Magic and Martial War God

Check out: Crazy Monk Also Dual Cultivates? Check out: Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates? Humanity coexists with monsters, a young warrior walked out of Antarctica, with magic in his left, martial in his right, and spear in the middle; cough, cough; with a spear in his hands, he slaughtered his enemies. He is the one who inherited the power of Supreme Dao, he is the one who holds the sword that slays gods and demons, he is the one who controls Eight Extremes and Single Chaos. But what is he in reality? Was he chosen by heaven or his fate is related to someone else, all of these mysteries lead him out of his universe. What does he want to find? What will he find? Why did all of those Supreme Treasures choose him? Whose inheritance has he been inherited till? Was he the only one with such fate, or there is someone other peoples? Let's find out the truth with adventures, action, magic, martial art, dao, sect development, little here and there, to finally reach the end. :::::::: Check out my Instagram: sabin_948 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/fJ9MFTGW2j

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Path of Magic and Martial Cultivation

In the meantime, while walking on the road. Johnny had already reached the academy at 8:30 am. He was standing in front of the gates looking at the big academy nearly the size of three normal-sized football stadiums. He walks through the gates and saw a bunch of different students.

Johnny walked straight to his class, he then moved towards his seat which was in the third left corner of the windows side row. When he reached his seat, he heard someone calling his name "Johnny"

Just by his voice, he could imagine a person. He turned right and saw a little fat boy the same age as him standing at one place calling him. The fat boy was wearing a white T-shirt and blue shorts. Johnny got closer to him and lightly punched at his fist, fat boy did the same.

This was their sign to show they were still buddies. This fat boy's name is Rocky, best friend from a small age. Two of them play, read, and do everything together. Just when they were starting a chat, another sweet voice comes from behind "Johnny, Rocky"

They turned behind and saw a girl wearing black jeans and a tight blacktop. This girl was not only beautiful but her height was the same as Johnny. Rocky was a little smaller and fat.

"Rose" Johnny and Rocky also called her name. This was Rose, a friend of Johnny and Rocky from childhood except they weren't this close one or two years before.

"Johnny, why did you cut our call and why did your phone sound out of reach for a long time?" Rose asked with an anxious voice, it was clear she was worried about Johnny.

"Yeah Johnny, What happened? We just heard your scream?" Rocky was about to mention this previously but didn't get a chance.

"I will explain but how about going out?" Johnny sighed at his friend, he knew they were very worried about him so he decided to explain everything.

"Well, the thing is I am also not clear whether I imagined or it was real but one thing is clear. I found this black stone in my hands when I woke up but the problem is I don't know why did it return to me every time, I throw it away" Saying so Johnny showed a black stone in his hand. This stone was like a marble but not made out of glass particles. To experiment, he even throws it away but it returns towards him flying.

He didn't explain some scenes such as when he was chatting with Rocky and Rose, that scream was not him but a ghost-like thing. Unfortunately, this voice was very similar to Johnny so they thought it would be him.

But that scream was truly powerful before he could speak or do anything. He saw two men in front of him facing each other. They moved forward and punched at each other. When fist collides, many houses around him turned into dust.

He had never seen such power in his life not even once. He got unconscious just by momentum released during a punch. The next day he woke up, he found himself at his bed and his hand was covered in blood holding a black stone. He panicked and ran towards the bathroom to clean his hand.

After cleaning, he saw nothing more than a small scratch. This was truly surprising since his hand only had such a small cut but blood dyed his whole hand. He looked at the stone quite a few times and found nothing special he threw it away.

Mysteriously that stone floated in the air and move towards his hand. It stayed at his hand without moving an inch. Then Johnny sighed and checked a few times. After checking a few times, he found this stone needs to be at least a meter close to him, so he just put it in his pocket.

Black stone weight wasn't much of a problem for him but its appearance might be. After all, it could float on air, meaning it is truly mystical but problem is, Johnny isn't even a Rank 1 Magician or Martial Junior, so he can't find anything abnormal about it.

Finally, he decided to give up and put it in his pocket. After that, he also rushes out and checks if everything is normal and it was the same as yesterday. Nothing changed, not even a single house was destroyed.

"This stone seems to be very ordinary" Rocky was testing this black stone while Johnny was explaining everything. Rocky continued "Except it is vibrating and try to rush towards you after separating from you"

"Well, Johnny change your clothes and come to practice hall otherwise Teacher may get angry since today is a very special day" Rose reminded Johnny, moving away from them.

"Well Rose is right. You should change fast" Rocky said and both of them moved towards the changing room.

While changing his T-shirt, Johnny asked "What element do you want to awaken, Rocky?"

"Not to mention, we can't choose element. This is a sore loser, I expect it would be great even to awaken" An arrogant voice comes from a door of the changing room.

"Max, your family may have wealth but that doesn't mean you are a genius. Rocky may not have a talent for study or sports but he still has a chance to awaken" Johnny looked at a handsome face youth in a white T-shirt and blue shorts.

"Humph! We'll see" Max couldn't refuse this statement because whether it is physical strength or exam results, Johnny was top of the class. So, he couldn't refuse but give up yet.

"Let's go Rocky" After changing, he left with Rocky who had a sad face. Opposite to Johnny, he was a loser in every term.

When an awakening magic element, a person can awaken only one element, and only after a huge realm breakthrough, he can awaken a second element. There are a total of eleven elements they are: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, Thunder, Ice, Light, Dark, Wood, Space.

There are other non-elemental magic powers such as Mirror Magic, String Magic, Dream Magic, and especially Time Magic. Non-elemental magic-user is very rare. Not many people could awaken these overpowered Magic Power. It may not be overpowered on itself but if used correctly then it will be the deadliest Magic power.

Time and Space elements are named as Strongest Elements. But to awaken these elements, one needs to open Mana Space or to practice Martial Art, a person needs to open Inner Space.

Mana Space is a big space that could hold mana power inside the human body. Mana space locates finger down naval point. Mana is energy transformed from dark energy. Mana is the basis for all magic arts, so without Mana, one can't use Magic power.

Element awakened by a person creates a cover around Mana space when dark energy reaches Mana space, it first goes through an element which covers transforms dark energy into Mana.

Same way, a person can open inner space inside his forehead. This inner space contains a spiritual root that can transform dark energy into spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is used by martial artists to perform any kind of martial arts.

But the problem is, dark energy shouldn't be transported through blood veins of any other medium except meridians.

Dark energy is a very mysterious, conflicted, and destructive force that can kill a person within an hour. If it wasn't for our atmosphere containing something that can reduce its effect by many times and also because of its property, it can't be mixed with air.

This is the reason why people can breathe and stay alive. Dark energy won't directly enter one's body if the person's body wanted to reject it. This is also the reason, it is very mysterious. Animals could swallow it without thinking, it was because of their strong body, and they successfully adapted dark energy.

Dark energy also made their physique stronger than the previous times. For humans, dark energy needs to pass through a certain medium known as meridians. Only by opening the meridian, one can channel dark energy into his body and start cultivation.

There are nine main meridians and other hidden uncountable or at least undiscovered meridians in the human body. These nine meridians represent nine ranks of magic or martial junior stage. This is the way of cultivation in this world. Open space, awaken path, open meridians, and cultivate.