4 Comprehending the Wheel of Laws!

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Su Han raised his head, and the mage's attribute panel appeared before his eyes.

Name: Anthony

Race: Human

Mage Level: Tier 5

Physical Fitness: Tier 5

Spiritual Power level: ??? Points

A Tier 5 Mage. Su Han was slightly startled as he looked at this bearded old man. Tier 5 mages were all top-tier mages in the entire Empire. Why would such a super mage appear in a remote mountain village like theirs?

Half an hour later, Su Han arrived outside the village. He found a quiet place and sat cross-legged on the ground. He calmed himself down and suddenly opened his eyes, looking at the law that was floating in the entire world.

He did not know if he could use the Eye of Law to do it. Like a Saint Magister, he could directly use his mind power to construct a wheel of law, abandoning all magic formulas and allowing the elements to be under his control!

"If I can really do it," Su Han clenched his fists, "I don't want to be an ordinary person for the rest of my life!"

He closed his eyes and recalled the three wheels of law that he saw in the mage's fireball spell.

The three wheels of law quickly appeared in his mind. He mobilized his thick mind power and began to construct.

The spiritual power he released revolved around his five fingers and slowly turned into thin threads. Then, he used those thin threads to simulate the pattern of the wheel of laws.

Little by little, he was very careful...

If he opened his eyes now, he would definitely be able to see that the three wheels of laws were rapidly taking shape in his hands.

The 'burning' wheel of laws.

The 'floating' wheel of laws.

The 'condensed' wheel of laws.

The surrounding fire elements whistled towards him, jumping and cheering around him.

If his teacher was here, he would definitely be so shocked that he would not be able to say a single word. Such active fire elements could only appear when someone's magic affinity with the elements had reached the highest level.

And the fire elements were still gathering. This degree of elemental activity had far surpassed those mages whose affinity had reached the maximum level. It was as if the law of heaven and earth itself was summoning.

That's right, this was the summoning of the law itself!


Su Han suddenly opened his eyes, and the three law wheels suddenly merged into one.

He stretched out his hand, and a fireball the size of a washbasin floated in his hand. The three law wheels slowly circled around the fireball.

The moment the fireball appeared, Su Han's face revealed a smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

"I succeeded!" he said with a choked voice.

Who would have thought that the future mage god, who dominated the entire continent and left behind countless legends, would start his path from this small fireball spell?

The future was already in front of his eyes.

And in the next moment, two or three system notifications rang in Su Han's ears.

[Ding! You have recorded the Law of 'Tier 1 Combustion'.]

Eye of Law Experience +1.

[Ding! You have recorded the law of 'Tier 1 Levitation'.]

Eye of Law Experience +1.

[Ding! You have recorded the law of 'Tier 1 Condensation of Fire Elements'.]

Eye of Law Experience +1.

Su Han opened his attribute panel.

Name: Su Han

Race: Human

Mage Level: Mage Apprentice

Physical Fitness: 0.5

Spiritual Power: 3,000

Ability Comprehended: Eye of Law 3/10 (Beginner)

Wheel of Laws: Tier 1 Combustion, Tier 1 Levitation, Tier 1 Condensation of Fire Elements.

The experience value of the eye of laws increased by 3 points, which surprised Su Han a little. Presumably, after comprehending more wheel of laws in the future, the ability of the eye of laws would evolve as well. As his proficiency increased, he would definitely be able to unlock more functions.

At the bottom of the attribute panel, the images of the three law wheels were emitting a faint light. He could see their structure very directly.

Su Han looked at the three law wheels that he had mastered. His heart was beating like a drum. In other words, as long as he memorized the images of a law wheel and constructed them, the system would automatically record them.

And how many wheels of laws would there be in this world? Hundreds, thousands, or perhaps even more. It was almost impossible to memorize all of them.

The three wheels of laws that he had mastered were obviously the lowest level of the wheels of laws.

Above them, there were even more complicated images. If he wanted to turn them into his own power, he had to work hard to raise his spiritual power.

Without spiritual power, no matter how many laws he saw, it would be useless.


Su Han sat outside the village and spent the whole morning comprehending the wheel of rules that he had constructed. At noon, he finally compressed the casting time of a fireball spell from five seconds to less than two seconds.

This speed was not his limit. He was still not very familiar with the use of the wheel of laws. If he became more proficient, the casting time would be even shorter.

If other wizards knew that he could cast a fireball in two seconds, their jaws would probably drop in shock.

A wizard apprentice needed at least ten seconds to complete a fireball. To complete it in two seconds, it would require at least a Tier 5 mage.

And this was not Su Han's limit.

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