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Ranulf never thought he would open his eyes again, as he laid in his own pool of blood. Unaware and ignorant of the portrayals of destiny. After the curtains of his existence collapsed, a new and fascinating life began. He transmigrated on the Pengolla—the magical world, filled with mythical creatures and cruel demons and powerful wizards—inside the boy named Kadyn. He thought he could live a peaceful life after finding out that his predecessor had no talent in magic. However, things never go according to the way we want them to be. Out of nowhere, a voice sounded in his head that shattered his world before it could take form inside his memory. [Host transmigrated successfully] [Host need to find a shop in twenty-four hours, or his soul will dissipate] Follow Kadyn on this fantastic journey, and see how he will overcome all the hardships and challenges in the future. How would he save himself and his family and his shop from greedy people? And how would he become a hunter instead of hunted after learning the harsh lesson from life? ______________________________________________ [Read all the free chapters before assuming anything about the story] ______________________________________________ The cover isn't mine. All credit goes to the artist. If the owner has any problem, please contact me, and I will put down the cover, or we can reach an agreement.

Eternal_Demon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
246 Chs

Only one step away

"Who dared to kill my children!"

Somewhere in the capital, a furious roar resounded. A young man stood up in rage. His dark eyes were cold and his face trembled with rage. His red hair and handsome face gave him a devilish look. He was tall, wearing a white shirt, trousers and cowboy boots. But at this moment his face was red in fury.

However, after the initial outburst, he took a breath and closed his eyes, when he opened them again, all the rage and fury had vanished, replaced with calm and indifference. He turned around and looked at the man who was standing respectfully, not too far away. 

"Go, find out who killed my children," he said in a soft voice, no previous anger remaining, "no one could escape after killing my babies," but there was a certain edge in his voice, a kind of chill we feel in the icy nights of December.

The servant bowed respectfully and left without speaking anything.