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Mafia & Princess


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Venus Bellingham is a rookie police officer from a renowned family of extremely talented police officers. But she lacks even the basic skills needed to do the job: she can't shoot a gun without missing her target; she can barely hold her own in a fight; and she always ends up landing herself in trouble. As a result, Venus' father scorns her for being a disgrace to the family. To win her father's approval, she takes on a life threatening case by herself, without telling her superiors. She goes undercover to investigate the most dangerous mafia gang, The Inferno, while pretending to work for them. But the stakes are high: risk being found out by the The Inferno, and their leader, Danté, will kill her. If she is found out for going undercover against orders, she could lose her badge, which is the only way she has to make her father proud. She makes unexpected friends along the way, including the funny and soft hearted gentleman from The Inferno, Nick, who makes it clear from the first moment he met her that he genuinely cares about her - maybe more than she realizes. Or, the stoic and mysterious Damian, also part of The Inferno, who has his frozen heart melted by Venus, bringing out the warm, soft version of himself that he hides well. And then there is the handsome and intriguing leader, Danté, who even threatens to kill her the first night that they meet. Though he infuriates (and often scares) Venus, she finds herself drawn to him, for he was more than the monster she initially thought him to be. He would burn the world for the one he loved, and those that try to take her from him. As she uncovers the secrets of the mafia and a dark truth hidden within the police, Venus will face danger and broken trust, making her question who the real bad guys were; and where her loyalties should lie. She learns from the mafia how to become a stonger person and what it means to be seen for the person she is instead of the person she needs to be. She might be stronger than she knows... As Venus unravels the mysteries of both worlds, will the newfound strength she gains be enough to face the challenges that lie ahead? And will an enemy turn out to be the one to kindle romance in her tattered heart?