1 Divine Skill Selection System, Eye of Law Activated!

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"He's only thirty years old and hasn't undergone any training. His spiritual power level has reached thirty times that of an ordinary person."

An old man with white hair and white beard looked at the back of the young man who had left and let out a long sigh.

"Not to mention this small village, even in the Empire, the number of children who can reach his level can be counted with one's fingers."

The mage apprentice standing beside him scratched his head and asked in puzzlement, "Master, if that's the case, why don't you take him as your apprentice?"

The old mage said in disappointment, "His spiritual power level is indeed very rare in the world. It can be said that it is an outstanding talent given by the heavens, but if he wants to become a mage..."

After saying this, he often sighed and lamented that the heavens were playing tricks on him.

"His affinity with the elements is really too..."


"Really too f*cking poor."

With a blade of grass in his mouth, Su Han sat by the stream and could not help but swear.

His name was Su Han, and he had transmigrated to this world for thirty years.

In his previous life, he was a student who had passed the entrance examination for a prestigious university in the capital with an excellent score of six hundred. However, not long after he received the admission letter, he died due to excessive excitement.

After that, he had transmigrated to this world called the Second Continent.

This continent was not much different from the world he had seen in Su Han's fantasy novels. There were elegant elves, wild orcs, honest dwarves, and goblins who had kidnapped humans.

However, he had heard all of these from unreliable bards. He had never seen them with his own eyes.

It was also because of Su Han's transmigration that his spiritual power was much stronger than that of an ordinary person. A few years ago, an old mage came to the village.

He had discovered Su Han's uniqueness at a glance. After testing his spiritual power, he even shouted that Su Han was a super genius that would not appear even amongst ten thousand people!

However, what made Su Han very speechless was that the gods had given him spiritual power that was different from an ordinary person, but they had deprived him of his affinity with the elements.

The elements were a kind of substance that wandered between heaven and earth.

A mage could use his own spiritual power to summon the wandering elements. Then, through the magic formula, he could transform them into a spell that everyone was familiar with.

However, to become a mage, not only did he have to have spiritual power that was higher than an ordinary person's, but he also had to pass the level of affinity with the elements.

The affinity to the elements was divided into nine levels. The higher the level, the more elements one could mobilize.

In other words, if one's affinity to the elements was zero, then no matter how strong one's affinity was, if one could not summon the elements, it was impossible for one to become a mage.

However, Su Han was interesting.

His teacher once sighed and said, "I have seen people who are unmoved no matter how much they summon the elements, but I have never met a person where the elements would run away when they elements see someone."

Su Han was such a person.

As long as he sensed the elements around him and tried to summon them with his spiritual power, the elements around him would be like sheep encountering a lion, fleeing in all directions.

Thus, in an instant, a thin area of elements formed around him.

His teacher once said, "Actually, you're very suitable to become a magic breaker. If you stand next to other mages, that mage will never be able to use magic again."

Thinking of this, Su Han stood up angrily and pointed his middle finger at the Heaven's fate. He said, "Oh my God, people transmigrate using the golden finger as a dragon service. I have been in this place for thirteen years, and you are giving me a defective product?!"

After cursing, he stood up. He was not unhappy. After all, he had lived here for thirteen years. It was not a big deal to be an ordinary person.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang in his ear.

That voice made him pause, and he was completely shocked!

[Ding! You have activated the Divine Skill Selection System! Please choose the opening divine ability!]

1: Explosive Fireball Spell.

Description: A simple and easy-to-understand spell. You only need the lowest level of elemental affinity to cultivate it. Its power is powerful, and it can destroy the blue sky and shatter the earth!

2: Freezing the Earth.

Description: It requires a high level of comprehension and requires a peerless genius to comprehend it. Once used, the ice soul will freeze a thousand miles and destroy all life!

3: Eye of the Law.

Description: Your observation ability has been strengthened. You can observe extremely minute things. You can see the rhythm of the elements in the air. The law will dance under the magic spell. Without any cultivation conditions, it will be activated directly.


What the hell are the first two choices? I don't have any affinity with the elements to cultivate!

System, if you don't want me to choose, just say it!

"I choose 3, Eye of the Law."

Although he cursed the System in his heart, Su Han still made his choice honestly.

The next moment after he made his choice, the scene in front of him changed.

In front of him was a thin stream. He had been coming here to fetch water every day for more than ten years.

But at this moment, Su Han saw something different. He saw something at the microscopic level. He saw countless things like threads undulating in the stream.

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