9 New Customer

Kadyn pressed the brakes and eyed before him—a man already stood in front of the locked gate of his shop. Kadyn remembered this boy from yesterday, and his name was Hicka. Name with no surname. Just like Kadyn. After all only a few people living in the Lower Town had surnames. It showed status and power and wealth. Kadyn had none of them.

"Ah, you are here." Hicka's eyes shone, seeing Kadyn on his old, rusty bicycle. He could not wrap his head around. Why would someone like Kadyn want to ride a bicycle? He was the owner of a magic shop. He should move around in cars such as Nercedes, Languare, Mountain Rover, and Jamborghini

Kadyn nodded and smiled at the boy before driving on his cycle towards the close gate.


Hicka wanted to warn that the gate was locked, but when Kadyn approached, it opened—Hicka gawped, not understanding what just happened. He saw no remote that Kadyn used or something else. He wondered if the technology really developed so absurdly. He shook his head and headed inside.

Kadyn unbolted the shutter of the main shop and pulled the counter outward before sitting on the chair. "Hmm, how much time?"

"Five hours." Hicka thought for a moment and then replied. "There is a competition in the school. But we need five stars to cast a lowest tier spell. I had three stars before coming here, but after meditating in your shop, I awakened one more. Furthermore I can feel, the fifth star isn't far from awakening."

Seeing the Hicka's excited face, Kadyn recalled Elora's crestfallen expression. He wondered how many stars she had awakened. "How many schools are participating in this competition?" he suddenly found himself asking.

Hicka caught Kadyn's question, and his eyes shone. He was eager to curry favour with him. Therefore he enthusiastically explained. "There are five magic schools in the Lower Town in which our school is second… last in the ranking. The most power…"

"Don't drag it. Just state what is the purpose of the competition?" He interrupted Hicka, seeing the boy was going to narrate the history of the competition.

"Yes, of course," Hicka said, embarrassed. "Actually, all schools are competing for a spot." He gazed at Kadyn and waited for the question.

"Spot? What kind of spot?" 

The boy grinned and continued. "The winner could compete with the schools of Upper Town. That is such an honor."

Kadyn heard the explanation and lost all the interest he had in this so-called competition. Just competing with the school's of Upper Town was an honor? With this mentality, they could only compete with them their entire life, but never win.

"Thousand Dollars." He gestured at the boy, and Hicka took out the paper money from his bag before passing on the counter. Kadyn counted and nodded at the man, and Hicka strode towards the meditation room.

Kadyn glanced at the watch and it was 10:45 A.M. He was having a headache because of his beloved sister. She would come in about one hour. He had no idea how he would explain the transformation of the shop to her. He tried to ask for the suggestion from the System, but the arrogant dude wouldn't reply. 

Not thinking much about the issue. He headed into his secret room. Yesterday he awakened four magic stars. Two for both summoning and fire. Today he wanted to focus on a single element, fire. He realised that if he wanted to activate his stars faster. He needed to meditate on a single element.

"Excuse me." As he approached the door, a call came from behind him. He glanced back and saw a girl around the age of sixteen, standing in front of the counter—tanned skin; big, charming, black eyes; slim waist; curvy body. Though her face seemed ordinary. She had a really seductive body, enough to drive any boy insane."Yes?" he inquired, peering at her busty bosoms.

"Is it really a magic shop?" 


After he explained, only then she believed but not entirely, and chose the Meditation Room for an hour. He also told her how to meditate inside and retreated to his secret hole.

[Energy Points: 84+2→86]

He checked the energy points and activated his Meditation Formula. This time, he focused entirely on the fire element. All the energy rushed into the fire pool, filling it to the brim. He focused inside the fire pool and saw a twinkle. He detected a star in the distance, appearing and fading. He became thrilled and continued to meditate as the swirl of energy penetrated his body.

[One hour: 86-4→82]

It didn't take long for the star to stabilize and glow harmoniously with the other two shining orbs in the vast space of the fire pool. He controlled his excitement and proceeded to meditate with the Elemental Chaos Formula.

[One hour: 82-4→78]

When another star started to come into existence, he heard an announcement in his head. As the star was about to stabilize, he once more heard the notification and opened his eyes and stood up. "It's time." Time for Elora to come, and one hour was also up for that new hot customer.

He sauntered out and peered at the girl standing in front of the counter, and her face was flushing red, huffing, and appeared angry. She squinted when Kadyn strode out of his room and pointed at him. "You money grubbing bastard! I was immersed and was about to awaken a star. However suddenly the mana in the surrounding disappeared. I know that the one hour was up, but how could you do such a thing? The chance to awaken a star isn't easy. But now you have wasted my opportunity!"

Kadyn raised his brows and slouched in his chair. "What are you grumbling about? You can just go for another session if you want to activate your star."

"You… You bastard!" her chest heaved up and down, and her round mounds looked really seductive and pleasant to look. "Do you know it isn't normal to get an epiphany? I doubt I could awaken this star soon. You money grubbing merchant!"

Kadyn was getting annoyed, hearing her calling him money grubbing again and again, but he tried to explain. "You don't know how our shop works. The epiphany you are talking about isn't much of a deal. You can get it in just a minute or two inside the meditation room."

"Wha...t?" the girl thought she misheard. "Are you sure?"

"100%," he said.

"Jenna?" when Kadyn was explaining, a surprised cry sounded. He eyed in that direction and his heart raced.

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