23 An Egg

Kadyn gawped at the screen with wide eyes. He sighed and shook his head. "Looks like my luck isn't as good as I thought." He paused a little and murmured. "Should I try once more?"

He hesitated, but in the end the gambler inside his heart won and the wheel once more spun. His heart raced with a rolling sphere.

What am I going to get? After all, I am the protagonist here.

Legendary Spell?

God Artifact?

Divine Potion?

Am I going to become an OP overnight?

Kadyn started to daydream when he thought about a treasure. As the speed of the wheel decreased, his heartbeat increased and his gaze stuck to the circle on the wall.

Come on!

Give me something awesome!

The spin stopped, and Kadyn was thrilled as he looked at the message on the screen.

[Congratulations: you have successfully drawn a lottery!]

However when the screen changed, and another message appeared, his smile froze.

[You have won an egg]

After that, an egg appeared on the ground. Around the size of the Ostrich's egg—with the white shell covered in blue patterns—the shell couldn't be any more rough. It was oval and only the word [ordinary] could describe its appearance. Nothing noteworthy.

Kadyn felt the craggy shell with his hand when he held it.

"What is this... stone?" kadyn complained. "I don't want it."

"You can't abandon the lottery, especially not something living. If you do, your winning rate would fall in the future. Furthermore it is your first lottery, if you abondon this, I don't think you will ever win again." System replied.

"Wha...aat?" Kadyn shouted in frustration… these stupid rules. Then again it was the system that gave him the second chance to live. So he had no right to complain about it.

"What should I do with this egg?" he sighed and reminded himself to remain positive.

Who knows if it is a hidden mythical creature?

However, when he looked at that stone like an egg, he lost all the hope.

"Sign the contract by dropping blood on the egg. You also need to nourish it with your summoning element."

"What do you mean I need to nourish it with a summoning element? Does that mean without summoning element I won't be able to sign the contract?" hearing System, Kadyn's interest piqued up.

"You can... actually by dropping blood on the egg you aren't forming a contract with but a kind of link. Anyway it is another matter, you will know in the future. Let me tell you the answer to your question.

"Most people want to get the [Familiar] with the same element as them. Why is that? Because with that it would be easy to form a deep bond with the beast and the beast would also feel more connected with another person.

"Therefore, in the future when people try to establish the real contract with their familiars, it won't reject them—later they could cooperate together to fight their enemies as their elements are the same that would increase their power greatly." System explained.

"Why can't I establish the contract immediately?" Kadyn asked in confusion.

You or anyone else can't, because it is an enormous burden on the familiars consciousness. An egg or a newly born would have a fragile soul as their bodies. If the creature couldn't take the burden, it would die. Therefore, people let them develop before signing a contract.``

"Then why can't I use another element to nourish it."

"Do you know what type of element this egg has?"

"...err," Kadyn became speechless. Indeed, he had no idea. In the webnovels when lead gets an egg, it would produce amazing magic ripples, and fire would form over it, and stars would shine. But this… he looked at the egg and couldn't hide his disappointment.

Am I still the protagonist?

System ignored his depressed mood and continued to explain. "Moreover, the summoning element was made to connect with magical beasts. It doesn't require one to have a common element to make a good impression on the monster."

Anyway, Kadyn did as the system told him. He cut his finger and the red drop fell over the egg.

"Is anyone here?"

Kadyn heard a voice from outside and saw someone standing behind the counter. However he failed to see the light that shone on the egg at that moment. When he turned around, the egg had already gone into its dormant state.

"What do you want, sir?" he peered at the man in front of him before asking.

The man eyed Kadyn in surprise. He did not think the owner of the shop would be this young.

While the customer observed Kadyn, Kadyn did the same—he was wounded, blood oozed from the gashes as the man cramped, and when Kadyn felt no malicious intent from the man, he put a smile on his face and waited for the other party to speak.

"Ah, yes… actually I need a healing potion. As you can see, I'm wounded. Do you have any?" he asked.

"Healing Potion?" Kadyn frowned. He has yet to start his potion business, and he wasn't proficient enough to make them regularly. So he wanted to wait for some time. Who knew the customer himself would arrive on his doorstep?

"You don't have it?" the man sighed in disappointment.

I should have known.

How could a shop in such a place have a potioneer?

He turned around to leave, when Kadyn said hurriedly. "I have a healing potion."

Kadyn pulled out a veil of potion from under the counter. Liquid of jade color contained inside.

The man peered at the veil and frowned. Jade colour healing potion? I have never seen or heard about it. "Is it a healing potion?"

"Of course, it's Soothing Drop. Elementary Mage just a need single drop to heal the deepest wounds. Of course, special conditions applied like poisonous wounds and such. In those kinds of situations it won't be effective."

Kadyn gave an explanation like a good shopkeeper. If he wanted he could hide the downside of the potion, but he didn't want to. After all he wanted to establish a long time business and for that he needed to give a good impression to his customers.

As he was explaining about the Soothing Drop, three people arrived and eyed the potion with narrowed eyes. They also heard Kadyn's explanation.

"Hmph, nothing but crap." One of the three sneered. "I don't believe it can heal any critical wound with a single drop."

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