Magic Sect of Beauties: The Strongest Mage is in a Cultivation World

R18, Dual Cultivation Yang Wei is an undefeatable mage. However, his power got too great, and as a result he was challenged by every mage from across the lands. In the end, the Heads of the most powerful magic clans all banded together to seal him in a void where he would perish. Of course, death is too small a thing to stop him. By reincarnating himself in a new world entirely, Yang Wei ends up in the Mashyan World. A Cultivation World popular for being a Women's World. He goes on to join the Dragon Blossom Sect, a sect popular for having not only powerful beauties but the kind that have a thing for strong, beautiful men. How will he fare... Warning: No Rape, NTR, Yuri or Incest. ... Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/3BvVEmUPY6

CastlePanda · Eastern
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322 Chs

Yang Wei and Sun Yuying: Together, Alone (I)

Sun Yuying slowly opened her eyes, groaning as she gently rubbed her head. While most of her body felt sore and her head throbbed heavily, her buttocks didn't ache much. She realized she was seated on something soft and comfortable.

"Where am I?" she muttered, looking around.

The surroundings were rich in nature, with numerous clouds covering the area. It felt like they were on the ground, but high in the skies. The place was brimming with Qi, making it feel colder than she expected.

Luckily, she wore a cloak heavily imbued with fire spiritual Qi.

She hugged herself and rubbed her arms to generate heat. "Wow, it's so cold," she exclaimed, her breath visible in the chilly air.