. "Brother!"

"Coming!" he said, and opened the door, and peered out with his swollen eyes.

"Aren't you going to the shop?" Elora said. "Weren't you keen yesterday?"

Kadyn blinked his eyes at first, trying to process her words inside his head. Then all the drowsiness vanished. His eyes widened as if they would bulge out of their sockets. "Shit!"


He cursed and closed the door and checked the watch. It was ten o'clock.

"Damn, only half an hour left." He rushed to wash his face, and when he wiped the water with a towel, he saw his reflection in the mirror. Blue eyes, silver hair and damn handsome face. He wanted to give himself some praises, but time was short.

Without brushing his teeth, he sprinted out of the room with the same clothes he wore.

"Come sit with us," said Salona, looking at Kadyn, who rushed down from the upstairs. "I have made your favourite Sheesh Kebab." 

Kadyn glanced over the table where delicious Seekh Kebab had been arranged in an order, and his stomach grumbled about seeing it, but the man did not have extra time to waste here. He cast one more reluctant gaze at the food, then at his mother. "I am sorry, mother. I don't have time to eat."

After speaking, he grabbed one of the Kebabs and dashed towards the door. He also saw his sister looking at him with narrowed eyes, muttering something. Though he failed to make head or tail of her murmuring, so he didn't bother.

"This bastard," Elora cursed, and pouted under her breath. "He didn't even say sorry for his earlier rude behaviour."

Salona wanted to stop Kadyn, but he was fast. Before she could speak, he scampered out of the house. "This boy." She murmured and shook her head.

"I am going mom, our competition is about to start in two months, and it's important to attend classes." After finishing her food, Elora also went to school.


Kadyn glimpsed around after coming out of his house and saw his neighbour, Miss Eddena, showering her plants while singing a song: 

Who are you, who are you to me?

Why do you connect the threads of our hearts?

Why am I so helpless in front of you?

Now don't leave me and go anywhere;

Hold my hand and walk, I will show everyone;

Who are you, who are you to me...

Kadyn heard the song and peered at the lady in her garden. The song was about a lover questioning and complaining, but after leaving her mouth, the song had another kind of charm, beautiful. The lady smiled and nodded at him when she found him standing and looking at her, and continued to water her plant and hum her tune with a small grin over her lips. The grin that tucked the strings of Kadyn's heart—her smile was beautiful and lonely and full of misery, that's what he thought.

Eddena was a twenty-nine-year-old looking beautiful unmarried woman. She had big plump breasts, white skin, slender legs, and a slim waist. Kadyn saw her beautiful, watery brown eyes and felt his heart raced. If he had to give her praise, he would say a single sentence: 'a dream of every teenager.' Kadyn knew little about her as she rented the neighbourhood only a few months ago and talked little about her personal details with anyone. 

Although she was beautiful, Kadyn did not have time to admire her charm, as his arse was on pins at the moment. He picked his road bicycle and paddled on it with as much force as he could, rushing on the wide road towards his shop, passing through many cars, bikes, people, and buildings on the way. There were also shops on the roadside, selling different stuff. 

Kadyn sniffed a delicious smell from not far away—street food was sold there. He glanced for a second and hurried forward. No time for gulping and swallowing his saliva.

He passed by the Radiant Brook Temple on the way—beggars could be seen begging on the temple's stairs. Many disabled, without hands or legs, blind and weak. Some people gave them food, and some gave them money, but some chided and kicked and humiliated them. Kadyn did not stop and continued to paddle his bicycle, leaving the temple behind. 'It seemed even this world is mixed with beggars and kind and arrogant.'

His house was not at an excellent location, just a little better than the slum area, but his shop was at quite a good location—at the street that connects with the Glumsore Road, and Glumsore School of Wizardry was also on that road where Elora studied. To buy this shop, his father had spent a fortune. 

Though he didn't get many customers in his shop, as he only sold low-quality herbs—the sum he earned by selling herbs was pitiful, not worth mentioning. As there were more prominent herbal shops available for customers who sold fresh and high-quality medicines. Kadyn was only an ordinary guy, so he could not go to the wilderness and collect herbs. 

His father was a hunter, but he was not a herb collector. He completed missions given by his customers or missions from Hunter Hall.


He placed his bicycle on the street and locked it with chains in front of his shop, as there was no parking place here, and checked his wristwatch: 10:26 o'clock. 'Just at the right time.' He smiled and wiped the sweat from his temples.

Afterwards, he turned towards his shop. The first thing that came into his view was aboard—Legendary Medicine shop. Kadyn saw the word Legendary speechlessly, then the worn-out door of the shop that looked more than a few millennia old from its look. The cracked walls, white paint turned yellow or even black, after who knew how long whitewashing. 'Legendary indeed.' At last, his gaze fell on the large warning on the wall: 'Piss here and I am your father.'


[The shop has been found. Please check your free rewards.]

[The assimilation speed has been accelerated—the assimilation has completed!]

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