265 A call for help!

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Attempt two.




A big smile appeared on Declan Dawncrest's face as he glanced at the article in front of him.

'A call for help!'

That was the heading of the title, it was posted by none other than the man he hated the most.

Vaan Astra Vesta.

If it was before, he wouldn't have cared much about the guy, after all, what could a new student possibly do?

This one, however, did much more than Declan thought he would.

Not only was he targeting the Swords Division ever since he had arrived in the Academy, but he has taken the role of the 'Hope' of the Vesta Family and with Vaelen's support, he had the power over most of the Vesta Family and even has influence over the Magic Division because of his rising popularity.

All of this had directly given him the position of his Rival.

Declan's match.


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