252 The Spirit World is everywhere.

"I can use my God's blessing as many times as I want and it will not have any harmful effect on my body."

Selene revealed and both Vaan and Elara couldn't believe what they were hearing and stared at the Student Council President with their mouth agape.

Seeing them reacting like that, Selene simply smiled,

"Although I am used to seeing such a reaction, it still hurts when the two of you do it." The Council President then turned towards Elara and,

"You are in your early 20s and are already a 4th Circle Mage, you also have the mage with the greatest potential in the entire world as your Teacher."

Then, she turned towards Vaan and,

"Your achievements are even more surprising, creating Advanced Circles that give you such a huge advantage over others, countless Top Level Mages have been trying to copy your circles and understand the principals behind them, yet they fail miserably.


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