4 Doubts

Kadyn had a savoury lunch with his mother.  He sighed in relief and felt a little guilty when she asked no question about the store. After all he could not tell that her actual son died, and he transmigrated from another world, while out of nowhere a system appeared and talked gibberish and nonsense—and his shop was on an upgrade mode.

Thinking about the system, his migraine increased. He just wanted to live and live peacefully and fuck a few beautiful ladies before something untoward happens in his life once more.

"I am done, mom," he said and pressed the chair back as he stood up. "I will go rest in my room."

His mother nodded as he went upstairs and continued to collect the platters. Kadyn fell on his bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about his past life—his parents, school, and love… though there was no love, a shame... without realising his eyes grew heavy and blurred and he fell asleep.

An unknown amount of time passed, and his eyelids fluttered. He opened 'em, rubbing reflexively and went to wash his face. After wiping the water from his dashing countenance with a towel, he looked at the watch—5:07 pm. He settled his hair and clothes and went downstairs and saw his mom sleeping on the sofa. Kadyn winced, seeing drops of sweat gathering on her temples, and fatigue clutching her face, and dark circles forming under her eyes.

"Heh? What's that?" he narrowed his eyes, seeing two red points on her neck. He approached and found a mark as if a snake had bitten on the neck. He examined and his frown deepened. But he was afraid to awaken her so he controlled his curiosity and went out to take some fresh air after confirming that it wasn't a harmful mark because she looked fine and peaceful while sleeping.

Still there was no one in the garden, so he wandered on the road. Other people walking, talking, laughing, and passing by him now and then. After looking round he realised that most of the houses were one-storey, and he rarely saw a two-storey house like his own. After walking away from his house he saw runnels blocked with garbage and leaves and debris and pebbles, stinking and water running over the road. He frowned and walked passed.

Meanwhile wandering, Kadyn saw a familiar face. He smiled and walked towards her. "Hello, Miss Eddena." 

The woman scanned up in surprise at being called by someone in the middle of the road. "Oh, It's you. Did you not go to the shop today either?" She smiled back at him.

Kadyn felt his face burning, after hearing her words. It turned out his name was quite famous and people knew he was good for nothing. Though he wanted to scream and tell her it wasn't him but his predecessor, but could he really do that? So he thickened his skin and maintained a gentlemanly smile on his face. "Oh, no, no, it's not like that. Actually the shop is being renovated. I had to close it for today, can't do business in that kind of situation, can I?"

"Oh," Eddena nodded, surprised seeing his calm and smiling face. If it was before, Kadyn would have escaped due to shame and embarrassment, but today he seemed different, more handsome, more confident, looking like a completely unique person, and she had no idea how accurate her speculation was. Alas, she would never know.

"Coming from shopping?" asked Kadyn, peering at the poke in her hands. He could see green leaves and vegetables and fruits inside.

"Aye," chuckled the lady. "I went to Lower Town Square to buy some vegetables, as I have little love for meat."

"Oh," Kadyn nodded, from his predecessor's memory he knew that the Avibria City was divided into two parts, Lower Town and Upper Town—and Lower Town Square was the marketplace in the Lower Town, obviously.

"Please, let me," Kadyn extended his hand towards her bag. "I am also going back."

"You don't need…"

"I insist."

In the end Eddena passed her carrier bag to Kadyn and both of them stumbled shoulder to shoulder towards their home. "I heard your song, and it was beautiful." Kadyn complimented.

"Oh, thank you," smiled the beauty, hearing his praise, and Kadyn smiled back when he saw his words working.  

"Did you learn somewhere?"

"No, it is natural."

"What, really?"


"I couldn't believe that you never learned music, and yet, you are such a talented singer."

"We are here." Just as he was planning to add a few more flowery words, her voice interrupted. Looking around, he found himself standing in front of her house and felt disappointed. He did not even realise that he had arrived at their destination.

"Wanna come inside?" when he was despairing and cursing and crying at his luck, he heard the most unexpected thing. He turned towards her and blinked, unable to process. "What?" he asked for reassurance.

"If you don't want to, it's alright." Shaking her head, she proceeded to take her poke from his hand.

"I am coming, of course." He replied and hurriedly stood in front of her locked door.

Eddena smiled and unlocked her house. The first thing that fell into Kadyn's's view was the hall—there were sofas and couches and cushions, a beautiful glass table lay at the center of the hall and between the couches. Around two meters left of the sofas, was a dining table with four chairs. He looked beyond and saw stairs going up. At the right side of the stairs was the kitchen. He knew because utensils were visible through the window. There was also a door on the left, he presumed it was a washroom.

"Please, have a seat," Eddena gestured to him. "Do you want something cold or hot?"

"There is no need…"

"I insist."

Kadyn looked at her bewitching smile and charming brown eyes, he blinked and swallowed, then nodded. "Tea."

"Five minutes." She grinned, flicked and tousled her beautiful black locks, and padded into the kitchen with her vegetable bag. Kadyn slouched on the sofa lazily and his eyes roamed round in boredom. But there were only walls for him to look—five minutes weren't even up yet, when she walked out of the kitchen with a tray, two teacups and chips within.

"Oh, you must be bored," Eddena placed a tray on the glass table. "I'm really sorry for leaving you alone."

"No, no," Kadyn shook his head. "It's alright. You don't need to be so polite with me."

After that Eddena sat down beside Kadyn. He jerked his head at her in bewilderment. Not expecting her to sit on the same sofa. Though she completely ignored his gaze and sipped tea through the cup rims with her red mesmerising lips."

"Please," she gestured to Kadyn to take his tea.

Although feeling awkward, he still nodded and took the cup from the table. He could feel her slender thighs rubbing his right side, and he could perceive the warmth of her body, and as they talked to each other, her seductive boobs rubbed his hand, giving a complete and thorough boner to his innocent and virgin cock, turning his posture a little unnatural.

While he was trying to hide an embarrassing situation, his head buzzed and spined and blurred. After that he felt a warm sensation all over his body, and a comfortable feeling washed him, making him moan in pleasure. The comfortable feeling turned into pain slowly. He tried to struggle but there was only darkness and pain and despair and then...


"Hmm?" Kadyn snapped open his eyes and examined his surroundings. He was in a room, but not his room.

"Elora! Mother!" Kadyn squealed, confusion written all over his face.


The door clicked and opened. Elora entered the room "You are awake."

"Why am I in the mother's room?" he asked anxiously.

"Because you are heavy," she rolled her eyes. "We couldn't take you to your room. So we let you sleep here."

"But… but why don't I remember anything?" he creased his brows and struggled to think, but couldn't recall anything. "Though I remember… umm helping Miss Eddena, and then she invited me, and we had tea… after that… after that I can't recollect anything…" he felt his head would burst into pieces if he'd think any further, so he stopped, and asked his sister instead. "Do you know what happened?"

Elora sat beside him and frowned hearing his explanation and shook her head. "We found you on the doorsteps. We also asked Miss Eddena what happened, and she said that after drinking tea, you departed."

"Departed?" he looked at her. "And how did I end up on our doorsteps?"

"If you don't know, then how would I know?" Elora shrugged her shoulders.


She rolled her eyes at him when his stomach grumbled. "Let's go, you haven't eaten for a day after all."

"For a day?" he repeated confusedly and turned at his watch—11:11 am. "I was down for over 16 hours!" 

"Yes, and you don't know how worried mother was," she looked grudgingly at him. "I told her, you are completely fine and just unconscious, calming her anxiety a bit. Even then the entire night she remained awake, looking after you." She paused. "Only an hour ago she fell asleep, and that was also due to fatigue."

Kadyn felt warmth, hearing about his mother. He reckoned for a moment and changed the topic when nothing came to his mind. "Aren't you going to school today?"

Elora smiled at her brother. "Don't feel like going today."

"Alright, breaks are also important." He nodded and probed no more. It was normal to take a day or two off sometimes. However he did not see something hidden inside her smile.

"What's that?!" Elora exclaimed, looking at him with wide eyes.


"On your neck. There's a red mark," she replied.

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