Magic and Martial War God

Martial Arts
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What is Magic and Martial War God

Read ‘Magic and Martial War God’ Online for Free, written by the author Sabin_Subedi_Fei, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Check out: Crazy Monk Also Dual Cultivates?Check out: Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates?Humanity coexists with monsters, ...


Check out: Crazy Monk Also Dual Cultivates? Check out: Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates? Humanity coexists with monsters, a young warrior walked out of Antarctica, with magic in his left, martial in his right, and spear in the middle; cough, cough; with a spear in his hands, he slaughtered his enemies. He is the one who inherited the power of Supreme Dao, he is the one who holds the sword that slays gods and demons, he is the one who controls Eight Extremes and Single Chaos. But what is he in reality? Was he chosen by heaven or his fate is related to someone else, all of these mysteries lead him out of his universe. What does he want to find? What will he find? Why did all of those Supreme Treasures choose him? Whose inheritance has he been inherited till? Was he the only one with such fate, or there is someone other peoples? Let's find out the truth with adventures, action, magic, martial art, dao, sect development, little here and there, to finally reach the end. :::::::: Check out my Instagram: sabin_948 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/fJ9MFTGW2j

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ShuZainaAD · Urban
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Die Tochter der Hexe und der Sohn des Teufels

Er verliebte sich in ihre seltenen violetten Augen. Dann dachte er, er könne sie ganz haben. ------ In dieser Nacht saß die zarte Frau mit den violetten Augen in ihrem Hochzeitskleid auf dem Bett, während ihr Mann sie mit einem Lächeln beobachtete. "Also", sagte er mit verruchter, anziehender Stimme, "kann ich das Gesicht meiner Frau nicht einmal in der Hochzeitsnacht sehen?" "Eure Majestät haben versprochen, mir meinen einzigen Wunsch zu erfüllen", kommentierte die Frau und befestigte mit leicht zitternden Händen den Schleier, der die untere Hälfte ihres Gesichts bedeckte. Er starrte in ihre geheimnisvollen, seltenen violetten Augen. "Darf ich fragen, warum ein solcher Wunsch?" Sie starrte ihn zurück an. "Eure Majestät mögen es vielleicht nicht, hässliche Dinge zu sehen." Er schmunzelte und trat auf sie zu. "Aber ich hatte nie eine Vorliebe für schöne Dinge." ------ Seren, die berüchtigte Tochter der Hexe, und Drayce, der skrupellose und bösartige Sohn des Teufels. Niemand hatte jemals ihr Gesicht gesehen, da die Hexen hässlich sein sollen, aber er war derjenige, der nie nach Schönheit suchte. Sie war verflucht, sich nie zu verlieben, aber er wünschte sich, der einzige Mann zu sein, den sie jemals lieben würde. Eine verfluchte Prinzessin, die mit dem Sohn des Teufels verheiratet wurde, um sein Reich zu zerstören, aber der Sohn des Teufels hatte einen anderen Plan für sie. Das Geheimnis ihrer Geburt wird gelüftet, nur um die verborgenen Kräfte in ihr zu entfesseln, die niemand kontrollieren kann. Können Drayce und Seren einander vor den verborgenen Gefahren, die ihre Macht begehren, schützen, oder wird die Dunkelheit sie verschlingen? ------ Dies ist das erste Buch der "Devil and Witch"-Serie. Buch eins - Die Tochter der Hexe und Der Sohn des Teufels. Buch zwei - Die verfluchte Hexe des Teufels. Buch drei - Der Verlobte des Teufels. Beide Bücher sind miteinander verbunden, aber man kann sie auch einzeln lesen. ------ Instagram- mynovel.20 Diskord - https://discord.gg/p3Xrs8VbS3 FB Gruppe- mynovel20's novels

Mynovel20 · Fantasy
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[BL] Every Day After Marriage Is Really Fragrant

Yu Antong menderita penyakit jantung bawaan dan hidup dengan hati-hati setiap hari. Dia tidak menyangka bahwa pada akhirnya dia akan mati dalam kecelakaan. Di saat-saat terakhir hidupnya, dia hanya menyesali bahwa hidupnya yang singkat terasa hambar. Ketika dia membuka matanya lagi, dia dipindahkan ke sebuah buku dan dia sangat senang mendapatkan tubuh yang sehat. Begitu dia lewat, dia akan menikah. Selain itu, pasangan nikahnya adalah kekasih impian dari banyak pantat di buku! Yu Antong melepaskan dirinya, bahagia setiap hari. Awalnya, Xing Lixuan: Tampaknya berbeda dari penyelidikan, keluarga seperti apa yang bisa mengolah pelaku kejahatan ini? Kemudian, Xing Lixuan: Istri yang saya nikahi sangat melekat dan cara dia memanggil saya suami selalu membuat saya tidak nyaman. Tapi untuk beberapa alasan, saya tidak ingin menghentikannya. Akhirnya, semua teman Xing Dashao mengatakan bahwa mereka sudah tahu bahwa istri Xing Dashao pandai memasak, menghasilkan banyak uang, dan berpenampilan menarik. Mereka berharap di masa depan, Xing Dashao dapat berhenti berbicara tentang istrinya dan membiarkan anjing lajang itu hidup! Xing Lixuan: Kamu tidak tahu betapa manisnya istriku di rumah, tapi aku tidak akan mengatakan itu. Setengah tahun kemudian, Yu Antong menyentuh perutnya dan terkejut: Saya hamil?! Xing Lixuan, kamu sampai disini!! Saya ingin bercerai!!! Xing Lixuan: Istri, kita sudah punya anak, jangan membuat masalah. Yu Antong: Saya menyesal sekarang, saya hanya berpikir ini adalah novel roman tapi tidak pernah tahu ini adalah kehamilan laki-laki! ©Novel terjemahan

Daoistsd6LgG · Realistic
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

The Lycan's Forbidden Mate

[Warning: Matured Content] 'Could the blow of the air be the one to extinguish a fire? Or would it be the one to kindle it even further?' Ophelia Viadislav, a dragon from a royal family of warriors, is set on a mission to kill the Alpha heir of the Lycans, but finding out that there is a deep connection between them, she gets caught in the middle of the war, between the werewolves and her own kind, the dragons. A pure-blooded Lycan and Alpha heir to rule a great nation, Nikolai Novikov is finally out after being imprisoned by his own family for three hundred years. In his heart, only anger and darkness revolve but meeting the forbidden fruit, she fills his heart with nothing but intense fury and burning desire. Every step closer to her invites the wrath of the moon goddess, Every step closer to him invites the wrath of the fire gods, but they can't control it especially when Vengeance turns into passion and Hate turns into love. A union that the gods, goddesses and those who they called family were against. Different lives collide, mysteries slowly reveal and the forbidden love blossoms into a beautiful flower with thorns. What happens when they defy gods, goddesses and the entire world to be together without caring to know about the serious consequences? Will they be brought to their knees by their enemies or would love prevail in the end? ****** This book is connected to MARRIED TO THE LAST ICE DRAGON but can be read as a standalone.

Mystic_Fantasy73 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
227 Chs
Table of Contents
Latest Update
Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :I am Heaven-Defying
Volume 2 :Sect Development
Volume 3 :Rising Star


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My story is nowhere near perfect. It can never reach that state. But if you are here for serious character development, weak to strong, romance, hardcore battles, then you have come to the right place. Two volumes have been completed. First Volume- Massive fillers and introductions, no major character development, unexpected pace, and some boring tones. Second Volume- Sect development, character growth, rapid pace, tragedy, romance, some boring chapters, and proper story development. Basically, this novel doesn't have many things that you would like. But if you are looking for a story that has a serious story plot and story development, with lots of ups and downs, then you can join Johnny on his journey to surpass his father so that no one can manipulate him ever again.


It was good for a while Then I realised this is yet another worthless system novel Why is the system plot so popular on this app I genuinely hate system novel I feel it just ruins everything fantasy or eastern fantasy stories are all about btw It's just my personal opinion and not review for novel


A marvelous and applause for a great start! Martial Arts action novel is never really my thing but you broke that. Another action that will make the readers go crazy when reading this💓


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


two main problems. First is the level of writing quality. English doesn't seems to be his native langue and even for me an french with a not that good level of English grammar, it sting my eyes... The second one is the chaotic amount of techniques. He have so much bloodlines, cultivations techniques, talents at the same time. When you mix both it's very difficult to understand and follow the story.


It's a great action-packed novel filled with interesting characters. The storyline is also interesting and not one moment is dull. Its background setting and description are also one of its strong points.


Reveal spoiler


i like the novel till ch 180 but.. you have made the MC too naive which i did not like... i hope that you change it fast but it didn't suit a MC.. otherwise i will lose interest in the novel..


Reveal spoiler


Hey there! Good day for writing! If you want to see whether you can get paid by distributing the current work or getting financial support by writing new works, you might want to contact rebecca.review@outlook.com. A brief introduction, some sample chapters, or links will be appreciated when reaching out.


The story is very interesting on how the changes Earth will go through in the future. You describe them well. Keep up the good work and updates soon!


It is amazing to think about something like dark energy for cultivation and in the real-world we know nothing about it. The most amazing part of this novel is our earth, it seems we will see lots of fighting between different races in the universe.


This is an awesome modern world cultivation novel. Though its just four chapter, it is enough for us to realize to good this novel is going to be but this still depend on author's thought. I hope to read more and more chapters like this in future.


Amazing! <3 The story plot is superb.I really loved your writing style. Can't wait to read more of it! 😍


Wonderful story plot. The story is very well written and the plot is purely original. The world description is beautifully written. The mystery is retained throughout chapters and though it is just 3 chapters and has already gained my attention. Waiting for more chapters to unfold the story. Good Work.


This is truly a interesting world with interesting stuff like dark energy. Author really imagined something that matches with our real world unknown stuff. I am looking forward to see how story progresses


It's nice, though it's still two chapters but i am super looking forward to what will happen next kyahhhh keep up the good work my co-writer


I can see some great sci-fi coming up with some superb settings, keep it up Aurthor, added to my collection and will catch up with progress.


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