Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits

The God of Magic stopped blessing his believers. The Tower of Magic, where the mages gathered and worshiped him was destroyed. Magic Fell. The surviving Mages were looked down upon by the rest of the world. Normal Mages, that is. The Mages from the Strongest Magic Family, the Vesta Family, were an exception. For 5000 years, the Vesta Family continued to produce exceptional Mages that were strong enough to resist other forces which came after their family heritage and treasures even without the Blessing of the God of Magic. Now, however, the Vesta Family found themselves in a difficult situation where they didn’t have a single capable heir. That was until, Christopher Davis, an underworld Gang Leader, transmigrates into the body of Vaan Astra Vesta, a well-known pushover and the ‘waste’ of the Vesta Family. Christopher, now Vaan, soon realized that he could see otherworldly magic spirits with knowledge so vast that the Magic books that the Vesta Family treasured for 5000 years were nothing in comparison. That, combined with Vaan’s own God-like Talent, The ‘Hope’ was born. A prodigy strong enough to not only protect the Vesta Family and its treasures, A prodigy who will restore Magic to its former glory was born. “Haa!? Who da fuck said a Mage can’t use fists!? That crab-like face of yours, I’ll punch it till it is deformed into something better looking!” And of course, Christopher’s gangster-like tendencies won’t just disappear. ... Cover: AI-Generated (Plus little editing) ... Discord: https://discord.gg/qZHRTHGdZG If the link does not work for some reason, DM me: sleepdeprivedsloth

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What? I just want to meet my Sera

Vaan then placed his hand on Asher's shoulder and,

"You know what you have to do if you want to avoid this fate, right?"

"Get the Dreamweaver from Lady Seraphina…"

Asher spoke up as he gritted his teeth.

"See? This is why I like smart people."

Vaan patted Asher's shoulder. Then, he walked forward and sat on his sofa, with his legs on the table in front of him, he glanced at the backs of his 5 'friends' again and,

"What are you standing there for?


He ordered.

The 5 men glanced at each other before quickly walking away, however, just as they were about to walk out of the door,

"Remember, you only have a week."

Vaan reminded.

"Y-Yes, Young Master Vaan." Asher stuttered.

The 5 then walked out of the room and left.


Inside the room, Vaan called out.

"Young Master."

Gabel quickly passed the pouch containing 100 Elemental stones to Vaan.

Vaan glanced at the Stones and smiled a little, then,

"Call Aldric."

He ordered.

"He is still being treated by the medic, Young Master."

Gabel replied.

With how brutally Vaan had beaten him down, it would have been strange if Aldric was fine within just 3 days.

"Call him, he will come."

Vaan however, didn't care.

Gabel found it cruel, however, in the end, he just bowed his head, "As you command, Young Master."

Saying those words, he turned around and left.

Once Vaan was left alone in the room,


Flamey finally showed herself.

However, this time, she wasn't as cheerful as before. She had been seeing everything all this while, and Vaan's aura, she didn't like it…

But the moment Vaan's eyes fell on little Flamey, his strict look was replaced by a warm smile,


He called out.

"Are you hungry?" he questioned.

Flamey, however, shook her head. Then, she flew towards Vaan and sat on his lap. Vaan simply patted her little head with his fingers.

"Krriiiii~~" Flamey exclaimed, her voice a little louder than before.

Vaan didn't know why, but he had a soft corner for this little angel.

"Kri?" Suddenly, Flamey's eyes fell on the Elemental Stones.

"Oh? You want it?" Vaan questioned as he took out one elemental stone and gave it to Flamey. Flamey tried to catch it with her two hands, however, her hands simply passed through the elemental stones.

Just as mentioned before, Flamey couldn't touch anything other than Vaan.

"It seems like you can't touch it," Vaan spoke.


Flamey pouted as she lowered her head.

Vaan felt a little bad, but then,


He placed the Stone in his hand and placed it right in front of Flamey. Allowing her to see it as much as she wanted.


The little Flamey seemed mesmerized as she continued to observe the Elemental stone. Seeing her so focused on the stone, Vaan didn't have the heart to disturb her, so he allowed her to stare at it for as long as she wanted.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Young Master Vaan, Aldric is here."

Soon, Vaan heard Gabel's voice.

"Enter." He ordered.

Gable and Aldric walked into the room.

"Young Master."

Aldric bowed his head. His head was still bruised and there were bandages all over his face, however, he still didn't dare to complain and quickly came here as soon as he heard that Vaan had summoned him.

Aldric knew, if he didn't prove his loyalty here, he would die.

"What happened to your face, Aldric?" suddenly, Vaan questioned.

"I was careless and fell from the stairs, Young Master."

Aldric, who understood Vaan's intention replied.

Vaan smiled a little.

"Didn't you fall a few days ago as well?"

"My mind is being preoccupied with some things, Young Master. I apologize for being careless and not being able to serve you properly."

"Hm hm, take care of yourself."

Vaan nodded in satisfaction.

"Yes, Young Master."

Aldric bowed.

"Do you know why I have called you here?" Vaan questioned.

"I do not, Young Master." Vaan shook his head.

"Write a letter to Seraphina," Vaan ordered.

Aldric's expression changed.

"W-What should I write in the letter, Young Master?" he questioned.

"Tell her how my interest in magic is raised again and how I have been spending hours in the library and even went to Magic Training Room on my own accord. You said she calls me whenever you report something like this to her, correct?"

"T-That is correct, Young Master." Aldric nodded.

"Then make sure the letter you write leads to her sending me a letter of invitation," Vaan ordered.

"Young Master, you…" Gabel couldn't believe what he just heard.

"What? I just want to meet my Sera. What is wrong with that?"

Vaan spoke with a smile on his face.

A smile that had no trace of love on it.

A terrifying smile that sent shivers down to Gabel and Aldric's spine.

"A-As you command, Young Master.

I will make sure you receive a letter of invitation."

Aldric spoke with a determined look on his face.

"Good." Vaan smiled.

Then, he stood up and,

"You can go back and take a rest, Aldric.

You too Gabel.

I am going back to my room, you do not have to follow me."

Vaan knew Gabel was going to report today's events to Astra, he didn't really mind, so he allowed him to 'rest'.

Aldric, on the other hand, actually needed some rest.

With Flamey sitting on his shoulder, Vaan walked towards his room.

He had finally gotten his hands on these Elemental Stones.

Now, he could finally put them to good use and work to tackle his biggest weakness.

Once he was done with this, he can finally go all out.