5 Divine Lion Magic Shop

Hot wind howled and rustled, striking his face as Kadyn pedaled his bicycle. Trees at the the roadside swung and danced. Sweat dripped and drenched his clothes as the scorching sun hung on at the ninety-degree angle. Kadyn looked at his watch—it was 12:30 P.M.

"Are you once more going to spend your life as a simp and die a virgin?" while he was thinking about the shop he heard System in his head.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Kadyn asked in bewilderment.

"What I mean is simple. You died in your last life because of a girl. Do you once more want the history to repeat itself?" the system sounded annoyed. "This world works differently from your previous one. It is filled with violence and blood and greed, magic and demons and treachery."

"Did I miss something?" Kadyn reckoned and his eyes widened. "You know what happened with me last night, don't you?! Where did I get that mark on my neck?"


After that no matter what Kadyn tried, System never replied. In the end he gave up and continued pedaling his bicycle on the Glumorse Road. He tilted the handle and changed the direction, leaving Glumorse road. It took ten more minutes to arrive at the location of his shop.


"Wh-what?!" Suddenly he pressed the brake and observed the situation ahead of him with an open mouth and panicked face. "H-how? Why?"

He could not believe what he saw—an enormous gate with two lifelike statues of golden lions, with golden wings sitting on either side of the entrance. It looked as if they would lunge in just a moment.

"Who did this?" Kadyn threw his cycle with little care and dashed towards his shop. "Who dared to capture my shop? I'm fucking going to kill that bastard." He muttered, gritting his teeth.

There was a crowd, watching the marvellous design of the shop in front of them, praising and sighing in admiration. "I can't believe that someone is ready to establish a magic shop in the lower town as well." Someone said in admiration, looking at the two dignified statues.

"I think the boy is trying to pull a prank." One man said, shaking his head.

"What do you know?" another man refuted. "Do you think Kadyn spent so much money in the shop, just to play a prank on you? Don't you think you have too high an opinion about yourself?"


As Kadyn arrived he heard the conversation and his eyes widened in glee. Though he knew that his shop was about to upgrade he never thought the change would be this drastic. It was a difference in heaven and earth.

Kadyn rushed through crowd and arrived in front of large gate and looked at the board—Divine Lion Magic Shop.

"Did you give this name?" he asked the System.


"Why Lion? Why not Dragon or Phoenix?"

No reply.

Kadyn knew he would not get any answer from this mute system, so he stopped asking and looked at the statues in confusion and shook his head. What does it have to do with him if it was a dragon or a lion? His shop still sounded pretty badass.

Amidst the crowd, Kadyn headed in his shop through the entrance. The door opened automatically—he had no idea if it was due to some kind of sensor or something else—the first thing that fell into his gaze was the vast courtyard and a hedge surrounded. There was also a garden adorned with different types of flowers. Afterwards he saw the six separate buildings—Main shop, Potion Workshop, Artisan Workshop, Formation Workshop, Magic Acceleration Room, the and Practice Room.

Before Kadyn could ask anything, a rush of information came into his head and everything became clear—simultaneously a window popped out in front of him.

[Owner Name: Kadyn]

[Shop Name: Divine Lion Magic Shop]

[Mana Pool: Elementary]

[Energy points: 100]


1) Summoning (activated: 0 stars)

2) Fire

3) Wind

4) Lightning

5) Psychic

6) Darkness

7) Earth

8) Space

9) Wood

10) Blessing]

[Abilities: Pengolla Portal]

Kadyn looked at the window, and his mouth opened wide in shock. Now he realised what the system meant by that Kadyn had too much talent. He had ten elements in which summoning was the only activated element. All elements needed a vast amount of energy for awakening, which old Kadyn could not provide. Therefore his other elements remained in hibernation—always sucking his mana, hoping to awaken—and because his other elements always sucked his mana, he could not awaken summoning stars as well, due to his weak soul.

He sighed in admiration, and then his attention came back to the window, and he saw Pengolla Portal—"Is it some kind of portal?" he just shot an arrow in the darkness and somehow hit the target.

"Indeed, with it you can travel anywhere on the Pengolla Planet."

"What, really?" Kadyn's eyes brightened in excitement. He could travel anywhere in  this world.

"Put that thought off your head, for the time being, if you have any wish to live."

"Ermm..." he wanted to ask the reason, but then shook his head—he would get no answer from this damn thing, anyway.

[Warning: Host can't cuss the system. Being a first mistake it is forgiven, but henceforth, every curse you intend towards the system, you will lose 10 energy points.]

"What!?" Kadyn opened his eyes wide. "Wait a moment. What are energy points?"

"Consider it money for the system," a voice sounded in his head. "Without it you won't be able to use Pengolla portal, and many more things."

Kadyn heard and scuttled towards the Main Shop.

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