Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits

The God of Magic stopped blessing his believers. The Tower of Magic, where the mages gathered and worshiped him was destroyed. Magic Fell. The surviving Mages were looked down upon by the rest of the world. Normal Mages, that is. The Mages from the Strongest Magic Family, the Vesta Family, were an exception. For 5000 years, the Vesta Family continued to produce exceptional Mages that were strong enough to resist other forces which came after their family heritage and treasures even without the Blessing of the God of Magic. Now, however, the Vesta Family found themselves in a difficult situation where they didn’t have a single capable heir. That was until, Christopher Davis, an underworld Gang Leader, transmigrates into the body of Vaan Astra Vesta, a well-known pushover and the ‘waste’ of the Vesta Family. Christopher, now Vaan, soon realized that he could see otherworldly magic spirits with knowledge so vast that the Magic books that the Vesta Family treasured for 5000 years were nothing in comparison. That, combined with Vaan’s own God-like Talent, The ‘Hope’ was born. A prodigy strong enough to not only protect the Vesta Family and its treasures, A prodigy who will restore Magic to its former glory was born. “Haa!? Who da fuck said a Mage can’t use fists!? That crab-like face of yours, I’ll punch it till it is deformed into something better looking!” And of course, Christopher’s gangster-like tendencies won’t just disappear. ... Cover: AI-Generated (Plus little editing) ... Discord: https://discord.gg/qZHRTHGdZG If the link does not work for some reason, DM me: sleepdeprivedsloth

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No, it is you who is the problem here

'T-T-That's beyond the level of a Prodigy.'

Elara couldn't believe her eyes as she saw the Fire Bow Vaan had created.

It was exactly similar to hers, it was as if he simply copied her spell.

An ability to copy other Mage's spells...

Elara thought this was Vaan's 'gift', which was quite scary in itself, however, when her eyes fell on Vaan's Magic Circle, she realized that the Patterns drawn were completely different than hers.

Vaan had not copied her patterns.

That meant, that in this short while, Vaan analyzed her Magic Patterns, compared them with his own, then created a pattern for himself with her patterns as a reference!


What kind of absurd comprehension ability is that!?

No, it couldn't even be called 'comprehension ability' anymore, it was... it was just...

Elara had no words.

"Y-Young Master Vaan…"

She could only stutter.


Suddenly, Vaan spoke up.

"Huh?" Elara frowned.

"You are my Fiance, Elara. It won't look nice if you keep calling me Young Master Vaan, call me Vaan,"

"B-But how can I-"

"Elara, do you want to give others the wrong idea that the two of us are not close to each other?" Suddenly, Vaan spoke up.

Then, he held Elara's hands again and,

"Even before being Fiances, aren't the two of us friends? Shouldn't we be calling each other using names?"

Vaan questioned.

The words 'friends' echoed throughout Elara's head,

'Does that mean we are best friends now? Hahaha~'

She recalled how Vaan laughed together with her in the past.

"We are friends, right?" Vaan questioned.

Hearing Vaan's question, Elara weakly nodded her head.

"Then what should you call me?"


"See? That's a lot better, isn't it?"

Vaan smiled.

"Anyways, what should I do next? I am improving a lot quicker because you are teaching me, so I don't want to waste any time."

Elara glanced at Vaan for a while. Her mind had stopped thinking about it for a while since she was so embarrassed, however, right now, she was actually standing in front of a ridiculous genius.

Lady Astra was right.

Youn- Vaan was a rare genius. Her theory about him being more talented than the Archmage… honestly, even Elara didn't really believe it, she felt like Lady Astra was saying it because she loved Vaan, however, now…

She finally realized it…

Lady Astra…

Her theory wasn't wrong.

Vaan's talent was ridiculously high and this time, he was actually willing to put in the required hard work to make his talent bloom.

Thinking all that, a fire erupted inside Elara's heart.

Young Master Vaan, she would do her best to help him grow into a great Mage.

"Young Maste-"


"R-Right, V-Vaan, you should now use [Conjure Fireball that changes its direction according to the amount of Mana I inject into the Circle], do you need me to show it to you?"

Vaan closed his eyes, then, he opened them and glanced at Elara,

"Please show it to me once."

He requested.

Elara nodded,

A Magic Circle formed, she then drew her Magic Pattern and,


The Fireball she summoned shot forward, then just as it was about to touch the wall, it moved up, then before touching the ceiling, it moved right, then left, then it came back, move down, and then finally moved towards the wall and,


An Explosion was heard.

After demonstrating, Elara glanced at Vaan.

Honestly, she was skipping a step here, before learning this, one should learn the lesser version of the same, [Conjure Fireball that first shoots forward, then moves right once more Mana is injected into the Circle].

However, if it was Vaan…

Elara believed that he would be able to do it.

This was also her way of testing Vaan again. She had seen his monstrous talent already, however, that was something she could still not get enough of. She wanted to test Vaan's limits at every possible level.


And there it was.

Vaan conjured a Flames, not in the shape of a Fireball, but a Fire Spike, and right now, his Fire Spike was moving all over the Magic Training Room without any problems whatsoever.

"Ah, so that's how it is, I simply 'set' the conditions, if we take Mana as a drop of water, then adding 1 drop of water into the circle moves the Spike to the right, 2 drops, to the left, 3 drops, to the bottom and continue. The more directions we 'set' the more Mana we would have to use, but since we can control the Fires Spike all the way, it is worth it."

Vaan analyzed.

'H-He copied this as well…'

Elara, on the other hand, was still shocked.

To think a Mage who had just started learning the concept of Magic Release an hour ago was now a Peak Mage capable of casting a Complete Fire Spike Spell.

Elara didn't know how to react.

Even she needed an entire day to get to this point, and she only managed to master it so quickly because she had been studying the Magic Theories ever since she was 5 and already knew what Magic Patterns she had to draw.

"C-Can you now do [Conjure Fireball that first shoots forward, then moves right once more Mana is injected into the Circle] yourself?" She questioned.

Vana simply nodded, this time, he didn't even close his eyes, he absorbed the surrounding Mana, formed the Magic Circle,


Fireball formed, it shot forward and before hitting the wall, it moved to the right and collided with the right wall.

"Magic Release is quite simple, I wonder why the books made it out to be something that most mages dreaded. Do other mages have some problem with their heads? Isn't the Magic Release the simplest and the most exciting part about the Magic?" Vaan laughed.

'No, it is you who is the problem here. Not the other mages.'

Elara wanted to say it out loud.

"Or maybe it's because my teacher is amazing?"

"No, it is because you are a genius, Young ma-"


"I meant, it is because you are a genius, Vaan. Lady Astra was right, you are a Mage whose potential surpasses that of the Archmage."

Elara spoke with a kind smile on her face.

Hearing those words, Vaan smiled as well, he clenched his fists in determination.

"We still have an hour, shall we try out some other variations?" Elara questioned.

"Of course!"

Vaan nodded with a smile on his face.

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