33 Encountering Water Spirit Worms, Undying and Imperishable!

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The size of the Water Spirit Worm was only five centimeters to one centimeter, which was the size of a small stone.

Fortunately, with his cell evolution, Austin's eyesight was much better than ordinary people's.

With a closer look, Austin would be able to find Water Spirit Worms that were as small as five centimeters.

Austin's first stop was the grass patch beside his house.

According to the information he got from the library, an island country had once found a Water Spirit Worm in the city. Austin decided to try his luck.

When he did not find it, Austin relocated again as he looked for puddles, rivers, and other places.

Water Spirit Worms mainly survive in freshwater sediment, damp soil, and moist pieces of moss.

Austin searched for half the morning and finally found traces of the Water Spirit Worm in a mud pit beside a pond.

Austin grabbed the handful of mud and held it in his hand.

After a while, an electric current from the depths of his cells flooded his body. It filled his limbs and bones with a strange feeling.

There were about 37 trillion cells in the human body. The marvelous electric current originated from 37 trillion cells!

"Ding! The host has come into contact with the Water Spirit Worm. Cell evolution. Obtained the ability of indestructibility!"


Austin's heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly asked, "What is indestructibility?"

The system replied, "Ding! Cellular indestructibility. The host possesses super-strong vitality and extreme adaptability."

"Host can even survive in a vacuum environment at the moment!"

Austin became excited.

This way, it would not be a problem for him to survive in any hazardous environment.

"I've found the Water Spirit Worms. Let's look for more Sacred Beetles and Tiger-Armored Devil Insects!"

One had extraordinary strength and defense.

One was extremely fast.

If he could obtain those and get his cells to evolve, it would allow Austin's capabilities to take a great leap!

Fortunately, the Sacred Beetles and Tiger-Armored Devil Insects were easy to find.

After some effort searching for the Holy Beetle and Tiger Demon Beetle in the city, Austin eventually found them.

"Ding! The host has come into contact with the Holy Beetle. Cell evolution. Obtained a thousandfold increase in strength! A thousandfold increase in defense!"

"Ding! The host has come into contact with the Tiger-Armored Demon Beetle. Cell evolution. Obtained a hundredfold increase in speed!"

An intense electric current ran through his body and affected Austin's 37 trillion cells.

The 37 trillion cells evolved together!

The muscle groups, skin tissues, bones, organs, and so on formed by cells had all undergone tremendous changes.

His heart was beating like a never-stopping furnace.

"A thousandfold increase in strength and a thousandfold increase in defense?"

Austin clenched his fists, and his eyes lit up.

Once his attack power and defensive power matched, he no longer had to worry about his physical body being unable to endure a full attack.

"I'm rather curious about how much power can my full strike unleash."

Austin's cells were constantly evolving, and his power was also improving.

During the examinations, Austin did not need to increase his strength. He could punch more than 2,000 kilograms.

Right now, he should have at least five to six thousand kilograms of punching force.

If his strength had increased by a thousand times, his punch would have the force of five to six million kilograms.

Who could withstand such a punch?

Austin originally planned to seduce Hika, who was a tier-three magister. He wanted to hold her hand and interact with her genuinely so that his cells could evolve.

Was it necessary now?

Could a tier-three magister unleash five to six million kilograms of physical force?

Imagine the terrifying destructive power of a 5,000-ton ship shrunk to the size of a fist!

Could the armor of an elite-level beast even withstand it?

"I now have the assets to enter the hunting area alone. I don't even need to fear walking through no man's land."

Austin whispered to himself.

With this level of strength, he could kill a few elite-level vicious beasts.

Not to mention hundreds of thousands, a few million would be a piece of cake!

Of course, there was no end to cell evolution.

Austin would always think of ways to increase his strength.

Since his strength and defense will not increase significantly. For the time being, he would start from other aspects.

Ding ding ding…!

Austin's magick communicator rang.

In this world, the development of magitek has reached a peak. The energy source of magitek was also easy to obtain. The level of technology here was even higher than in Austin's world.

"Could it be…"

Austin's expression changed as he picked up the magick communicator.

"Hello, is this Austin?"

A kind elderly voice came from the other end of the communication device.

"Elder Chuan?"

Austin asked.

Elder Chuan chuckled and said, "Ah, my young friend, you still remember me."

Austin said solemnly, "You blocked the Elite-level Earth Shark Dragon all by yourself and bought us some time to escape. I'll never forget that."

Elder Chuan said, "There aren't many young people like you who have a decent potential yet still so humble."

"How are you? Do you have time now? Come to the Magister Association. Let's have a face-to-face talk."

Austin's eyes flickered around.

After the exam, the various factions in the city of Faye began to offer their olive branches to recruit seeded magisters.

As expected, Austin became chosen by the Thunder Magister Guild.

"Alright, I'll be right there. Please wait a moment, President."

After Austin hung up the magick communicator, he identified the direction of the Magister Association.

"This is a good opportunity to test out the Tiger-armored Devil Insect's hundredfold increase in speed."

Austin bounced about on the spot and moved his neck, wrists, and other joints, making crackling noises.

He did not choose to take a taxi as he decided to walk over.

With a hundred times the speed, Austin was much faster than a taxi.

Strictly speaking, after the 100 times increase in speed, Austin's running speed was even faster than the Fire Dragon transport vehicle!

"Alright, time to give it a try!"

Austin made a ready run.

He gathered his strength.

His legs bent while his back arched.

Austin's body was like a longbow ready to strike.

In an instant, Austin's eyes widened as he exerted strength in his legs and charged out.


The ground cracked open, leaving a distinct footprint.

Looking at Austin, he had already turned into a blurry shadow and appeared at the end of the street.

He was like a dragon that moved as fast as lightning, leaving afterimages behind as he glided through the traffic!

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