Mafia Boss's Secret Promise: You're Mine

Have you ever wondered how fate is a huge joke? - I mean it, like a literal clown trying to make people laugh at cold jokes that not many would understand.  Ivy Hui-Clover was told at a young age that she can live up to 25 years old. And the only way for her to survive is to find her Mr. Right and... - well that's for another time to continue.  "Is it wrong to want to sabotage my own blind date?" Ivy slurped her boba milk tea and focused intensely on chewing the pearls. As she savored the sweet flavor, her fraternal twin, Chloe answered her question. "What do you think?" Compared to her, Chloe had it easier when it came to looking for a partner.  "Then being a savage, it is." Ivy cupped her cheek, clearly in a good mood from having her favorite drink in her hands.  -- "Ivy went where?!" Selina's high pitched voice made her husband, Jason cover his ears. Rereading the note that Ivy had left behind, her left brow twitched unhappily. "Who told her Chloe was going there?! Nuh uh. No way! I need to send someone to get her back." She slammed the note against the table. At the same time, fate played a twist on Ivy.  After roaming around the unfamiliar mall, she finally purchased a new laptop for herself. Her clumsy friend destroyed her old one in the most peculiar way anyone can ever imagine. As she walked out of the store, she bumps into a young man, causing her swirled glasses to fall. The stranger gasped when he saw her face and she quickly took her glasses from his hands before heading off the opposite direction. Not long after, she found herself surrounded by guards in suits with a weapon in their blazer. "Don't move and follow us," the guard said. "Interesting," Ivy smirked at his challenge. -- "How did you get here?" His voice was so deep, causing ripples in her chest. It sent shivers down her spine, making her tighten her legs around his waist. Mark Williams was told that the girl he's been looking for might be found - his friend had run into her in front of the electronic store. However, she ran away like a frightened bunny. It was a game of tag at this point, and he had a time limit - to catch her before she leaves this mall. In the midst of looking for her, he found a girl flying towards his direction - yes, flying. He caught her, and one of her mustache swirled glasses lens fell off, revealing her energetically innocent puppy eyes. 'It's her' His heart beat against his chest rapidly. "I flew here." She replied. And this was the start of their twisted fate. What would happen when she learns about his profession and realizes he wasn't who she thought he was? Yet, it brought her such excitement as it dragged out her crazy fantasies from her private library of Mafia Romance books?

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Keep Pretending

Half an hour later, Lucas continuously ruffled through his hair in frustration when he failed multiple attempts to decode the encrypted message. At the end, he gave up on the idea of tracking Chloe down tonight. 

"Ugh, I'll make a trip there tomorrow. As part of our deal after all..Who told me to always worry for her." He decided to call it a night and head off to bed as it would be a long day. 

Early next morning, before the rooster alarm went off on Ivy's cellphone, a loud doorbell dragged her out of her dreamland. Ivy jolted up from bed with her lioness bed hair, sending her dark romance novels to her carpeted floor.

"Ugh... who visits this early? A random relative? Wouldn't be the teacher being twisted enough to send summer assignments in person, could it? I shouldn't have gone back to sleep earlier. My head is spinning again." With a palm pressed against her temple, she made her way to the door. On her way down, she had already checked the cameras to see who it was.

The door creaked open and Ivy's fatigue expression made Lucas jump out of her sight. 

"Lucas, I already saw you. Quit jumping out of my sight expecting me to erase the few seconds of your frame from my memory. I may be sleepy, but I'm not dreaming about you." She mumbled in a dull voice.

"Aha, were you still sleeping? Rise and shine, lioness." Lucas knew how moody Ivy could be whenever she gets woken by any external source. Normally, she would be awake by now. However, he had underestimated the summer heat's effect on her health.

Her cheeks flushed pink, making her seem dazed at the moment. "What are you doing here?" She leaned against the door frame lazily, trying to keep herself awake.

"Oh, I'm looking for Chloe. Is she awake yet?" He subconsciously hid one of his hands to his back. However, his swift movement rose Ivy's suspicion. Suddenly, her drowsiness seemed to have dissipated as something had piqued her interest.

A playful smile sat on her face as she countered his question with a question. "Why are you looking for her? She's been out with our parents since this morning."

"Oh! I'm here to take back the pair of binoculars I lent her yesterday! Since she's not here, I think I'll just go back..." He turned around, thinking he could easily escape her claws. Once again, he was wrong.

The second his head faced another direction, he felt himself being dragged backwards into the house. He stretched his arms out, struggling to get away from her.

"Hold on, what do you need the binoculars for? For you to come this urgent, it must be for something important, right?" Ivy went straight to the point as she always had. 


The entrance shut tightly followed by the sound of the door being locked automatically. 

His Adam's apple dropped. 

'I'm doomed' Lucas thought to himself.

Ivy smiled, "Well? Aren't you here for your binoculars? I remember seeing her place them on her desk last night."

"Oh! Haha, well I need them for my .. uh.. biology class lab. I'll just grab it and go. My class starts tomorrow morning, so I need to prepare tonight." Lucas voiced his thoughts and immediately walked towards Chloe's room on the second floor.

Since childhood, they've always entered each other's room freely.

When Lucas reached Chloe's room, he looked to the side to find Ivy standing right next to him. She held the same smile on her face. "So, why would you need binoculars in Biology lab class? Don't they have magnifying glass and other equipment that is more professional?"

Deep down, she can already see through his lies. However, she wanted to see whether he would play along. Her messy hair was now pulled into a high bun, making her appear more innocent than she really was. 'Keep going. Continue pretending. Let's see how well you did in Biology to explain the use of binoculars, not that it is uncommonly used at times.'

"Uh..the.. the.. magnifying glass is not enough to examine microorganisms. We need binoculars to study them closer. it might be a new specimen or something, but binoculars are good. Haha..."He did not think twice before spatting out his reasoning. Neither did he ever think that his reasoning was the reason why he exposed his own motive.

Ivy nodded in full understanding several times. 'Binoculars for microorganisms? Who do you think you're trying to fool?'

'Yes! She didn't suspect me! Now I can go in Chloe's room and track her location.' Lucas silently gave himself a pat on the back, pretending to brush off dust.

'Andddddd here we go with the victory pat. Man, he really sucks at lying...but I will never tell him this habit of his. Hehe..Let's see what you're up to.' Ivy continued studying his movements as they entered Chloe's room. 

"Oh, here they are!" Lucas pointed at the binoculars on Chloe's desk. The set up was the same as yesterday when they were FaceTiming each other. Hence, he was certain that she didn't have time to clean up after herself. 

At lightning speed, he attached the device he had kept in his hand to Chloe's computer. While waiting for his device to function, he suddenly heard Ivy's shriek from behind.

"Ahhhh! Something moved! No, no, no, no.. OH helllll Noooo, there is something in the hallway! I heard scratching noises! Uhhh maybe a wrapper or something..." Ivy dashed into Chloe's room, gently nudging Lucas forward towards the hallway. She had no shame after the many years of friendship between them. When it came to possible living critters in the house, she is the first to send anyone to kill them.

Being used to such behavior, Lucas picked up a piece of printer paper and rolled it up before scavenger hunting in the hallway. It didn't take more than a minute for him to spot the active roach circling around an old chocolate bar wrapper in the middle of the hall.

He turned back and signaled for Ivy to not make a sound. Ivy covered her lips and nodded in full cooperation. Like a team of robbers, they tiptoed towards the living creature. Their target was ready to be ambushed. Right when Lucas raised his fingers at the countdown of three, Ivy couldn't watch and covered her eyes. 

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