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Mages Are Too OP

Soaring Flames

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A very fun read, ive already spent half the morning reading all 60 chapters in one sitting. Everything so far has been A+; From character development to the details of the world and the battle sequences. Lots of humour, but at the same time moments are very serious and chill inducing. Cant wait to read more of this novel!

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The mechanics of the game and the mage class are fun to learn about and are very interesting, The plots seems very slow paced but when you continue to read the next thing you know your on ch 39. Overall the bonds the McCain have with his friends are great, the interactions with the Npc dont feel akward but more realistic. If I could give this a 100 I would.


Highly addictive, push this 1 out so i can spend coins! Great story about the struggle of becoming a mage in a world where the npc are highly intelligent.


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OK for those wanting to read a decent fantasy novel its here....but.......there are things you need to know. The author is Chinese and there will be lots of propaganda and nationalism in this novel. Things like the author outright saying that the ccp "never tells lies" and a lot and i mean a **** ton of blaming actions on people solely being capitalists. Another thing that ive noticed from the overseas novels is that they treat women like a underclass. If this was a novel about medieval times or even early 1900s id say its appropriate but its not. So its very interesting and cool concept riddles with Chinese nationalism and ***ism. Way to blow it. If anyone has a novel that is similar to this , but that isn't written by some nationalistic virgin comment below.


This is review for only 60 chapters during Trial Period of this novel. A very good novels for those who like Magic Elements. Don't get fooled by the "Video Game" genre of this novel. There is no system, STAT page, World Announcement or Ranking Leaderboard. The Game Interface is divided into Announcement(Level Up, Exp Gain, Quest, Update Notice, etc), Spell Models(spells that MC knows). It also contains a bit of Dark theme storyline as MC get to know that a Noble Family in the game world ate Human Heart(Orphan Children's) as they believed it will help then gain more lifespan. If you forget about the Real World, Game Cabins and Player Resurrection Skill then this novel is just like any other(good) cultivation novel(Magic except of Qi). MC is a OP mage because of his unique Talent "Magic Power Control". Any character in the game can choose 2 talents freely but MC already has this innate talent chosen for him so he was only able to choose 1 talent freely. Very little is known about the worlds both Game and Real. In these 60 chapters, Real World Storyline mostly revolves around MC updating his forum page, MC and his friends talking about the game in MC's friend's bar, MC in his office handing his Resignation Letter to the Manager. As for the Game World Storyline, it revolves around the town where MC spawned, the city he goes to, name of the country they are in and The Holy Realm where you have to go to make a guild. And lastly if you like this novel after reading and want to read MTL then you can search its chinese name on google. Its chinese name is:- 法爷永远是你大爷最新章节


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This book is the example of good ideas, but poor choices. You can clearly notice when the author switched from good writing to just pure s*x and dirty/lowkey s*xist jokes. However, chapter 741. I can overlook and cringe at edgy 13 year old humour, but what the author writes is borderline r*pe of the main character. His best friends get him seriously dr*nk, and the girl that had a crush on him for 'years' (An example of another forgetten storyline from chapters ~400) takes him to a bed. She when cl*mbs and makes red marks on the bed to suggest that they had s*x and guilt trips him next morning to have s*x again. This is not cute, and as someone that had a similar experience, the least the author could had done is given a trigger warning. I even wonder how webnovel would allow something like this on their site.


Wow. This is the literal best novel I’ve ever read, and dayum it is not what I was expecting it do be 😂 I was just lookin for some casual OP MC books with the occasional face-slap, and I stumbled upon this masterpiece! The plot has INCREDIBLE potential and the development is also very good, with hints at what is to come but nothing concrete. The class development so far is also very good, with seemingly (😏) balanced classes, whether they be balanced with more speed and less strength, or more everything and less “oH iF I sWING mY sWORD lIke tWICE iLL gET eNOUGH eXP tO lEVEL uP.” Overall, this novel is going VERY well so far, and the only excuse I can find that would be reasonable to not read it is that it’s only got 60 chapters right now. Also, just because of how relatable the MC and the other characters are, I’m going to point this out. The characters style of humor, their hobbies, and even their daily life is incredibly relatable. While this man is incredibly talented in-game, outside of it he’s just one of the bois, going to bars with friends, riding his back, playing some old nostalgic childhood games from time to time, and just not being a douchebag based on peoples’ backgrounds, etc.. It really gives this book a great comedic affect even making you laugh about things that weren’t even meant to be funny. Overall, this novel deserves five stars without a doubt, and if you’re debating reading it, read through at least the first two chapters, and you’ll know whether you like this or not.


Started out good had high hopes, but yeah kind of turned to shit. a problem many chinese suffer from the semi racist shit and talking about women and their character traits like its the middle ages over generalises how all women are all the time a problem a lot of chinese novel suffer from but it's exremely bad here. Kind of wonder if the author has even meet a women before. i get it he wants a to write a harem wich are usually shit but this is just extremely bad even for a harem.


In the sea of mediocrity, copy/paste stories and ****ty writing, this novel sticks out. At least for first 60 chapters. It has potential to be amongst top stories of this site. Hope it wont deteriorate later.


DO NOT READ. Initially amazing story that eventually derails into literally nothing after 500 chapters due to the author essentially giving up on the story. Imagine if Oda decided to end One Piece in 10 chapters during the Marine Ford arc, or if Naruto randomly ended after he got the rasenshurican. That's this story - an amazing and elaborate world and set up that randomly gets force ended at the end of an abrupt 20 chapter arc during what feels like halfway through the story. Everything is squandered and it happens in such a sexist, pointless, and Chinese nationalist way. You will literally only regret reading this in the long-term. The world you learn to love will get ripped apart and tarnished.


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I once gave this story five stars but after the first hundred chapters the quality of the story dropped significantly and problems well known from other chines story's make an appearance. We get the usual Chinese propaganda bullshit and atrocious s.e.x.sim. And let's not forget the plot holes, because of course there would be some of those as well. Don't support this s.h.i t.


Alright. If you are looking for something proper that makes sense. Then this isn’t for you. If you just want randomness that will be funny then sure. And before some idiot comes and say how I am being a troll. I will list it out. 1. The author tries way too hard to make the MC seem so good at this game. His struggle is so much so it makes him so great. Smh. Meanwhile no game like this would sell with such crappy features. Unless this is the alpha and major ass updates are needed. 2. Super big plot contexts that contradict. And a game that is so super advanced and supposed to apparently be a lighyear ahead pioneer shouldn’t have such. Smh. 3. The forcefulness of the pushing realistic VR to combine game elements and reality to the point that it doesn’t make sense. It’s like the author wants a reincarnation VR story but doesn’t do it as good as legendary mechanic or others. 4. I have seen reincarnation system stories with more believable and sensible system management. 5. It honestly feels like the author has never played any proper games or read and learnt from VR game stories. It has so much wasted potential. But that is just my point of view. I’m a serious gamer so I am fickle about the gaming aspect.


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Plot points are too forced... and things seem to go the MC’s way in an almost suspicious way... My real life work is really harsh.. oh nice, players are gifting me money... oh, what a coincidence, the game itself happened to advertise me... bringing me more money. Guess I can now quit my job, how convenient. My reputation in the village is in ruins? Oh, what a coincidence there’s hungry kids over there. Oh, what a bigger coincidence we’re cooking “spider” legs right now. Yay, now our reputation is saved.


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So far at Ch. 60 of Trial Period, this book is one of the good one. Worldbuilding is good but still veiled by mysteries to let the MC explore. The pace of the story is not bad, despite the title of "OP" it is not that outrageous of OPness that comes like Plot Armour in most 'you-know-that-kind-of-book' but with His own hard work too. MC has a good head and he used it well. The System is not that annoying like most Video Games books. And no Harem in case you are worried about it. I hope this book get picked, Ciao


That cant seriously be the end? So much more needed to be concluded! If that is seriously the end and you dont have a good reason for it then I hope you stub your toe everyday for the rest of your life!!