Magic Sect of Beauties: The Strongest Mage is in a Cultivation World

R18, Dual Cultivation Yang Wei is an undefeatable mage. However, his power got too great, and as a result he was challenged by every mage from across the lands. In the end, the Heads of the most powerful magic clans all banded together to seal him in a void where he would perish. Of course, death is too small a thing to stop him. By reincarnating himself in a new world entirely, Yang Wei ends up in the Mashyan World. A Cultivation World popular for being a Women's World. He goes on to join the Dragon Blossom Sect, a sect popular for having not only powerful beauties but the kind that have a thing for strong, beautiful men. How will he fare... Warning: No Rape, NTR, Yuri or Incest. ... Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/3BvVEmUPY6

CastlePanda · Eastern
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316 Chs

Journeying to the Dragon Blossom Sect for Peace Talks.

vol 3 start.


In the blink of an eye, 10 days had flown by, and Yang Wei spent that time cultivating with the beast cores he had.

So far, he hadn't done any personal spirit root cultivation because he needed specialized meridians for his breakthrough, and he hadn't gained access to them yet.

However, his training with Li Meixiu in the Dimensional Osmanthus World hadn't stopped. He'd trained there vigorously for a little over a month, which was roughly equivalent to five days in the actual world. Currently, he was slowly perfecting the second and third forms of the Six Foundational Steps of the Black Tortoise. His grasp of the first form, the Serpent's Coil Stance, was now beyond perfection.