1 prologue

You deserve this....... Your F**king father is the reason of your all suffering ".he said angrily. "what did my father did to you".she shouted on him.  " DON'T TRY To RAISE YOUR VOICE IN FRONT Of ME........ You whore .he said slapping to her , whole room echoed with with her weeping voice.......


Anya Shahid who is 19 year old and is university student, everyone loves her for her innocence and cherish nature she is only child of her parents and live happy life with his family.

Shaheryaar khan is famous business tycoon and dangerous mafia leader who is 25 year old ,everyone scared of him. He is ruthless and Cold-hearted.His parent's was killed by their enemies when he was only 14 year old and since then the purpose of his life was to kill his parent's killers and rule the whole world.

They both belongs to two different worlds how will fate combine these two....

..and how they both end on each other... ?

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